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Finally, a compact and affordable teleprompter for camcorders, and DSLR cameras. Perfect for video professionals, bloggers, Indy films, and more.
Finally, a compact and affordable teleprompter for camcorders, and DSLR cameras. Perfect for video professionals, bloggers, Indy films, and more.
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First Batch Shipped! - Here are some instructions

Posted by Brigham Arce (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters!

As some of you probably know by now we shipped out the first batch of Parrot Teleprompters! If you have not received yours yet then hang tight it's on its way! (International backers will be about 6-10 days.)

At the last minute our fulfillment service provider notified us that they were not ready to ship. We were determined to get these out as soon as possible so we took matters into our own hands. We pulled some long hours over the weekend and got them out!

Parrot Teleprompters ready to be packaged
Parrot Teleprompters ready to be packaged
I commandeered the nursery to package in the evenings
I commandeered the nursery to package in the evenings
At the post office shipping over 100 Teleprompters (I felt bad for the people in line behind me.)
At the post office shipping over 100 Teleprompters (I felt bad for the people in line behind me.)

How to use your teleprompter

Some of you have already received your teleprompter, and are not sure how to use it. Unfortunately, I have not had time to put together a manual, so I recorded this quick video about how to use and care for your teleprompter. It's nothing special, but it should answer some questions and get you started.

The Parrot Teleprompter App

 We are having a bit of trouble getting our app up on the app stores. We didn't realize there was a validation stage for each app store, and the account creation takes a while. I will send out an update once the Parrot Teleprompter app is available for all platforms. It's a free app, and I think you will like it. Our goal is to have the second, more polished version, out by this months shipment. For now you can use any of the free teleprompter app already out there, and most will work with the Parrot Teleprompter.

Additional Support

 If you have any additional questions or comments I would love to hear your feedback. Please send me a message on Kickstarter, or send me an email at

I am sincerely grateful for your support. The Parrot Teleprompter would not be possible without you! For all of you who are on the next batch I can't wait to ship out your teleprompters this month!


Brigham Arce

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    1. Nate Dappen on

      Hi Brigham,
      My name is Nate. I never got my Parrot Telepromter. Any idea when the next batch will ship?

    2. Missing avatar

      Roy Backhouse on

      Hi Brigham
      when is mine being shipped please. Need it ASAP in the UK

    3. Thomas on

      Im loooooooooong for mine. Any news about when it was or will be shipped?

    4. Missing avatar

      Victor Cruz on

      When can I get mine? Will I get a tracking number?

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew moore on

      Good job !!!!!. Congrats on delivering on time and a great product that really nicely fills a niche market at a competitive price. This should be in every camera supply store. You should look at distribution if you haven't all ready

    6. rene ayoroa on

      Haven't got my yet, when is the next batch going to be shipped?

    7. Andy Camsell on

      What a fantastic piece of kit! Most of our video work is screen-casting so we rarely need to present directly to camera and therefore could never justify the cost of a tele-prompt solution (even pre-owned). The Parrot is a game-changer with a price-point to suit the occasional user and functionality to produce professional looking results.

      Well done on creating an awesome product and good luck with moving your venture forward.

    8. Giulio Sciorio on

      Can't wait to get mine! How do I know when my Parrot has been shipped?

      Thanks for the update.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Ty on

      Hi Brigham. Congrats on shipping your product successfully and meeting your customers' product expectations. For those of us who ordered at the tail end, do you have an estimate of when you will be able to ship to us? Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

    10. Mike Morrison on

      just arrived in the UK thanks

      I think that an additional feature could be a clip to hold it over a webcam on a monitor -it would add a lot more flexibility!

    11. Jonathan Searle on

      Thanks Brigham!! We will be showing everyone this amazing functional prompter.. Got it out and played with it for the last 20 minutes and it is a home run!! Perfect for our traveling and just in time for Conversion Conference in Vegas!! Keep in touch


    12. Board Game Closet

      So I'm guessing there isn't any tracking on the shipments? Can't wait to get this. Thanks so much.

    13. Patrick McCann on

      '100 teleprompters at the post office'

    14. Adam Dobay on

      I just read through your latest dispatch Brigham and I must say I can't wait! I don't remember the time I was this excited to get my hand on a product. Hope it gets here soon. :)

    15. David Hansen on

      Beautiful! Denmark is looking forward to awesome teleprompting ;)

    16. Brigham Arce 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback! It's a lot of fun to hear from you guys! P.S. I forgot to mention in the instructional video that it's a good idea to manually adjust the brightness on your phone to ensure you get a good bright picture.

    17. Josh Carr on

      Just got mine yesterday! It works great. Shot a test video this morning and love it already. Thanks for making a part-time youtuber's life a lot easier :)

    18. Paul Hassell on

      AWESOME WORK Brigham! I know you were pulling some long hours to pull this off on such a tight deadline. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, we are PUMPED to use our new Parrots!

    19. Lisa Wessells on

      Got ours yesterday!! We love it!!