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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
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Reddit AMA




I've scheduled an "ask me anything" on Reddit for March 20 at 12:00 EST, so please join us then for a great discussion about Empires of the Void II! We'll be sure to mention this again as the date draws closer.

Explore Tokens

Here's a sneak peak at the explore tokens. These are tokens that are placed face down on the uninhabited planets (which, it seems, are places that may turn out to be somewhat inhabited after all). You reveal them as you reach these planets, and each has a unique bonus or effect. Some of this art will change in the final version:

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    1. Nicholas on

      @William A lot of the art currently shown is not final and just placeholder for the moment. Ryan's got his work cut out for him over the coming months to churn out heaps of artwork for this game!

    2. William-James Grey on

      A lot of these look kindda familiar Ryan. Like there are at least two which use artwork from the Ancient World and the Orbital platform token is the upper left corner of the game box art. :)
      It's like a where's Waldo/Wally/Charlie of your artwork. Placeholders I'm guessing.

      This is something I've been meaning to ask actually. A few of the event cards you've shown like the fungal spores gif on the main campaign page use the artwork from the planet is that placeholder to? Is it to help identify which planet the event gets played to? Or are all the events/Actions getting the Laukat art touch?

    3. MAJBrown22

      Reminder set for a week from Monday!

    4. Paul Boos

      This looks fab! I feel like this will add lots of flavor to the game.

    5. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      I uploaded them as a GAME image, so we will see. The when I uploaded the player boards there were switch to Creative. Whoever is contributing to the pic mod process over there is being silly

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hirsch on

      These look wonderful! Now we need to get this image on the BBG front page, too!

    7. kathryn dowell

      Sweet peek!! Thanks Ryan : )
      I know now when I'll be taking my lunch break 8days from now ; )