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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
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Gameplay Videos


Hello and welcome to all new backers! It's been a great two days for the campaign. 

Gameplay Videos

We've recorded a few short videos to show you Empires of the Void II in action. Brenna, Andrew, and I play through a few rounds at the start of the game and spend some time explaining the rules as we go. 

These videos don't say much about the event cards, which add crazy things to the board and change rules in unexpected ways. The videos dip into the first half of the game, which focuses on expansion, building, recruiting, and planning for later turns. The last half focuses on executing long-term plans, utilizing event effects, playing lots of action cards, and battling for area and influence control.


 Have a great day!



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    1. Dave the Dead

      Starcraft ships. So what's the command marker from?

    2. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Wouldn't be the first time a subset of people overthrew their leaders

    3. Brad Scaggs

      @Dominik - The way I view influence is that you've gained the trust of some of the people on the planet. Those people can be recruited to your team if you pay them well enough. If you attack the capital again, you lose that trust and lose the possibility to recruit more unless you build up more influence.

      The people on your team stick with you because they really like the money.

    4. Daniel Varian on

      Gameplay looks like a lot of fun - and convinced me to back! I think it would be a good idea to put these videos on the main campaign page - that way prospective backers could see the gameplay and do the same thing that I did!

    5. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      Thanks, Andrew. So the actual game play benefit is now clear to me.

      From a theme perspective I am still struggling though: So I am allied with that planet and then do attack the capital regardless, using the very same allied units. The question is: Who am I fighting against? Cause they are all literally on my side already?

    6. Arthur Cormode

      Gameplay looks fun. Kind of looks like advanced Islebound in space. :P

    7. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      +1 for seeing anything really. I'm just excited

    8. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      +1 for totally interested in seeing a more finalized version of sloops!

    9. kathryn dowell

      I'm really excited about how the various cards will bring the narrative of this setting to bare! I understand that some RR fans have a strong preference for counters with Ryan's artwork and I don'y fault them for this. However I consider the World Ship miniatures to be a valid product formed from his talents as well. With that said, any chance the Sloops will be represented as miniatures?

    10. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @Kikizosan- The cards have numerous abilities and effects. There are cards with low costs that give influence just as often as the higher ones. All the cards abilities range from good if I can just meet the conditions specified to awesome I can't wait to play this (MWA HA! HA)!" However, my own observation is that the lower numbered cards are easier to meet their conditions and don't have as high requisites to play the action or trigger the mission. Maybe that's just because I really want to save the higher valued cards to use for combat. Then again, when I go to play them for combat I realize often too late I've used the card for it's juicy and helpful action effect! What I'm getting at is one has to constantly weight playing it for its action for a powerful effect, or keep it for combat. It may not be apparent, but a player will be grateful for lowered power value when they recruit the right units and are doing well in battle- but there are many nuances situations that apply here. Another one I'll throw out is trying to lose with the zealots ally power, and playing a low card in order to try to get the other player to give up a four from overcompensation. There is no clear coralation between high power value and better action abilities, low cards and weaker abilities: the cards are diverse in this aspect, with high ranges and low ranges with powerful and less powerful affects. Of course all these perceptions are free to be debated- this discussion will be best had at the table between the players involved, and per the unique events, setup and circumstances they will face each game.

    11. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @Dominik- Using the much more powerful alien allies certainly helped trying to win a battle over using all basic units, and sloops which add twice dice but no power modifier. The capital planet region is worth a lot of points, and usually they have more goods you can exploit when you take it over. That, and the area then gives the player places to build buildings, for which I was starting to have limited placement options. Finally, One of my not so secret attribute cards gave me points for controlling both planet spaces- this was my target. See 3:29 of first video.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      That's a fair point, @marcss. Hadn't considered that.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      Would I be correct in thinking that the objectively better cards to play for their actions, tend towards having a lower power number on them for combat? Or is it vice versa - good cards are doubly good, to make it more difficult to decide what to use them for and when?

    14. @marcss

      Kikizosan, burning cards on a diplomacy action is one way to get better cards. At worst it seems like discarding 4 bad cards all value 1 would still would give you 66% to place an influence. Maybe there are others.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      Is there no way to discard cards other than playing them?

      As the card deck is the timer for the game length, I'd imagine not (or not easily), but how do you mitigate having a hand of 'bad' cards?

    16. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      And in addition to that uses even the allied units from that very planet to attack it. Super-weird stuff...

    17. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      At 9:50 in the second video: this is a weird action, as the red player is already allied with that planet and now attacks it. What´s with the theme for that and what is the actual benefit to do that?

    18. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Last comment sounded whiny-- sorry!

      Should have read: It's awesome 15% size increase is a possibility! Let's get there! Huzzah

    19. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Boy the 15% size increase is almost a must have isn't it? Those planets are looking hecka crowded after only a few minutes a gameplay.

      A shame with such gorgeous art! :-) I almost wish the size increase was significantly higher -- big ol board but would leave a bit more room to breath!

    20. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @Bobby Sylvester- Regarding card draws, you cannot draw a card if you are at your hand limit. This would unnecessarily advance the timer (the deck of cards) to the end game if you could. This was unfortunate for both Ryan and I because we both were at our hand limit when we built our first academies, but the loss of the card draw was a sacrifice worth making to increase command capacity and remove a negative victory point before scoring.

    21. Colm Doyle

      Thanks! Enjoyed that.

    22. Andrew Frick Collaborator on

      @marcss- All units must engage in the combat, and each player must play one card towards the combat, if able. The loser chooses to keep their card or discards it and draws a new card.

    23. Bobby Sylvester on

      At the 15:00 mark on Part 1, would you be able draw over your hand limit, and discard a card that you no longer want?

    24. @marcss

      When you mention that you have a good hand of cards for the future rounds, it made me wonder if you can choose not to utilize units engaged in combat to reduce your dice pool and the chance of winning the combat? (If you absolutely did not want to lose one of your cards in hand, for instance.)

    25. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on


      @Doron Or- That symbol may change. I used a shield over a gun because it holds a number better. :)

      @Marlon (A boardgame life)- It's likely. I'll let people know when new reviews come up.

    26. Doron Or on

      Hi All,
      The game Looks great, but a I've few questions: why is a shield the symbol for fighting power? wouldn't a gun make more sense?

    27. Marlon (El Crosso A boardgame life) on

      Thanks Ryan!! Any chance there will be other reviews coming before campaigns end?