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Modo - Fun, simple and fully customizable solution for your desktop chaos. (iPad, iPhone, pens, clips, chargers etc etc)
Modo - Fun, simple and fully customizable solution for your desktop chaos. (iPad, iPhone, pens, clips, chargers etc etc)
1,204 backers pledged $38,841 to help bring this project to life.

98% Modo shipping complete...

Greetings from B&A,

Thanks again for backing our project. Please excuse the delay in this update but we have been working hard to ship out Modos. We are glad to hear Modo is arriving daily worldwide :-)

Here is a quick update regarding our current status. We have shipped out 98% of the pledge rewards and the last batch was picked up yesterday by USPS - The truck arrived empty and left packed as you can see from the picture below. Timeline for arrival is 2-5 days US and 1-3 weeks International.

The remaining roughly %2 represents backers with either of the following:

1) Unpaid international shipping - easy to identify by looking at your pledge amount i.e if pledge was $26 and you live outside the US and you pledged only $26 and not $36 then we have not sent you a notification. Additional Modo units were $5 each for international shipping.

2) USPS did not recognize your address because a) its not in english or b) its missing information

3) You did not fill out a survey - A few people fall into this category and we have sent messages out.

No worries if you have not received an email notification (please check your spam or junk folders before contacting us - emails will be from " just contact us through Kickstarter and we will work with you to get your Modo to you.

Shipping Notifications

In our last update we mentioned that we were awaiting our second shipment which arrived late last week. We used batch printing so some backers already received notifications prior to the shipment arriving. All those remaining shipments went out Saturday and Monday so this means all remaining US packages should arrive before the end of this week. if you don't receive your package please contact us on Monday.


For those who have received their Modos please leave us a comment in the comment section or send us a message and let's know how you like your Modo. Also we like pictures of "Modo in the wild" and how you are using it.

Black Pins

We apologize for this oversight but at this time we are officially out of black pins. If you ordered black pins and have not/received silver pins please contact us. We will not be making anymore black pins as they were only limited for this Kickstarter. At this time Modo will only be sold with silver pins.

Buying Modo

We are currently working out the logistics of selling Modo with our retail partners and working on a brand new site for B&A and other Houston based Studios. Once everything is finalized we will share where to find Modo :-)

Instructions for Using Modo

We posted a video showing how to use Modo in the last update. Here it is again:

Questions, Concerns or Suggestions

Should you have any questions please reach out to us through Kickstarter. This way we have immediate access to your information and pledge details.

Thanks again for your support and remember without our backers there would be no Modo so want you to know we are here to help.


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    1. Jonathan P Neville on September 21, 2013

      Hi, I've still not received my unit.

      Can someone help me?

    2. B&A Studio 6-time creator on August 9, 2013

      Hello james, we have not received your $10 international shipping funds. Please send it to us via paypal to so we can ship out your Modo. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      James R Agnew on August 9, 2013

      I still have not received my modo. Who do I contact to track it down?

    4. B&A Studio 6-time creator on July 12, 2013

      Hello Lee, thanks for backing Modo. Please check your email. Thanks.

    5. B&A Studio 6-time creator on July 12, 2013

      Hello Frances, thanks for backing Modo and sending the shipping funds, please check your mail. Also please keep us informed.

    6. Frances Berkman on July 12, 2013

      I've just sent an email as I haven't received my Modo yet but realize you might be able to track me better this way. I made the International payment at the end of May via paypal. Frances

    7. B&A Studio 6-time creator on July 12, 2013

      Hello Lee, thanks for backing Modo and sorry about the delay, we will look into this and get back to you shortly. Thanks again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lee Dal Monte on July 12, 2013

      Haven't gotten mine yet.

    9. B&A Studio 6-time creator on July 9, 2013

      Hello Alexandre, thanks for backing Modo. Please send the shipping funds to us through paypal at "" and then send us a note here to confirm we received it. Thanks again.

    10. Alexandre R. Carvalho on July 5, 2013

      I need to pay $ 10.00 for shipping?

    11. B&A Studio 6-time creator on June 27, 2013

      Hello Taylor99, thanks for backing Modo. We are missing your international shipping funds. Please send $10 to us via paypal at "" Thanks..

    12. Missing avatar

      taylor99 on June 27, 2013

      Hi guys still not got mine

    13. B&A Studio 6-time creator on June 27, 2013

      Hello Hypepg, thanks for backing Modo. We apologize your band wasn't there. We will take care of it. Thanks again.

    14. hypePG on June 27, 2013

      hey guys,
      i received my package and i am missing the rubber band :(
      please help.


    15. Bruce Reaves on June 25, 2013

      got my 2 last week - great!
      but now i'm in trouble - my wife wants 2 also!
      pls let us know ASAP how/where to order more!!!!

    16. B&A Studio 6-time creator on June 21, 2013

      Hello Patrick, thanks for backing Modo. You have not sent the funds for international shipping. We have sent you a message. Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick Wiltsch on June 21, 2013

      I still miss my Modo :-(

    18. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer von Sydow on June 12, 2013

      Got my modos, thanks !

    19. Deborah Li on June 12, 2013

      I JUST got my MODO, even though I was in the 1st batch to get mailed out. Seems USPS missent it to Thailand instead of Singapore. lol. no wonder it took so long! Anyway, just wanted to share my MODO set up!

    20. Missing avatar

      Roberta Beach on June 8, 2013

      I have my Modo and like it a lot. Is smaller than I expected (not good imagining dimensions) but that is good - less clutter, more function. thank you.

    21. Lars Haendler on June 6, 2013

      Got my Modo today. I have to say very fast shipping to Switzerland

      Love it ... thanks for the great work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Dwenger on June 4, 2013

      I am one of the unlucky people not to get the black pins. I even pledged for the black pins and didn't get them. I still like the product but a little upset that others who switched after got black who might not have selected that to begin with. But this is kickstarter so i can't be all that upset still glad i got the item as requested.