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Mama NOLA is a Burning Man CORE project representing the New Orleans area. She is a 20 ft tall voodoo doll reigning over her temple.

Representing the greater New Orleans area through the Burning Man CORE project, Mama NOLA is a 20-foot tall voodoo doll and temple, and we need your help to bring her to life.  We need funds to cover construction materials and transportation costs to Black Rock City.  The NOLA CORE project is an ambitious effort to represent the Crescent City and its Burners on the Playa.  

She will sit upon a temple that has a center altar, a place to leave offering to the loa.  The temple will have decorative lights and votive candles and an open view to Mama, rising out of the top of the temple.  Currently, local artists are creating various decorative art hangings for her outer and inner walls.  Pull back a corner decoration, and you will find a hidden ladder that provides you access to the rooftop deck, a wonderful observation platform from which you can relax and enjoy the Playa, and let Mama ease your fears.

The NOLA regional Burners have done a wonderful job collecting and creating many of the materials needed for the project, including Mississippi River driftwood, cypress lath, and many of the art installations.  However, there is still a need to purchase structural materials for the framing and lighting for the ambient effect.  Transporting Mama NOLA to Nevada is not cheap, and we hope to raise funds for her ride.  

Ultimately, we will offer Mama NOLA to the Great Beyond on the Thursday before the Man burns.  She will take with her the fears and negativity which her visitors placed upon her altar, and she will also transport our messages to loved ones long past.  Please help us bring her to life for this great celebration of her death.


  • She is going to be a gnarly old doll with the oldest, most historic and well traveled wood at Burning Man. Wood that has been drifting down the river for years or been sitting in the swamps for decades. Her eyes are two piercing red beacons and her clothes are torn and tattered. We are putting great emphasis that she will carry great spirituality to Black Rock.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    A embossed certificate of appreciation and periodic updates on the Mama herself. Our heartfelt thanks for the support.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    21 backers

    An authentic voodoo doll from New Orleans as well as the certificate of appreciation.

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    A small vial of Mama NOLA's ashes collected off the playa at Burning Man 2011 and the certificate of appreciation.

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    Mama's ashes, the voodoo doll, and a certificate of appreciation.

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    A small piece of art created for the temple and Mama. We will let donors choose on a first come, first pick basis.

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    All 50.00 prizes and lower and an art piece that will be removed from the temple before the burn, as well as a digital record of your art piece at at Burning Man.

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    an invitation to the Mama NOLA build party, an art piece from the temple and all 50.00 prizes and lower. We would also be honored to see you out at the burn and have a toast and celebration for your love and support.

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