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Bia is the first multi-sport watch you'll love! Slim lightweight design. No-wait GPS. Plus a must-have safety alert for solo workouts.
2,118 backers pledged $408,160 to help bring this project to life.

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Post Game Wrap Up.....

Posted by Cheryl Kellond (Creator)

Shipping Post Mortum

I can probably count on one hand the number of remaining Kickstarter backer updates I will write. 

We have shipped 99% of our Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders. If you were expecting a Bia and haven't received it, match yourself to a category and follow the instructions:

1. If you live in the US or Canada and reserved a Bia Watch + GoStick...

You should have received yours by now. If you didn't it is likely because you never confirmed your color selection and address with us, so we were not able to ship it. If you still would like your Bia, please contact us at and let us know before the end of the month.

2. If you live OUTSIDE the US & Canada and reserved a Bia Watch + GoStick...

We are still shipping international orders. We are doing these more slowly, working with a couple of lead customers in each country to make sure we've worked out all the kinks with both customs and our global wireless carrier. If you have any specific concerns ping us at Otherwise expect that we'll be emailing you all indivudually over the coming weeks as we finish that rollout.

3. If you ordered a Bia Watch (without a GoStick)....

If you continue to want the watch only (no GPS no SOS alert), we'll send these out later in the summer once we feel the firmware on the watch is not going to change again. Without a GoStick, we have no way to update your watch, so we have to make sure everything is final final. 

However, if you add an GoStick to your order (click here), we will ship your Bia immediately.

4. If you supported us at a reward level below $99 and are not expecting a Bia....

What are you waiting for? Get yours here! We have almost all colors left in stock. 

Final Words

I should say something poetic and heartfelt to wrap this all up. Or maybe something profound to capture the impact of what we all accomplished: funding a product, a company, and a type of entrepreneur that wouldn't have seen the light of day otherwise.  Or maybe just something funny. 

But I am sort of tapped out on all of that. 

I think all of you know how grateful our whole team is for your support and patience. And you all know that this is not the end of our journey. It's just the beginning. And those of you along for the next stage of this adventure also know that I am not going to kick my "backer update" habit easily. 

Hence the Tips, Tricks & [Fill in the Blank] email I've been kicking out to registered Bia athletes (if Bia is rocking your wrist, you ARE an athlete!) semi-regularly on Fridays.

[Fade to Black?]

C2K & The Team

I don't want to jinx it, but....

Posted by Cheryl Kellond (Creator)

I haven't recevied the final FexEx tracking number yet but I couldn't hold the news any longer. 

After doing one more quality check and filling out fresh customs paperwork, China will be shipping the next 700 Bia's to us later today. 

If you are still waiting for a Bia Watch + GoStick it will be headed to your doorstep next week!

Honestly, there were times I thought this day would never come. This is a huge milestone for our still nascent company. Unfortunately it is not the finish line for us. It's actually just a start line. Our little company is not yet in the clear. 

We've spent months looking for just the right investors with as much disappointment as delight. So instead we've begged, borrowed, and hustled for all the progress we've made, compensated largely by deferred salary, sweat equity, and the satisfaction of delivering a product we are proud to use ourselves.

In start-up terms, delivering all our pre-orders puts the ball back in our court. Fueled by sheer tenacity and pie, we can now control our own startup destiny because we now have a product to sell! 

And sell we must. In fact, we need to sell the !@#$ out of our rocking bit of wrist magic. We would love - heck, we need - your help spreading the word. 

You can tell everybody

  • Have a friend eyeing your Bia? Order now and their Bia will ship next week! 
  • We've dialed in our engraving process. Use the code BOOM when they order before June 1st and your friend can get their GoStick engraved with their name, phone number, or motivational mantra for free. 

Here is friend-of-Bia Durell and his laser engraver raring to go!

Ok, back to work for us. We are in the middle of rolling out new features to everybody (heart rate and 17 hour battery life!) and have a few more juicy items we are getting ready to push to field testers before the end of the month (intervals/track workouts and maybe triathlon mode?) So much to still do!

C2K & The Team

Bia 800's.

Posted by Cheryl Kellond (Creator)

The next 800 watches have arrived!

If you are waiting on a Silver Watch or a Firefly Watch with a GoStick, your watch is right here:

We have a handful of other colors too but 95% of this batch is Silver and Firefly.

However we are NOT going to do another mad rush all night all weekend packing party this time around. Trust me, It's not because I want to spend Mother's Day engaged in delightful family activities and a long overdue Costco run with my tween-aged children. It's because we are VERY close to having firmware for some really big features ready to go, including:

  • 17 hour battery life
  • HRM integration
  • Average Pace (we currently do real time pace)
  • A fix to the last nattering GPS hiccup.
  • And maybe another surprise or two. 

So we will have these 800 units in the mail by end of day Wednesday (exactly one week). And our goal is to have them loaded with all the juicy new capabilities listed above. 

As always, we'll send USPS tracking numbers out when the units hit the mail. 

If your Bia is a different color and not in this batch, it's already built and headed our way VERY soon. Just a little longer, I promise.

Now back to work. We have 1200 hours (50 days!) of GoStick charging to do. (lucky we can do 70 at a time).

C2K & the Team

PS: I still owe you all an update on Triathlon mode testing from this weekend at St. George 70.3. Version 1.0 of Triathlon mode is up and running but it was down to the wire and we had a little snafu getting it to me on time as I neglected to tell the team I had to install the update and leave the house at 6:15am MOUNTAIN TIME not PACIFIC TIME. That said, I raced with my Bia in single sport mode for each leg of the race and was quite pleased. More tips and tricks coming soon....

Product in Motion.

Posted by Cheryl Kellond (Creator)

If you have never manufactured anything – doesn’t matter if it’s clothing in the US or electronics in China – you must think we are on an extended 2-week holiday right now. I mean how hard can it be to get a box (ok, 30 boxes) across the ocean? 

 Ha ha. Harder than you would ever imagine. I will gladly take volunteers for my job at this point. I’ll treat you to a 24 hour slot as boss of Bia. I’ll lend you the battery booster for my iPhone, feed you pie, and maybe even let you use my Ironman Tahoe mug.

We’ve been in legal and paperwork purgatory for the past two weeks racing the clock:

  • The Chinese May Day holiday shuts down the entire country from May 1-May 4 
  • An additional customs blackout period means no product leaves our manufacturer in Shenzhen for the first two weeks of May while the ominous sounding “customs handbook” is audited and updated. 

 The good news: Bia’s are finally in motion! We were able to get product out of Shenzhen to Hong Kong before the customs cut off. This is a HUGE victory. 

 The bad news: They did not make it en route to the US before the May Day shut down (China is a day ahead), so they will sit in Hong Kong over the weekend. 

 But back to the good news: 

  • If everything goes as it's supposed to, at least 800 of the 1500 units should be en route to the US on Monday.  The remaining shouldn’t be far behind. 
  • The team is already preparing to test, kit and ship as soon as they hit our office – even 800 means a lot of work! 
  • I will share insight on color mix as soon as it’s confirmed. Rumor has it the first batch includes at least all the firefly and silvers. 
  • I will share a master FedEx tracking number for the Hong Kong shipment when I get it. 

Once we ship these 800 units, 90% of pre-ordered units will have been delivered! The remaining 10% won't be far behind. 

 As we wait, we are quickly adding more features and working out more hiccups. Here are some highlights: 

 New Update: We just did another update that should fix the rare but annoying slow GPS issues and give us insight into any lingering issues. It should also fix most of the Error 34 update issues we experienced last time around.

New Integration with MapMyFitness: Link your Bia directly to your MMF account using the Settings Menu on 

 17+ Hour Battery Life: GPS tuning for longer battery life has been going slower than anticipated. We initially thought we'd have it solved by now. It needs a bit more tuning, so I won’t quote an ETA yet, but it's our #1 priority. 

 HRM Integration: I have been testing HRM integration all week and am quite pleased. We are pushing it to field testers in the next 36 hours. Instead of using a strap I am testing my Bia with the new ANT+ Mio wrist-based HRM. Form factor definitely is better than the chest strap, but I haven’t taken it out for a long swell and sweat inducing workout yet, so the verdict is still out.

Triathlon Mode: This weekend I am testing long battery life along with our first pass at multisport mode at Ironman 70.3 St. George. I am whole untrained for this race but am super excited. Product testing over a brutal 70.3 miles in 90 degree heat still counts as a welcome day off from work AND a chance to feel pretty fly in a smokin’ new race kit from the amazing ladies a Couer.

I took my new Coeur kit for a test run and the women-specific cut and seamless no-chafe chamois was pure joy in the "crotchal region". And the GoStick / chapstick pocket is sheer brilliance. Show some of our favorite #sistersinsport some love at

Ok, back at it! 

C2K & The Team

A Yawner of an Update

Posted by Cheryl Kellond (Creator)

This update is about a week overdue and I am pretty sure Rebecca is going to fire me if I don't get it out before the's probably my most boring update ever, but it's packed with juicy info.

If you are still waiting on your Bia:

ALL 1500 remaining pre-orders (Kickstarter and post Kickstarter) are just about done being built in China. It took a little longer than anticipated because we introduced some new in-line QA processes (based on what we learned bringing the first 1000 units in-house for more QA before shipping them out) and we had a number of LCD's that were defective and needed to be replaced. 

If you pre-ordered a Bia at any time EVER (from the start of our Kickstarter until today) and have not received it, your Bia has been built and is in THIS batch of 1500.

1500 is alot. And a big jump up from the previous batches of 500. There is a LOT of work to do, and many steps both within and outside of our control, to get these completed devices from China to your doorstep. 

  • I do NOT have firm shipping dates yet.
  • I will share firm dates as soon as I have something to share
  • As always, we will ship as close to the order that you ordered in (that sounded weird, but you know what I mean, right?) as humanly possible. 

If you already have your Bia:

C2K to Team: So what should we do while waiting on these 1500 Bia's to arrive from China?

Team to C2K: I dunno. Get some sleep and eat pie? 

or not....

The last few weeks have been exhilarating - in a way only a start up team could appreciate. We are running into all the growing pains we expected -- and some we didn't. And we are seeing some crazy edge-case bugs and system hiccups that occur less than .1% of the time, but that start to make an appearance as you log 5000 or 10,000 total real life workouts. 

Biggest Learning aka: Ouch That Hurt!

Try as hard as we might everything is not going to be perfect on day one. Here are top 6 spots of "biggest learning" from the first 1,000 units shipped. 

1. We had some *major* problems with kitting (about 15% of watches and GoSticks weren't paired correctly when they left our offices) on the first batch of shipments. Managing a low paid hourly task forced is different than running a high skilled engineering team. We felt the BIG sting of that for sure and have improved the process for the next batch. Good news? It's all process. So while frustrating to some unlucky customers and to Rebecca who's customer support duties skyrocketed the past few weekends, it's also easily fixable. 

2. We learned how people were using the instructions we provided and we learned what was missing. The inbox and online experience for the next batch of Bia's that go out will be improved because of the feedback we received. 

3. We had a number of devices in the first batch with a few flavors of small manufacturing errors. We (that means me and my core engineering team) are personally touching and testing the first 5000 units we ship so we can uncover and fix precisely these type of manufacturing, and in some cases design, issues. We probably won't completely prevent these units slipping through the cracks, but if they do crop up in the field we've been fast to hot swap. For us it's a thrill to literally make Bia better and better every day!

4.) The Bermuda Triangle of mailboxes on the corner of my street caused us a few problems on April 7th. Lesson: Hand it to Candy or drop it off at the postoffice. Never drop it in the box!

5. On April 10th we made (another) total amateur mistake with our first over-the-air update. About 15% of customers got the now famed "Error 34" message while the upgrade to their watch was installing. Turns out the update file got a teeny tiny bit larger, but the timing window we gave for that update to install didn't. Good news is that this problem has zero effect on doing workouts with your Bia, but Doh! Let's just say, that won't happen again. 

6. And we did hit one actual bug around slow GPS connectivity. Some folks (under 2%) who were initially getting instant GPS connections in 30 seconds or less would wake up one day to a device that took 2 minutes or more (way more) to connect to GPS. We initially worried this could be a hardware issue (yikes!) so we were doing hotswaps by overnight delivery so we could get problem devices back in house to see what was going on. Those returned devices arrived at our office. We charged them up. We shook them. And KAPOW all instantly got GPS connection. 


It was a strange mix of relief (not hardware!) and consternation (what the heck was going on). Luckily the slow GPS bug struck me this past weekend - and since my GoStick has some extra special magical capabilities  - so we were able to confirm it was a software issue. We've figured out a temporary "in the field fix" for folks that encounter this. Next week we will rollout an update that should brute-force eliminate most of the problem (and not throw an error 34! when it installs itself) and also collect additional information to help us ensure it won't crop up again. 

Isn't technology riveting?

The most important news though is that the overwhelming majority of early customers have been running, biking, and swimming with their Bia's with no problems and in pure enjoyment. 


We are going to start to send roadmap updates directly to registered Bia users. But for today I'll do them in multiple places. 

I am NOT putting firm dates next to these items because they are subject to change based on issues we see in the field. 

Pushed to all Bia Devices Last Week:

  • Auto-lap each mile on the run.
  • Usability changes to ending a workout
  • Improvements in Run Pace 

Testing in-house and pushing to field testers next week:

  • Long (17hr) Battery Life
  • HRM Integration

Long Battery Life is a far-reaching piece of functionality that requires us to re-tune GPS. That is why we are taking our time with it. After that is done, other features will start to roll out more quickly. 

In progress right now and moving to internal test in 2ish weeks.

  • Galloway Walk-Run Intervals
  • Average Pace
  • Triathlon Race Mode 

Stretch goal is for me to take Triathlon Mode on a live test at St. George Ironman 70.3 on May 3rd.

Easy-ish Stuff Up Next

  • Intervals/Slap to Lap
  • AutoPause
  • Integration with more 3rd party sites (testing MapMyFitness right now)
  • Some Fun Surprises

And the Next Biggies

  • Pool Lap Counting
  • LIVE Race Tracking
  • Power Meter Integration?? (no promises but I know folks want it)

Told you it was going to be a boring update. 

Have an amazing weekend full of miles and smiles.

C2K & the Team