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Modo - Fun, simple and fully customizable solution for your desktop chaos. (iPad, iPhone, pens, clips, chargers etc etc)
Modo - Fun, simple and fully customizable solution for your desktop chaos. (iPad, iPhone, pens, clips, chargers etc etc)
1,204 backers pledged $38,841 to help bring this project to life.

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New Project Launch - Huge Modo Sale

Hello B&A backers,

We are back with a new project and we have just launched it. Now we are tackling charging docks :-)

Introducing Arq - Modular Nesting Docks.

Whether you like iOS or Android, people own more devices today than ever before and they all need to be charged. We set out to create a modular solution that gives you the flexibility of charging devices individually, in groups or closely nested together all within a small footprint. We believe we have achieved this and together with Kickstarters we can bring this product to life. Introducing the first ever Modular Nesting Docks for lightning and micro USB devices - Arq

Here is a link to the project - Arq Dock

Kickstarter Launch Sale

To celebrate this new product launch we are also doing an incredible sale on Modo on Amazon. Each Modo is $16.99 from $39.99 for a limited time. We also have other sales that you will find on

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you on Arq. Cheers!!

FLASH SALE! Limited Modo christmas special


Hello Modo backers,

Thanks to you we have Modo available on the market. We are running a Christmas special with a limited number of Modo units. $10 off the retail price and it is available on at this link below. They make an excellent great Christmas gift.

Christmas special
Christmas special

Thanks again and help us spread the word. Once the limited quantity is sold out they go back to retail pricing. Merry Christmas to all and may the year ahead be your best one yet. Look out next year for our new project :-)

A Kickstarter project we backed.


Hello Modo backers,

We have had a lot of support from the Kickstarter community so when we find cool products we share with our backers as a way to pay it back.

If you protect your smartphone or tablet with a case especially thick or waterproof cases its likely difficult to find a dock that works with it. Enter Sarvi Dock from Sarvi Designs with early pledges starting at $25. Designed for Apple and Samsung phones and tablets in any case. We backed this project because its the first case we have seen to dock our Lifeproof cases. Here is the link and more information below for you to check them out.

Sarvi Dock (Black and Silver)
Sarvi Dock (Black and Silver)

The design for docks today start from naked devices and barely extend beyond slim cases. With Sarvi Dock our design process started with the most protective cases available and we worked backwards towards caseless devices. By going against the grain we have created a simple fluid design crafted from aluminum. Our design uses Apple and Samsung factory cables. Once we solved the difficult cases that no other docks worked with we tested all other case and device combinations. Sarvi Dock is compatible with extreme cases, medium cases, caseless devices and anything in between. 

Lifeproof Nuud iPhone 5
Lifeproof Nuud iPhone 5
Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 on Sarvi Docks
Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 on Sarvi Docks
OtterBox Armor iPhone 4S
OtterBox Armor iPhone 4S

If you use cases - Any case with your phones and tablets then we recommend you take a look at this project. Enjoy your day.

Thank you for Modo, competition and New Project QooQi

Greetings from B&A Studios,

A Great Big Huge thank you to our backers of Modo - You guys are phenomenal and we could not have done it without you. So where are we now?

1) Modo - Modo is a viable product and you can find it at our commerce site Modo will also be back on shortly and we will announce once it is available.

2) Free Modo Competition - Want to win 2 free Modos shipped to your door? All you have to do is send us pictures of your Modo out in the wild in use and we will select the winner and send your free modo units. The pictures should be posted on our new facebook page and here is the link So please like the page, post your pictures and look out for information about our coming products.

3) Shipping - We have shipped out all Modo and a handful appear to be delayed at their destinations perhaps customs or local mail service. If youhavent paid your international shipping funds or filled out a survey you can reach out to us. We are here to help so reach out to us and lets work together to get your Modo to you. We sent them out and Modo is present on all continents - Thanks to you backers.

QooQi - New Product Launch

Based on our philosophy of simple solutions to everyday challenges we have a new product for simple cable Management called QooQi. We believe that a desktop cable organizer should be easy to use, made from high quality durable materials, manage up to 5 cables, versatile for horizontal or vertical placement and unobtrusive with a small footprint. This is why we designed QooQi.

QooQi is one piece aluminum and can manage up to 5 cables. QooQi will come in 3 flavors - Anodized matte silver, black and limited edition Kickstarter green. We have an early bird category and wanted our past backers to be the first to know about Qooqi so you can snag up the early birds.

Once again thank you for your help with Modo - We hope you are enjoying them - Please continue to spread the word and come help us make Qooqi a success as well. Here is the link to the QooQi project which will be launched once we publish this update. See you on the other side.

Link to Kickstarter QooQi project -

98% Modo shipping complete...

Greetings from B&A,

Thanks again for backing our project. Please excuse the delay in this update but we have been working hard to ship out Modos. We are glad to hear Modo is arriving daily worldwide :-)

Here is a quick update regarding our current status. We have shipped out 98% of the pledge rewards and the last batch was picked up yesterday by USPS - The truck arrived empty and left packed as you can see from the picture below. Timeline for arrival is 2-5 days US and 1-3 weeks International.

The remaining roughly %2 represents backers with either of the following:

1) Unpaid international shipping - easy to identify by looking at your pledge amount i.e if pledge was $26 and you live outside the US and you pledged only $26 and not $36 then we have not sent you a notification. Additional Modo units were $5 each for international shipping.

2) USPS did not recognize your address because a) its not in english or b) its missing information

3) You did not fill out a survey - A few people fall into this category and we have sent messages out.

No worries if you have not received an email notification (please check your spam or junk folders before contacting us - emails will be from " just contact us through Kickstarter and we will work with you to get your Modo to you.

Shipping Notifications

In our last update we mentioned that we were awaiting our second shipment which arrived late last week. We used batch printing so some backers already received notifications prior to the shipment arriving. All those remaining shipments went out Saturday and Monday so this means all remaining US packages should arrive before the end of this week. if you don't receive your package please contact us on Monday.


For those who have received their Modos please leave us a comment in the comment section or send us a message and let's know how you like your Modo. Also we like pictures of "Modo in the wild" and how you are using it.

Black Pins

We apologize for this oversight but at this time we are officially out of black pins. If you ordered black pins and have not/received silver pins please contact us. We will not be making anymore black pins as they were only limited for this Kickstarter. At this time Modo will only be sold with silver pins.

Buying Modo

We are currently working out the logistics of selling Modo with our retail partners and working on a brand new site for B&A and other Houston based Studios. Once everything is finalized we will share where to find Modo :-)

Instructions for Using Modo

We posted a video showing how to use Modo in the last update. Here it is again:

Questions, Concerns or Suggestions

Should you have any questions please reach out to us through Kickstarter. This way we have immediate access to your information and pledge details.

Thanks again for your support and remember without our backers there would be no Modo so want you to know we are here to help.