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Bia is the first multi-sport watch you'll love! Slim lightweight design. No-wait GPS. Plus a must-have safety alert for solo workouts.
Bia is the first multi-sport watch you'll love! Slim lightweight design. No-wait GPS. Plus a must-have safety alert for solo workouts.
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First 500: A Recap


What's in this update (besides LOTS of pictures):

  • Shipping Status
  • Results from the first 500
  • Roadmap for the next month
  • Our favorite watchband hacks

I know there are only 500 (actually 470) of you that are going to read this update. The other 2000 of you are just going to scan it for the FedEx tracking number of the next batch of units to leave China. Right?

Shipping Status

The next 500 units are built and packed but I do NOT have a tracking number from China yet. I am hoping if i type reallllllly slooooow I'll have it before I hit send on this update.  They are in the temporary bermuda triangle of "shipping but not yet shipped" in the special trade zone at the Hong Kong border. It's like a customs cone-of-silence where people and packages are impervious to the social media cries of "is mine there yet. is mine there yet." 

Luckily the Bia team never sleeps (literally). We are pre-prepping for another week of Packamonium 2014 in our warehouse; the customs desk in Anchorage is on speed-dial; and the label printer is warming up as I type. 

Also the next 1500 Bia's are well underway. We saw first-round testing of 800 GoSticks pop up on the server this weekend. 

Our manufacturing partner has indicated all 1500 units will be complete by early April. Obviously we'll do some negotiating to see if they can ship them to us in partial batches. Stay tuned.

The First 500: How did it go? 

Here is where they went - lots of them to cold places.

Which is why these numbers - through Sunday - really blew our minds:

And here are some of our favorite initial reviews. We really appreciate your spreading the word, and definitely letting folks know Bia is real and worth the wait as we work to get every one of our pre-orders shipped.  

From Paulette Ference,  our first full review on her blog Just Keep Running!

And from Katie Sweeney, our first unboxing video!

Everything wasn't perfect though. There were plenty of snafus as you'd expect with the first shipment of a brand new product. We were happy though, because you told us!

On the plus side, none of the problems were insurmountable. In fact most of them will be addressed before the next 500 go out. 

We had a few folks that received bad units (9 out of 940 pieces shipped is less than 1%). We swapped them out quickly. None of the problems we saw were new and they all go to inform our testing processes. 

The big jump in the number of products in use also helped us a find:

  • A brand new bug. It was a total "edge case" related to pushing pause right after starting a workout. Thank you Leslie. The fix rolls out next week.
  • A rare lock up on the touchscreen that we finally were able to solve. Thank you Brie. The fix rolls out next week.
  • And we also saw a few cases where GoSticks needed quick resets because of "sticky LED's" or "hiccups" in the cellular modem or accelerometer. The hiccups are beyond our control but we can add changes on our side so these hiccups fix themselves invisibly behind the scenes so you won't even notice. Some of those fixes will roll out this week. Some we want to test a little longer before rolling out. Some we probably haven't seen to figure out yet. 

Roadmap for the next month: What's Next?  

Hot off yesterday's whiteboard:
  • Beta means the changes roll to our testers. 
  • OTA stands for "over the air" and means we start rolling them out to the Bia's on your wrists. 
  • China means we cut them over to the production process in China so we don't have to update devices when they arrive in the US. 

These dates are obviously subject to change - but it's what we are gunning for. 

Pace smoothing improvements solve the 00:00 problem that has cropped up for a few folks. So far I am very happy with the changes but will put them to the full test tomorrow on Yassos and a sharp-cornered run through the alley (trust me, i don't always run there!) And, yes, you are seeing automatic mile splits on that list (sort like below but slower)!! 

We are also working on some usability improvements based on early customer feedback that don't show up on this list yet. And if you missed our sneak peak at "longer battery life" this weekend, THIS happened:

I know a number of folks have been asking about Walk/Run and Autopause. Both are coming. Both have other dependancies which is why we are not addressing them until the 2nd half of April, but it should go quick once we start. The final hard things after that are pool lap-counting and LIVE! tracking. 

Please just give our team a little time. We want to make sure every experience is working great for folks instead of rushing things. 

Favorite Hacks

Watchbands are still on my personal To Improve list, but but that doesn't mean I'm not inspired by a good watchband hack.

With a RoadID Elite (or Sport...anything but the Slim)

Or with a loop keeper for extra security on the open water swim.

That's it for now. We will send a shipping update when we have something more to share.

C2K & The Team

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    1. Stephanie Drago on March 20, 2014

      Okay, I want to know about that loop keeper. Where does one get one? That seems like a hack I might want to implement when I get the watch!

    2. Jan on March 19, 2014

      Great news all around! Super secret surprise feature.... Looking forward to hearing what that is all about.

      Keep up the great work and I will keep tabs on my email waiting for that shipping tracking number of mine!