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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
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Final Days!


Hello everyone, and welcome to new backers! Thank you very much for your support.

We're on our last two days, and I know we can reach some final stretch goals!

Updated Action Cards

Let me show you a few action cards with final art:

The first, from Tan Fu, I just finished painting today. In fact, I was painting it while we recorded the latest episode of the Red Raven Games podcast (which should be uploaded by Friday night). Lak Rikana is an influential elder in the greatest tribe of the Tanfoon. He seeks revenge against the people of Meezle III, and a few other event cards mention or feature him.

The second card is illustrated by Michael Leavenworth. Yes, that's right, this will be the first Red Raven Game to feature illustrations by me AND another artist. Michael is a talented illustrator and has a style that is in the same ballpark as mine, and because we have so many action and event cards to illustrate, he is lending his skill and imagination to the game.

You'll notice something else about these cards. They now feature "first person" titles, which I'm very excited about! When a player plays an action card they must read the phrase at the top, which tells the story about what is happening in an evocative and clear way. This was inspired by the encounters in my storytelling games, Above and Below and Near and Far.

Doom Device

Here is one of the new event cards that we can add to the game because of completed stretch goals:

This card has placeholder art.
This card has placeholder art.

 An entire planet could be destroyed if a player can't stop the device!

Spread the Word

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Thank you and have a great day!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      @ Ryan Laukat - thanks for responding directly and quelling my concern regarding luck in the game! Your designs are ingenious in having thematic, story based events without excessive luck (the wounding mechanism from A&B and Islebound is great in this regard for mitigating failure), I'm glad to see that the events here also feature a lot of luck mitigation.

    2. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      @Tony Faber- There is actually a lot of luck mitigation in the whole design. This card is an exception, and will probably get a tweak before the game is printed.

    3. Brenna Asplund Collaborator on

      Hi, guys! For anyone who's interested, the podcast episode mentioned in this update is available now:

    4. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Tony's making a certain amount of sense. In a two player game one of the players is only going to get two potential pass actions to stop this thing. If they're the one with a vested interest in stopping it that's kinda a bummer situation in which you have pretty low agency to affect the outcome.

      I could buy into it thematically. Sometimes ancient devices are just bad friggin news and there's really no stopping them.

      Tonya point isn't without merit though

    5. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      To be constructive about the doomsday event, I think it would be much better if the destruction could be prevented by a certain amount of 'research' in the form of money and resources. The planet could still be destroyed if players didn't think it was worth the effort to save, or those who did weren't properly prepared in terms of resources. Or, perhaps, money and resources alter the die roll. Having this event be resource based/mitigated would be a lot fairer than pure randomness, IMO.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      @ kathryn dowell - combat isn't what I'd call 'roll to resolve' - it's hugely mitigatable.

      This is something entirely different. This isn't 'exciting' and 'story driven' - it's lazy design. 'Do I risk having the card show up and then having to roll a 5+'? will get old real fast.

      Events like the fungus, where the players have the opportunity to do something very interesting with it and will have to play around it in interesting ways, are much more interesting - that opens up possibilities rather than simply adding randomness.

    7. kathryn dowell

      @Tony Faber - 'Roll to Resolve' is prevalent throughout this design. Most of it is mitigated by card play or unit abilities. All players should know that there is a chance that this event card will be in the deck therefore do they take a chance on developing KORLO ZAN? The card wording is awkward but as I understand it there is a timer so if a player gambles on developing KORLO ZAN and looses the bet they will have multiple opportunities to deactivate it. I personally see this card as an example of how card play with some dice resolution will make Empires of the Void II a very exciting story driven exploration game.

    8. kathryn dowell

      Very exciting update! I LOVE the concept of ACIENT DOOM DEVICE! Worded awkwardly but that can be easily fixed.
      @Oliver Upshaw - The pentagons are command points tracked on the bottom of the player board. The sphere represents your worldship that I believe must be at the planet in question (in this case Tan Fu)?

    9. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      I love RR and I've been enthusiastic about this KS, but that doom device event card raises huge red flags for me about the entire game. A whole planet wiped out if you can't roll a 5+?

      So, if you've spent your whole game building up around that world, you just lose, basically, or take a huge setback? On a mechanism that's basically roll and resolve rather something interesting or thematic? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

      Now, that I'm looking for it, I've also noticed a lot of other 'roll and resolve' type stuff - roll a 4+ and get something cool, don't and you get nothing or something much less. That kind of stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    10. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @ Oliver Upshaw: There will probably be a time token that will go on the Doom Device.
      When you roll as part of a pass action you roll one die, so it's a 1/3 chance to pass. While many rolls in the game allow some mitigation, this check is much more difficult, and the consequences dire! But a pass action is more common between all players, so players may decide it's in their best interest to prevent Korlo Zan's destruction! Also 2 vp scored while performing a pass action is pretty great, if a brave and heroic player can pull it off! There will probably be cowards who turn their back on Korlo Zan when in its greatest need, but only the saviors of Korlo Zan will ultimately be remembered.

    11. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @ Oliver Upshaw: Looking at the Tan Fu card, from left to right: The world icon with the arrow means the player must be in orbit or on the planet surface of the planet in question when they play the card. The second icon is command, which must be spent to play the card. If you look at the player boards you'll see that icon again on the associated command track. Thanks for your question!

    12. Thomas Beaudry on

      @ryan I would suggest having 1 artist do all of the art for a specific planet, so for instance you do 4 and Michael does 4

    13. Oliver Upshaw on

      What do the cost icons on the action cards represent? I looked in the rulebook and did not see these icons in it.

      How do you acquire what they represent?

      On the event card where do you place the Time Token?

      If you roll as a Pass Action to try and deactivate the device how many dice do you roll?

    14. Stephen Saluga

      It's crazy, but I actually thought the Emrok card's art looked a little different. When I finally saw the art credit, it all made sense. Not knocking Michael's art in the slightest. It was the persepective that the scene was depicted from. Ryan usually doesn't do isometric views.

    15. Jimmy Pepper on

      "Ancient Doom Device" has me VERY excited about the world and game that you've created, Ryan. High stakes are what make people care about what they're doing
      Very cool!

      Still 36 hours left in the KS, but great job!

    16. Missing avatar

      Bill Perks on

      I am very excited about Ryan's return to the Void...allowing those of us who visited the first time to go much deeper into this fantastic world...can't wait.

    17. Tor Andersson on

      Blue Moon by Reiner Knizia has first person text on all cards. It's an absolutely brilliant idea! Being able to read all the text on a card aloud comes out perfectly, with no need for mental gymnastics to correct for pronouns. Have you considered making *all* the text on the cards first person, and not just the title?

    18. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      This is exactly what I was hoping for from these cards. Awesome

    19. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Thanks for the suggestion!

    20. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Yes, the cards will have art credits. I forgot that one thing here.

    21. Dave the Dead

      Just a suggestion, but I would like to see art credits on the cards. I do not think you would choose someone else to do artwork lightly, and perhaps this would serve to put a spotlight on his great works as well?