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The final volume of the acclaimed comic series, featuring Dracula & Frankenstein's Monster as world leaders.
The final volume of the acclaimed comic series, featuring Dracula & Frankenstein's Monster as world leaders.
313 backers pledged $11,042 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Hi, Mark. Excellent! Always great to hear that. :)

    2. Mark Shultis on

      Hi Brian, I received my books today. The packaging was excellent and kept my books in mint condition. Thank you. :)

    3. James Moss

      Awesome. Thanks

    4. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Hi, James. I'm down to 5 international packages for backers who pledged for all three volumes. Yours happens to be one of those. Apologies again on the wait. I have it in hand and will deliver it to the post office this afternoon.

    5. James Moss

      Can you let me know if mine has been shipped? Is there a need for concern since it is now May and international packages were starting to be sent in February? I can understand a small delay in sending things due to paperwork but realistically, 3 months additional wait time due to paperwork seems a little excessive.

    6. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Hi, Roman! In truth, your package went out two days ago. Let me send you a message.

      To everyone still waiting on their rewards: I assure you, they are slowly but surely making their way out. I know this is all taking longer than expected. Trust me - there's no small amount of anxiety on my end. I look forward to having everything out of my hands and in yours. Keep the faith.

      Cheers - and my continued THANKS,

    7. roman bugrov on

      Still sitting her ein the UK with nothing, getting a bit scary considering last update was back in april

    8. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Hi, Edward! Soon as I'm able. At the moment, I'm still focusing on the international book shipments. Seems only fair. I'm flying solo on this stage of our journey, and get out as many packages as I can carry on a daily basis. That said, YES, I will get those out ASAP. Thank you all once again for your continuing support and patience. Cheers, Brian

    9. Edward Wellman

      Brian, any idea when the "Ha Original" print is going to ship? Loved the books. Looking forward to the print.

    10. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Hi, Stuart. International shipments are slowly shipping out. Unlike the domestic packages - which were picked up by the postal service in bulk - those heading outside the USA need to be delivered by yours truly with the requisite paperwork to the post office. Moving forward as best we can. Thank you - and everyone else reading this comment - for your patience and support!

    11. Stuart Searle on

      Still waiting in UK. Has anyone received there's in the UK yet.

    12. Richard

      I received my rewards today, and everything looks great!
      My sketch is awesome, thanks alot...

    13. Kyle Raios on

      Just got the book today, setting out to read tomorrow. A brief look through, and I'm REALLY excited to get into it. Well done! You've made this student of Egyptology very happy with all the Egypt!

    14. Missing avatar

      mike mcintosh on

      received my books and they are great. no dings or dents. thanks for the great packaging.

    15. Ryan McGuire

      Woohoo! Great campaign!

    16. Josh on

      Congrats everyone!! Can't wait to get my hands on it. ^_^

    17. Josh on

      Last half hour, let's push it over 11k people!

    18. Ryan McGuire

      Just a suggestion, but seeing as only about 10% of backers are digital only, would it be possible to change the 12k stretch goal to something that would benefit all or at least the majority of backers?

    19. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      Yeah! What Josh said!! :)

    20. Josh on

      C'mon people, let's hit that $9500 stretch goal!!

    21. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      You people just won't let me SLEEP! Heheheheheh. YAY! Onward!

    22. Josh on

      Yay for reaching the 2nd stretch goal everyone!

    23. Ryan McGuire

      2nd stretch goal!

    24. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      @Christopher Whoa! That'd be cool. Thanks! And thank you for the atta'boy. :)

      @Teddi A VERY belated - yet still quite sincere - THANK YOU!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bolster on

      Good job on getting funded, and I see the stretch goals are being met now. Maybe I'll go put a link to this on Creature Feature's facebook ;)

    26. Teddi Laine Santos on

      This is super exciting- I've backed all three books and couldn't be happier- keep up the good work!

    27. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      @DAN! Of course I remember you! Thank you much!

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan W. on

      I was in the booth next to you and Erik at HeroesCon in Charlotte and I couldn't be happier to back this project! Keep up the great work Brian!

    29. Brian Schirmer 3-time creator on

      @Christopher Awesomesauce! Thanks. Love that Kickstarter is an actual community, with people checking out one thing and discovering others. Tis the best!

      @Ryan Hells, YEAH!

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bolster on

      Stumbled upon this after backing Golem Arcana, and liked what I saw. Plus I like to support fellow students so I bought the three book set.

    31. Ryan McGuire

      Well over halfway to goal! Can't wait to see this fund :)

    32. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Is it possible to add-on a sketch on my book?

    33. Michael Moore

      You got the first comment, too!

    34. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Got the first Monica Disher variant cover!