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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
4,022 backers pledged $275,400 to help bring this project to life.

Time Lapse Painting and CORZAR


Hello! I hope you're having a great day so far. It's near the end of the campaign, and I have some more art to show you!

Planet Corzar

A dangerous planet of outcasts.
A dangerous planet of outcasts.

I've uploaded a time lapse video of me painting part of this stretch goal planet. Please like and share the video to help us spread the word about this campaign!

 We have a great chance of including this in the game. Thank you for the continued support!

No Pledge Manager

Red Raven Games does not use a pledge manager, so please be sure that you have pledged the correct amount before the funding period ends. You will be unable to alter your pledge amount for shipping or games after this!

Thank you!



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    1. Guibs on

      Hope we make it to get the planet. I meant, the art is all done, just throw it in there. :)

      I'm actually disappointed we don't get to the station miniature. The kid in me love these miniature so I wish it was there but it will be impossible to reach it with the time left.

    2. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Thank you everyone!

      @Naomiooooo- I used Photoshop and a 27 Wacom Cintiq tablet for this one.

    3. Naomiooooo on

      curious what program you use to do your art (the art is, of course, beautiful as always)

    4. Randolph Streich

      It is really amazing to see the talent and hard work going into this project!! I have a friend, who is new to kickstarter, and she will now be backing this game. She was drawn to the art.

    5. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Seeing this has me so excited for the potential this game has for expansion. Whole new sets of planets, scenarios, etc.....

      I have so many fun expansion ideas

    6. 3 Minute board games on

      I do hope we make that goal, or even if we are just short the planet is included. That video was excellent and I now feel like the game needs Corzar :)

    7. Nicholas on

      I think the lack of a pledge manager, and the definitive amount of backers that produces, is part of what allows Red Raven Games to be so efficient with fulfilling their projects on time (if not early). They can plan months ahead to produce exactly the number of copies that were pledged for at the end of the campaign, instead of waiting and seeing how many will update their pledges after the campaign ends before getting final numbers several weeks or months later.

    8. Ben Thornton on

      No pledge manager?!

      That's a shame. You'll lose lots of potential backers this way. I often only pledge at $1 because I don't have the funds available at the time.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      Beautiful, as always.

    10. Steve Lett


    11. Nicholas on

      I really want us to unlock this planet!!

    12. Klobouk on

      Lookin' amazing! <3

    13. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Oooh. I like the detail of losing influence with Sentina if you gain it with their rival. Very cool. I love when decisions you have to make are so dang thematic