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QooQi is a simple easy to use aluminum cable organizer
1,287 backers pledged $30,083 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch goal #1 UNLOCKED, maxed out QooQi and QooQI mini

Posted by B&A Studio (Creator)

QooQI backers are amazing!

Thanks to our you we have unlocked our first stretch goal - new color option. This color will be voted on by backers and will only be available here on Kickstarter. So here are the colors we currently have: Matte silver, Matte black and Matte green (available only in collectors pledge):

 The new matte color will be picked from the rendering below. We have 5 colors 1)  yellow 2) burnt orange 3) red  4) blue 5) brown. We added Brown due to popular demand. The rendering below helps with color direction and once the color is picked we will have a sample made. We need your help to pick a color so in the comments section please indicate your color choice by the corresponding number. The stretch goal is officially unlocked so this will count.

 We have also been asked a few questions so here are some more FAQ:

1) Shipping costs US shipping is included regardless of the number of units you pledge for. For international shipping there is a flat one time fee of $9 regardless of how many units ordered. That international flat fee is $12 if your ordered the collectors edition. So contact us for multiple orders :-)

2) Have we maxed out QooQi? Yes we have maxed out QooQi with cables and here is an example with 7 cables. The max number depends on the thickness of the cables used. In this example we used everyday USB charging cables.

 3) Will the lightning cable connector fall out from QooQi? QooQi will manage cables up to 4mm thick. The lightning connector cap is 4.6mm by 7.6mm so you can see that it will not fall through the QooQi. Here is an image with the lightning cable in use:

 4) What surfaces work with QooQi? QooQi will work with any smooth surface including wood, glass, metal, plastic and the list goes on and on. QooQi will not leave any residue and is easily cleaned and refreshed. Here is picture of QooQi on a wooden surface:

5) Collectors Edition is sold out We have had multiply inquiries to extend this pledge so we have added an extra 100 sets.

What is QooQI mini? QooQi Mini is a our new design for a single cable manager made from the same materials as QooQi - Aluminum and our nano pad. Designed to manage one cable at a time and be virtually invisible. We unlock this at $40k. Here are some pictures:

 And finally a HUGE thank you to backer Scott Buscemi for the article on That was a shot in the arm and we look forward to your review when you receive your QooQis. Lets keep spreading the word and unlock more stretch goals. Thanks!!


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    1. Brian Draghi

      #3 burnt orange rocks!

    2. Kea Furball on

      #3 - but I'd much rather have a cerise colored one. :3

    3. Cary Lucier on

      #3 for sure... POWER COLOR! No competition for me. The Blue one is too close to the color of the KickStarter Green one.

    4. Missing avatar

      Maria Lewis

      blue #4- please, pretty please?

    5. AE

      #5 Brown or Wood Grain if possible

    6. B&A Studio 6-time creator on

      @Corey wood grain .. Thats one we will keep on mind and of course gunmetal. Right now burnt orange is ahead on here and through messages. We shall see.

    7. Corey Davis on

      Woodgrain would be nice. Guess the brown gets closest.

    8. Garrick Darts on

      If it were one of these, it'd be #5 to go with wood surfaces, but my preference would be for a gunmetal grey colour, as some others have mentioned.

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Bielecki on

      #2 without a doubt

    10. Missing avatar

      Elaine Groppenbacher

      #3, but I agree with Paul Chambers who wrote "A graphite/gunmetal color would also look awesome..."

    11. B&A Studio 6-time creator on

      Thanks for voting everyone. Just a few days remaining and the fun begins. :-)