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Summer Snapshot--a sun-soaked super-8 film's video poster

A sun-soaked summer day at a mountain river, spent skinny dipping, strumming guitars, circling a campfire, and forming lifelong memories with friends. Read more

Portland, OR Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on June 30, 2010.

A sun-soaked summer day at a mountain river, spent skinny dipping, strumming guitars, circling a campfire, and forming lifelong memories with friends.

Portland, OR Documentary
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With the generous support of our lovely backers, we were able to:

--> complete the final post-production steps, including audio mixing, color correction and exporting.

--> collaborate with a talented local band, The Dimes.

--> package the DVD in an elegant eco-friendly custom designed digipak.

--> and submit the film to a carefully researched and selected list of film festivals.

Last summer, I packed up a wood-panel Wagoneer with a couple of vintage super-8 cameras, a volunteer cast and crew, and a cooler full of tallboys and headed to the river to shoot a short film about summer memories. A slice of life--a film about carefree in-the-moment living between youth and adulthood and a reflection on golden memories as we grow older.

When Kodak announced it was discontinuing Kodachrome and Polaroid film was fast disappearing from the shelves, it felt like more than a shift in technology; it felt like the end of a way of recording memories. The warm super-saturated colors of both Kodachrome and Polaroid had, for decades, defined the very look of growing-up. The old-school super-8 home movies captured birthday parties, proms, and picnics. Even if I was too young to really remember the '70s, I felt as if I'd lived through those flickering images. The look of old Polaroid and super-8 home movies evoked my own memories of summer days spent by a river with friends. So I set out to make a short film about memory, with the look and feel of nostalgia--sunkissed and golden.

After a drizzly winter holed up in an editing booth, my team and I are eager to share this sun-soaked film with the world. We’ve done a pretty bang-up job of borrowing and begging to produce a visually-stunning film that invites viewers to reflect upon their own summer experiences and how one perfect day can shape who you become.

So many people have given in so many small but significant ways to get us so close to completion. Now we are turning to you. If you’ve got fond memories of sun-dappled summers, if you'd like to support an entirely independent, artistically innovative, and heartfelt creative project, this is a great film to support!

Pledges are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under IRS Code 501c3 through the non-profit NW Documentary.


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    A custom-made Summer Snapshot beer cozy! This says to the world, “Hey, I like swimming in mountain rivers and I want to keep my beer cold!” Makes perfect sense, and it helps us out. Plus, we’ll put your name online for all the world to see that you support Summer Snapshot! If you live in Portland, an invite to our May 21 screening at the Cleaners.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    41 backers

    Get a dose of summer sunshine with your very own copy of the official pre-released Summer Snapshot DVD in specially-designed eco-friendly, custom printed digipak and a cool limited-edition poster, the cool beer cozy, your name on our website, and an invite to the May 21st screening.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    Just in time for warm weather: a sweet, screen-printed, Summer Snapshot t-shirt! Plus, you'll get: The new CD from The Dimes, "The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry"; the DVD, poster, beer cozy; your name online AND in the film credits; and an invite to the May 21 Portland screening.

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    Pledge $75 or more

    5 backers Limited (30 left of 35)

    You’ll get everything great in the previous level, a limited-edition DVD of director Ian McCluskey's Emmy Award-winning film, Eloquent Nude, plus one of the Polariods shot on-location. There is nothing quite as cool as an actual Polaroid, and only one of each. When they're gone, they're gone.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    A special, limited-edition hard-cover, full-color coffee table book, featuring the very lovely images of Summer Snapshot not used in the film (signed to you or whomever you wish). And of course, the DVD, and all the great things at the $50 level.

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    Really good karma.

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