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QooQi is a simple easy to use aluminum cable organizer
1,287 backers pledged $30,083 to help bring this project to life.

Just under 24 hrs to go....

Posted by B&A Studio (Creator)
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To our Supper QooQi backers,

As we cross into the last 24hrs of the project we would like to thank everyone for their support and a big thanks to our return backers from our Modo project - We are really grateful.

Now to make sure all "i"s are dotted and "T"s are crossed:

1) Shipping costs US shipping is included regardless of the number of units you pledge for. For international shipping there is a flat one time fee of $9 regardless of how many units ordered. That international flat fee is $12 if your ordered the collectors edition. For example an international backer wants 3 sets that would be$17+$17+$17 +$9 = $60. The same for a US backer would be $51. International backers please make sure you include your shipping funds in the pledge or this will delay shipping your items.

2) New Color So far the burnt orange color is ahead but we will wait till the end of the campaign to re-tally the votes. You can click here to vote. Each vote counts. The new color, the green and the black will only be available here on Kickstarter as we plan to roll out QooQi with the silver color first. So pick them up while you can.

3) How will you inform us of your choice? Once the campaign is done we will send out a survey to gather your information. Once you fill out your color choices the only portion you will be able to change will be your address. We will not allow any color changes to what was filled out on the survey.

4) Production Plan As we did with our last Kickstarter campaign - Modo - we have a production plan that we will share with you once the campaign is done. This way we set the right expectations and everyone of you is properly informed as we progress.

5) Extra QooQI We are very close to unlocking the extra QooQi for each pledge made by backers - Just shy of $2,000 away. We will only unlock this when we surpass the $30,000 goal. Lets push and spread the word as we are very close.

6) Xmas stuffers Many backers have indicated they plan to use QooQis for xmas stuffers and that is an excellent idea. Our delivery is scheduled for December but we are working to deliver before then. So grab more while you can at this price :-)

Thanks again and we look forward to the next phase. Thanks.

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    1. Cary Lucier on

      September 12th, 2013
      1. How do I go about having my reward(s) shipped to my new address in Canada?
      2. Can I still order more QooQi's at this point?