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The first expansion for Near and Far.
The first expansion for Near and Far.
6,588 backers pledged $356,290 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brenna Asplund Collaborator on

      To everyone who's sent me an email, thank you for your patience. I've been busy with Gen Con and I have large backlog of emails to get to, but I promise I will address all of your concerns as soon as I can.

      @Martin Lightheart: Please send me an email at and I'd be happy to send you replacements for the damaged components.

    2. Missing avatar

      Philippe Sergerie on

      François-Luc... in Montreal here and same situation. I've sent an email last week. Hopefully this will be resolved.

    3. Missing avatar

      Francois-Luc Poulin on

      Same for me tamara, both game and expansion. Even the store near where i live received the expansion to sell..

    4. Tamara J. Cardinal

      I contacted the email they listed - - i still have not received my order. Waiting on expansion and base game. I'll give it another week.

    5. Missing avatar

      Francois-Luc Poulin on

      Never received any package nor e-mail with tracking number . Quebec - Canada...

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin Lightheart or his wife on

      Arrived here in Chile today.

      I'm going to need to get some wood glue. My red star has one tip broken completely off in the bag, and a second tip broken but still attached. The green star has one tip broken but attached. The blue star has one tip cracked on one end. Only the yellow star is completely intact. They either came that way from the factory, or got broken as the contents jostled during shipping.

    7. Jacob Climer on

      Just sent an email :)

    8. Tamara J. Cardinal

      Winnipeg, Canada here, i have not received any notice or package as yet.

    9. Missing avatar


      Hi Brenna I'm in the same boat as James. I just sent you an email.

    10. Brenna Asplund Collaborator on

      At this point, all of the games should have been delivered. If you still haven't received your package, please contact me directly at so I can take care of it.

      @PK Levine: We will be at Gen Con, yes! We won't have anything new for Near and Far there (other than Amber Mines) but we'll be running demos of our next game, Haven, in the booth!

    11. James Adam

      I have not received a shipping notification nor have I received any packages. I am in Ontario, Canada - any updates as to what is going on?

    12. PK Levine

      Ryan, are you going to be at Gen Con? Any plans there for demos, promo cards, etc. for N&F?

    13. 3 Minute board games on

      Got mine in NZ, easily the most painless KS i've been involved with.

    14. Missing avatar


      If one has not done the Near & Far campaign beyond the intro map with their partner, should we add Amber Mines in for the duration of the campaign?

    15. Alan Paul Underwood on

      I had my copy 3 weeks now its a nice addon

    16. Matthew Hitchman on

      Still awaiting a copy in Wales, UK. I received my shipping info on the 20th June. When do I get concerned?

    17. Jacob Climer on

      Haven’t heard anything yet here in Southern California.
      Hope to have the delivery soon :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      ++1 re Canadian shipping. I have not heard anything about my shipping notice. An update would be appreciated.

    19. Kate

      +1 re Canadian shipping. Though I have a friend in Edmonton who got his and someone else who is in Vancouver got theirs. I, too, am in Vancouver and not gotten a notification nor the game. I ordered both the Original N&F plus Amber Mines. I wonder if those who pledged for more than the expansion are having theirs take longer?

    20. Missing avatar


      Any update on Canadian shipping?

    21. Nicholas Rossell on

      Still no shipping notice in Michigan's upper peninsula, which is bizarre because my friend who lives 15 minutes away got her copy...

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Pope

      Arrived in Singapore today.

    23. Shane on

      A shipping label was created for me a month ago, but there has been no movement on it since.

    24. Mathew Hill

      Arrived in Sydney, Australia. Safe and sound. =)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Avery on

      So, if using expanded tokens in A&B they replace 1,2 and 3 results. Any harm giving players the choice of token or what’s below it? That way we get more options instead of just different ones.

    26. Altono

      Arrived in Vancouver! Looks great

    27. Missing avatar

      Ann Millar on

      Received our package today. We got our first game of Above and Below in with the new expansions. Loved what it added to the game!

      Can’t wait to try Near and Far!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jinx BH on

      Got mine today, TX,USA - 100% in order, after a week of watching it go up and down all FL

    29. strahdd on

      Disappointed in the way this was shipped. My Above and Below punch board was bent because there was no extra padding in the box so now I have a few tokens that are bent.

      Can’t wait to play the expansion though.

    30. Hendrik

      Hello Ryan,
      When do we suspect issue with delivery? I am in New Jersey and have not seen anything yet.

    31. Missing avatar


      Hi Ryan, sent an email to Brenna regarding an invoice, no reply yet. Could you help ? I only have 8 more days to comply to customs.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michal Ekl on

      Received in Czech Republic, all look great!

    33. Adam Fenerty

      Arrived in Sydney, Australia, all is fine and arrived ok

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul P on

      Just noticed that my main N&F box is crushed in on the side. Pretty poor padding in the main box to be honest. Doesn't seem to have affected the components though.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul P on

      Package arrived - Brisbane Australia. This is despite the last tracking notice being nearly 2 weeks ago from Sydney. Package has been "In Transit" since then apparently.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hannah Smith on

      Got mine. Siskiyou county, Ca! Can't wait to play.

    37. Phillosmaster on

      Got mine in CT USA. The shipping notice came the night before it arrived.

    38. Matt Gomes

      Received here in San Francisco Bay Area. Can't wait to play!

    39. Federico Damiani on

      @Matt Bauer mine is also moving and in Florida right now.

    40. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Hello everyone! Please email if you have any questions or issues with your delivery.

      Note: There should be two packs of replacement cards. One of the packs says "Replace the cards in the box" even though there are no cards that it replaces in the box. It's a bit confusing. That's the "Handy Headwear" promo. It's got "HH" in the bottom corner.

      @Richard Clark- Yes, you can add the expansion mid-campaign.

      @Chris Peters -Please email

    41. Silas Holesovsky on

      Thank you for another great game!

    42. Tarra Scott

      I just got mine today in Taiwan. Can't wait to unbox it!

    43. Jack Futty

      I found both of the replacement packs, but I didn't see all of the cards they were replacing in the box. Are some of these promos, or am I just insane?

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert

      Received the expansion and replacement cards in SFBayArea today. Looks great! Now I just have to wait for the family to gather (camp, vacations, etc.) once more to play it.

    45. Sarah Reed

      I got my expansion today, but it's just the expansion box. No replacement card pack.

    46. Chris Peters on

      OK.... somehow I ended up with two copies of the cardboard punch-outs and zero copies of the Underforest and Desert book. I thought maybe the expansion was two punch boards, but looking closer I realize that they are the same board--I just have two copies.

      Who do I contact to get this resolved?

    47. Chris Peters on

      OK.... reviewing my pledge I see that there's a printed Underforest and Desert book that was supposed to ship with my pledge but I haven't received it yet. Possibly it's coming later... this warrants more investigation.

    48. Chris Peters on

      I got the expansion to Above and Below add-on, but I don't know where to get the "Underforest and Desert Labyrinth Encounters" book? The rules on the red raven website point you to the backers of Above and Below kickstarter page, but I wasn't a backer of Above and Below... is there someplace Amber Mines backers can get the rulebook?

    49. Missing avatar

      John Milam

      Got mine today suddenly Above and below has gotten a lot bigger

    50. Brett Baumgarten on

      Arrived in Wisconsin.

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