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Convert your existing iPhone/iPad devices equipped with the old 30 Pin dock to the new Lightning connector.
Created by

Jason Bird

880 backers pledged $19,365 to help bring this project to life.

Early Bird shipping complete

Our fulfillment team consisting of Ben, Eric and Valerie in San Antonio, Texas have now completed shipping all Early Bird backers' Flybridge orders. Some backers in the US and Australia have probably already received their shipments. International backers will start arriving early next week.

We have a lot to produce and ship, so we continue with the rest of the backers orders, the process of getting these to you will take the next couple of weeks. 

We would be keen for any feedback from backers who have already received their Flybridge units.

Thanks again,

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    1. Creator Marlos Costa Santos on April 16, 2013

      still waiting for mine as well. It was supposed to deliver in Feb.

    2. Creator Gerardo Herrera on April 15, 2013

      Jaspn, I'm located at Mexico and I have not receive it.

    3. Creator Gerardo Herrera on April 15, 2013

      Can you please check my package, I have not receive it yet.

    4. Creator Paul Eagles on April 6, 2013

      Mine just arrived in the UK and I'm really happy with it. It works even with the case on my iPhone which was a pleasant surprise.

    5. Creator Vincent Lin on April 4, 2013

      Still didn't receive until now.

    6. Creator Simon Falvey on April 2, 2013

      Hi Jason,

      I received my fly-bridge over the weekend. -Thanks it works a treat.

      When you get around to selling these commercially you may want to mention that the gap in the flybridge that the adapter sits in will only fit the genuine apple part. 3rd party adapters may not be of the correct size. I had assumed the 3rd party ones would be of the same size but it didn't fit and I had to purchase the genuine apple adapter from the apple store last weekend.

      But - no drama as it all works. Happy camper :D



    7. Creator Phil Collins on April 1, 2013

      Still no sign of mine yet has any in UK received there's yet?

    8. Creator John Guida on March 31, 2013

      Would have been nice if the back support were a little back further. Cannot be used if a case is on the phone. Have to remove the case in order to use the product. The case I use is very thin.

    9. Creator Cam MacDuff on March 26, 2013

      Hi Jason,
      Can't access the survey anymore, but I did give you my shipping address in the US already.
      Can you ship me another please, as obviously the first either wasn't sent or never arrived.

    10. Creator Andrea Guerrera on March 25, 2013

      i've ordered n.1 Flybridge and nothing has been received yet, i'm in Italy.
      could you please check the status of my order?
      thanks you.

    11. Creator Carrie Kenny on March 24, 2013

      Hi Jason,
      Just wondering if I'm one of the lucky ones to have their order shipped? Ta

    12. Creator Jason Bird on March 23, 2013

      Hi Bill, yours has not been sent as you have not completed the backer survey that was sent out a month ago. I have no way of resending this, can you please check back through your emails and complete. We can then send it out.
      Best wishes

    13. Creator Jarrod Hutt on March 23, 2013

      Hi guys can you let me know when the uk batch is going out as not seen or heard anything as yet

    14. Creator Jason Hart on March 23, 2013

      I got mine. So far so good. They fit perfectly and all my previously useless devices now have a new lease on life :)

      Now au just need to order a couple more in black.

    15. Creator Bill Post on March 21, 2013

      Early bird waiting here also.

    16. Creator Stephen Hanson on March 21, 2013

      i ordered two and nothing has been received yet i'm in Australia
      could you please check the status of my order?

      Stephen Hanson

    17. Creator Patty Harris on March 20, 2013

      Got mine last week. These things ROCK!

    18. Creator Vincent Delannoy on March 20, 2013

      Hello Jason,

      Nothing received here in France :(. Remember our discussions. Regards. Vincent

    19. Creator Jason Bird on March 19, 2013

      Hi Carlos, your swill be shipping out this week, its possible you will receive before the end of next week.

      best wishes

    20. Creator Carlos Espino on March 19, 2013

      How much long should I expect?

    21. Creator COULAND on March 18, 2013

      Hello, I live in France and I still did not received my precious...

    22. Creator Branko on March 11, 2013

      I just got mine today and they fit on both docks that I have. The fit is perfect on the radio dock, but every so slightly loose on the dock for my TV entertainment system, but I think that's more due to poor design by LG.

    23. Creator Jason Hart on March 9, 2013

      Awesome :) Ill post some feedback as soon as my new toy arrives.

    24. Creator Rich Michelin on March 9, 2013

      Still waiting