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We are Hip Chick Farms and we make delicious frozen chicken fingers, chicken meatballs, chicken wings and chicken stock.
We are Hip Chick Farms and we make delicious frozen chicken fingers, chicken meatballs, chicken wings and chicken stock.
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Recent updates

Hard-won USDA approval!

Hi all,

We are thrilled to tell you that the USDA has approved our products!  (FINALLY!)  That means we are a big step closer to starting production. 

Next steps -- we are meeting with three regions of Whole Foods this month!   We are oh-so-excited!  We will let you know how Whole Foods responds.  We are hoping for the best!

Love to you all,
Serafina, Jen and Rubyrose

Our own manufacturing plant? Perhaps!

Hi everyone,

It's been a month since we finished our Kickstarter campaign - what a crazy, fun and interesting journey the last month has been!  I wanted to let you all know that we have been experimenting with -shirt printing and working on rewards and will be sending out all the rewards in August -- at the latest. 

In the meantime, we have been learning so much about USDA certification - as manufacturers of poultry products we have to have USDA certification which means a whole lot more process to get started than I originally realized.  We are seriously trying to get our own plant constructed from the start. 

We are looking at opening our own plant here in Sebastopol at the Barlow -- which is an amazing new development at an old apple factory.  The goal of the Barlow is to bring together small local producers - here is a blurb about the site:

"... the former Barlow Apple Factory is being reinvented to better serve the community. In addition to our goal of beautifying downtown Sebastopol by improving an existing industrial site, the Barlow is the first business community in the U.S. to focus on connecting customers not only with products and the people who make them, but also with the production itself.

The Barlow brings together the very best wine makers, food producers and artisans, creating a space that offers a synergy amongst the makers of the regions finest products, as well as a direct connection between the consumer and the makers of the local products they love. Cheese makers, coffee roasters, bakeries, produce vendors, butchers, fish mongers, even specialty products like soaps and candles, will all be located in one central location that will also feature bocce ball courts, restaurants, fire pits and the Sebastopol Farmers Market, creating an environment for the community to conduct business, share food and enjoy art, wine and time together."

If you want more information or have questions -- please email or call us anytime at 707-861-9010.  If you have experience with any of this - I would love help at any step of the way.  And finally, we are looking for a bookkeeper - please send me any references.

Much love,
Serafina, Jen and Rubyrose

We met our goal!!!! THANK YOU!

We are so thrilled, relieved,  and humbled by all of your generosity and support.  Yesterday was one of the most nerve-wracking days of my life - trying so hard to meet our goal - and you all came through for us.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 

I love that you all are so involved and part of our team - we will certainly keep you all current on what is happening over here.  THANK YOU so much and we love you all!

Almost there! All or nothing - 15 hours and $3K to go

Hi all,

 We got our mock-ups of our packaging - so exciting!  Tell us what you think!!!

This amazing reporter at the Press Democrat wrote a blog about us:

Only 15 hours to go and $3,147 left to raise!  If we don't raise all of the money we don't get any of it.

Love you all,
Serafina and Jen

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So close! Only $5K to go....

Hello everyone,

We are in the home stretch!  We just got two big investors this morning that got us a lot closer to our goal.  We only have $5,000 to go - to raise in 70 hours!!! 

Thank you for your generosity, support and love - please help us spread the word, if you can!

Serafina, Jen and Rubyrose