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Help us create Qoya KIDS- a combination of yoga, dance and fun for children to be wise, wild and free with in person and online classes
66 backers pledged $8,365 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!

Posted by Rochelle Schieck (Creator)

Dear Qoya KIDS Kickstarter backers,

Thank you again for your generous support towards the creation of Qoya Kids. Here is an update on what we have created and what you will find on when Qoya Kids launches on June 11th, 2012.

 After doing research we have been working on defining the concept of Qoya KIDS, as well as creating routines and having Qoya kids classes to get feedback from the kids themselves.  Turns out, they love it! We also started shooting videos that we are in the process of editing.  One thing we're really excited about is creating resource materials that can be used for parents/caretakers, teachers and kids themselves to guide them to move in a way that is easy and enjoyable!

Here is the list of  things you will find on at launch:

-       3 or more Qoya KIDS videos for age groups 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12

-       1 page PDFs with routines for parents/teachers and kids w/illustations for each age group 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12

-       Teacher training in July/August in NYC 

After June 11th, you can expect to see: 

-       Qoya Kids Teacher training manual online  

-       More Qoya Kids videos 


We are so grateful for all your support! 

Thank you again!

With love,

Asseline, Karina, Silje, Rochelle and Aminah

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