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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
4,022 backers pledged $275,400 to help bring this project to life.

Revised Stretch Goals and Updated Campaign!


One of the benefits of being the game designer, artist, and publisher means that I can be flexible when I need to be. I can change something if I think it will make the final product better and it’s something that many people are asking for.  

I am absolutely devoted to making this game a fantastic and stunning gaming experience. For that reason, I have decided to change some of the stretch goals and revise the campaign.  

The first thing I want to say is that while we may make component changes, your pledge level will stay the same! (I should mention that the MSRP of the final retail edition will be $70 now, instead of $60). Please take a look at the new stretch goal list. Some of the stretch goals have been removed, and a few more have been added. Some will be revealed at a later time.  

New Board  

I’d like to introduce you to a board that we played on during development (altered a bit from the original, of course):  


I found myself missing this expansive board. It definitely has its advantages. The interesting thing is that this is about the same size (as far as number of spaces) as the current system tiles. It has some mechanical differences from the tiles, but it includes some exciting thematic prospects.  

The upsides to this board are many:  

  • Setup is easier. 
  • The play area is cleaner because of a victory point track. 
  • It’s big and looks fantastic on the table.
  • It allows for interesting tactical decisions. 
  • There are more possibilities for linked events because all of the planets are "in play". 

Of course, the board cannot be set up randomly, but there are exploration tokens on the smaller planets to mix things up. Additionally, the replayability will come from the events and the way that players use action cards. You will also be able to place new expansion planet tiles on the map (and, if we reach one of our stretch goals, the planet Corzar)! 

This board continues to fit our vision of the game, and that is making memorable planets with character. We are keeping with the eight basic planets because we want to focus on telling a story about those places. You’ll notice that there are two types of planets: inhabited (big) and uninhabited (small). On this map, inhabited planets count as only one space. This has allowed us to keep the map at relatively the same number of regions, while keeping the focus on the inhabited planets. 

I love that this harkens back to the design of the map in the original Empires of the Void, and that it includes the old obstacles and wormholes! I would absolutely love to be able to include this in the game. It would replace the tiles, and because it is more expensive I’ve added it as a stretch goal. I definitely think we can reach it! 

Updated Player Board

I’ve also tweaked the player boards to make them match the graphic design of the euro-size cards. You’ll notice something new on them: technologies. Technologies were planned for the expansion, but I’ve decided to include them in the base game. They give special powers, and give you another way to spend goods. 


Coming Next Time 

Later this week I’ll be posting more videos about the gameplay with an emphasis on the exciting events and situations that can happen in the game to create emergent story. 

Thank you for backing and for joining us on this journey! 




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    1. moocifer on

      The Academy track is a different size/length to the other two - Cities & Bases, which does draw my eyes in but causes me pain every time I look.

      I know some are Main actions and others are Pass actions however this again does not create visual interest it distracts and looks fugly. And as for the offset Technologies .. as has been commented by others - it looks "cobbled" and slapdash.

      Sorry, but this sections is for comments & opinions - this is mine.

    2. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Excited to see a new pass at the playerboards. Ryan is a very gifted designer and so far these don't seem to be meeting his usual standard of elegance and style. They feel....cobbled so far

    3. Brenna Asplund Collaborator on

      @Thomas Beaudry: Yes, the exploration tokens will start upside down on the uninhabited planets and be revealed as players visit those spaces.

      @Tony Faber: Yes! There will be different scenarios that allow players to start from different spaces on the board.

      @Moocifer: I'm not sure which tracks your referring to? Not all the actions are the same size because they represent different kinds of actions--the larger actions are main actions, the smaller actions are pass actions. There's no particular reason why the technologies would need to be in straight lines, and having them a little offset like that creates visual interest. That being said, Ryan is still working on the player board design and the technology area will likely be updated somewhat.

    4. moocifer on

      Having had time to reflect .. the updated Player Board (IMO) is all over the place. Why are the "tracks" different sizes ?? Why aren't the "actions" along the left hand side the same size ?? And why don't the "technologies" line up ??

      This new version is all a bit too higglety pigglety for me. :(

    5. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Yeah that board is flippin gorgeous.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on


      Will the game allow the location of the starting area to vary from game to game? This may already planned, but if not, this would be a very easy way to add variability to setup on a static board.

      Beyond that, the board looks utterly amazing, and I love the introduction of the minor planets.

    7. Joe H. on

      Everything looks great from here!

    8. Tabletop Together

      I'm very impressed by this change. I think it's the right choice and it's fantastic to see you listening to the feedback of the backers that way. My hat's of to you :)

    9. rubininio on

      Wow, I'm excited!

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Terrell

      What a fantastic update, loving it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Terrell

      What a fantastic, loving it.

    12. Omid TF

      +1 for Add-on modular tile, but new board looks amazing, good job!

    13. Doron Or on

      Looks amazing :)

    14. kathryn dowell

      @Dave the Dead - I too have backed a game that implemented spot UV. They applied it to the main game board and player boards. Can't wait to see the results 'cause I know those elements are gonna jump right off the table! : 0
      It's not as if it would add to game play but I thought it could be beneficial. I equate it to proper lighting in an art museum or gallery.

    15. Never Bored Wes on

      Love the board. I think it looks great and will make a prettier more cohesive image. Tiles are great too, but I think the board will work just great

    16. Thomas Beaudry on

      hmm i am surprised we can't delete a post. I just reread the campaign and saw that Fusian mini is included :)

    17. Thomas Beaudry on

      I do hope we get the Fusian Beast back as a strectch goal - it looked pretty epic

    18. Nicholas on

      @Big Tom It looks like for a research action you place the required good on the tech that you want to research, as well as playing an action card of the required power level. The line connecting Move Action to the Cloaking tech suggests to me that you can use the cloaking tech when moving, similarly with the lines connecting Recruit to the two techs on the bottom right.

    19. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Anyone understand how the tech tree works enough to describe it to me?

    20. SplitTheAtom

      I think this is a fantastic update! Thx Ryan! Nothing wrong with being flexible to make a good game better. Feel free to delay the game as well to make it the best it can be! I'm sure we all have enough games to keep us busy in the meantime... right people?

    21. Dave the Dead

      @Ryan: I'm doing my best to be a believer, but this is a pretty drastic change.

      I promise to reserve judgement until you publish a gameplay video.

    22. Thomas Beaudry on

      @Ryan the changes you made to the campaign are fantastic! Congrats! I have a question about the exploration tiles, will they be face down so as you explore the little planets you uncover goodies? I think that would really scratch the itch for exploration and increase replay ability. I really don't mind all of the planets being shown on a big board at the start of the game time. It is only natural that alien races would have maps of solar systems before sending crews over to explore the planet surfaces.

    23. Dave the Dead

      @kathryn: Spot UV is expensive from what I've been told. A recent game that just fulfilled used a little of it on tokens. And I agree it's a great way to accentuate components, but until it's less cost prohibitive, I doubt we will see much of it very soon.

    24. Jason Speicher

      Maybe dual sided board as a stretch goal?

    25. Nicholas on

      Hang on, if you can land or orbit a habitable planet, that makes them count for 2 spaces, giving us about 36 - 38 spaces. Still less than 48 but not as limited as I thought.

    26. Nicholas on

      After looking carefully at the board, I count about 28 - 30 spaces total. There's roughly 20 planets and maybe 8-10 different spaces like nodes and rocks, though I'm not sure which of those count. With all of the 8 original planet tiles out, 6 spaces each, we'd have 48 spaces in total. Am I missing something with the board or are there less spaces than in the earlier iteration?

    27. kathryn dowell

      I was mid-comment while Ryan responded answering the question about 'planet spaces'! Could some spot-UV be applied to player boards and game board? I'm just imagining the planets popping like mad with a UV coating! : )

    28. Missing avatar

      Charlie Croft on

      The more I look at it, the less I like the board over the tiles. More than likely going to drop my pledge, but I will probably wait for the videos.

    29. kathryn dowell

      I've suspected and now Ryan confirms that the cards are the heart of this game and the modular set up with unrevealed systems and the potential of some systems being left completely out disrupted the use of some event cards. I do wonder if the game elements found along the warplines could instead be facedown counters to help recover some variability and exploration feel. I hope the habitable planets will retain their uninhabited space as well as their Capital space! I'm guessing this will be the case as the added tech trees might create a greater demand for resources but then the uninhabitable planetoids could provide the needed resources? Very excited about the new play-through videos and hope they reveal more about the event cards! Overall I'm really excited about the implications of these changes to game and campaign!

    30. Mark Capell-Helm

      OK so i am torn I like the look of the new board BUT i loved the idea of the planetary tiles creating the randomness in replayability. what would be nice to see is if we reach one of the hidden stretch goals it unlocked overlay tiles which would allow for a more random board set-up

    31. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

      Combining a board and modular planet tiles would be cost prohibitive, but there will be plenty of other things to mix up the gameplay.

      @Ethan Schaeffer- There are no current plans to offer the modular tiles as a KS add-on, but I will certainly consider it.

      @Big Tom Casual- That is very nice to hear! :) Thanks. I don't feel like it require a huge amount of playtesting, but we will need to do a bit more (which we were planning on anyway).

      @Joel Wolski- Yes, inhabited planet spaces have been reduced to one space each, but you can choose to land or orbit. If you orbit, you aren't attacking the planet.

    32. Ethan Schaeffer

      I was completely happy before the changes. I'm even happier with all the great changes. Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

      Any chance the modular tiles board could be offered as a Kickstarter exclusive add-on...?

    33. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Ryan this is probably the most comforted / relieved / excited I've ever been about a Kickstarter update. Tremendous.

      You are the man. Thank you for listening and responding so directly to the things people have been discussing.

      I'm sure in the coming days we will descend back into various levels of requesting changes / having ideas / not liking things / being needy and so forth but please know that your efforts in this direct action aren't at all going unappreciated. Such a wonderful set of changes.

      Do you feel like this new board requires a lot of additional playtesting?

    34. Steve Cohn

      I disagree about removing the modular set up, but I love the board. Having punch board planets to lay on the board that could change game-to-game would be amazing. That would allow each world to continue to have character and be different, while allowing each planet to appear in a different area each game. I like the modular experience with original EotV and Islebound, would love to see a similar (but different) version of that carry-over to EotVII!

    35. Missing avatar

      Charlie Croft on

      I will hold judgement until I see the new videos, but I liked the tiles that were presented at the beginning of the campaign.

    36. Simone Borri on

      Great! Worldship miniatures are really close now!

    37. Azrael188

      The new board in a word makes it look EPIC!
      Great decision on removing the modular board to reduce setup and provide more meaningful focus to the planets themselves.

    38. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Punched out board and insertable planet tiles sounds mind blowingly cool. I'm sure that'd be about a gagillion dollars though

    39. MAJBrown22

      I liked the new modular boards, but the new (old) board looks fantastic. Space octopus returns! Also, thanks for condensing the SGs. The campaign is moving forward at a decent pace, but it's nice to know we have a better chance for this game to be everything it can be!

    40. Joe Costa

      I love it!

    41. Missing avatar

      Joel Wolski on

      In this update you write, "On this map, inhabited planets count as only one space." Should this be "uninhabited"? Or have the number of spaces on the inhabited planets been reduced to 1?
      Also, it seems to be taking on some vague similarities with Merchant of Venus. FYI, I liked my one play of Merchant of Venus so this is a good thing.

    42. moocifer on

      I did think for a minute that there were indentations on the board in which to insert the "planet tiles" and create a varied/random setup each time .. which would have been amazing. But not with standing that omission this design change is still a great decision.

    43. Brad Steffen on

      I like the idea of the central game board.

      As a thought you could combine the idea of the board with the random setup of the system cards by presenting the systems as board weight punchouts that insert into openings in the main board.

    44. Uffe Vind

      @Ryan; New board looks great.
      You could add overlay tiles for variation (but that would increase MSRP, your budget and maybe production time), either new planets, new routes or events that add or destroy certain areas due to events in the story.
      Keep up the great work, really looking forward.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tony Faber on

      Everything's fantastic - technologies, beautiful board, more accessible stretch goals. Woo hoo!

    46. Carl Anderson

      I definitely like the look of the new board more than the old tiles!

    47. Michael

      Now we're talkin

    48. Colm Doyle

      Looks amazing!

    49. Shane on

      All fantastic news, as far as I'm concerned. Love Red Raven Games.

    50. Patrick Moore on

      These changes make me very happy.

      Chanting "Euro Cards! Euro Cards! Euro cards!"