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The final volume of the acclaimed comic series, featuring Dracula & Frankenstein's Monster as world leaders.
313 backers pledged $11,042 to help bring this project to life.



Last night was full of surprises....

I awoke at 2am. It was one of those times where you wake up in the middle of the night and you are completely awake - you just know that you won't be falling back asleep any time soon. I opted to flit through my phone, maybe take a look at Twitter, at Facebook, see how friends were fairing in their 24 Hour Comics Day marathons. Then, I checked email.... We were $10 from our goal. Ten. Dollars. There was absolutely no way I was going back to sleep.

Despite the hour - and this is PST, by the way - I jumped on social media, announced exactly how close we were, and pledged to stay up til we hit our goal. In yet another surprise, the issue was resolved in just a couple minutes, as longtime Ultrasylvania supporter Leef Smith - proprietor of San Francisco's Mission: Comics & Art - stepped in and plunked down the pledge. (You see, Leef was also awake - hosting a band of artists for 24 Hour Comics Day at his shop.)

I was up til about 4:30. One does not simply roll over and go back to sleep after that - even without the initial sleep issue.

And now we're farther along still. $7,760 as I write this. Thank you to all the folks that have jumped on - or added-on to their existing pledges - since we hit our goal. We have some cooool Stretch Goals that we'll be revealing later today. I just started to write about them... then decided to hold back. Some will be a bit surprising. In a good way. :)

THANK YOU, one and all, for helping us get here in less than six days! That's just phenomenal. We are - all of us - humbled by your support.




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