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$19 Aluminum Dock for Apple and Android with or without cases. iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 iPad Air iPad mini S4 S5 Note 2 and 3 and more
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Risks and challenges

Arq - Modular Nesting Dock - is our third Kickstarter project so we have the experience of successful and well managed projects under our belts. You can view our first 2 projects here on Kickstarter by searching for "Modo" and "QooQi"

For Arq we found a more efficient way to produce same quality product. We will now extrude our docks with minimal cnc detailing. This translates to a more efficient and quicker process that puts us in lower price range. We will also be packing, printing and shipping in house instead of using fulfillment channels. This helps save shipping costs for our international backers. These are the reasons why we suspended the first campaign and relaunched this one.

When manufacturing any product there are always unplanned variables that spring up. At BAS we have spent the last 9 months testing, designing, modifying and retesting Arq. After many early samples and test models we have made 8 fully functional final product prototypes with our manufacturer - Shown in the video above.

We believe that by communicating effectively with our backers and providing regular updates we will be able to set right expectations and produce an exceptional Kickstarter experience for all involved.

We also have a manufacturer that has a wealth of experience manufacturing similar products. We have the right team and with your help we will bring Arq to the market successfully and on time.

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    Pledge $19 or more About $19

    Arq - With this pledge you will receive 1 Modular Nesting Arq Dock. Pledge for up to 10 and mix or match colors. You will indicate your color choice when the campaign is over through the Kickstarter survey.

    Each package comes with 1 Arq Dock, 2 support Arq pins (same color as the docks i.e red dock = red pins, black dock = black pins, silver dock = silver pins) with protective silicone caps, 1 Arq key and 1 micro usb cable. Save $10 from projected retail price of $29.

    US shipping is included. International shipping is a flat one time fee of $15 regardless of the number of docks pledged for. See pledge table below for more details on what to pledge for multiple quantities.

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