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Control the distant fringe of the galaxy using might or diplomacy in this 120-minute board game for 2-5 players.
4,022 backers pledged $275,400 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2!


Thank you for a fantastic project launch!

Hello all! It's exciting to be with you as we venture into the fringes of the galaxy. We really appreciate all of the support, discussion, and questions. 

Last night I painted the updated player board for the Parasites of Sreech. Take a look:

Like in the original Empires of the Void, the Sreech have the ability to place a parasite on a planet and take advantage of the special ability there, even if they are not allied!

Playthrough Video

I'm working on getting this done soon. It should be up some time in the next two days.

Stretch Goals

We've already reached so many! Now we will be able to add 16 more event cards to the game—already double what we had originally planned for the base game. Event cards add a lot of replayability and content to the game, and you'll only see one per planet each time you play. Many of these do things like add space stations and other new places you can visit on the board. Some of them change the rules for their system, or add alien monsters that you have to fight. This is where the real variation in game setup comes in. In fact, the Fusian Beast is associated with an event. When the beast's card is revealed, it is placed on a planet region, and on that region no player can build and the region is worth no points because of the chaos that the creature causes. Players can pay command to move it, or even pay to ship it to another planet and cause havoc somewhere else!

We will also be able to add spot UV to the box cover, a process that will add a shiny coating to the title.

Attribute cards are a great addition as well. These work as secret goals, where players will be rewarded for completing specific tasks that focus on long-term planning and focus.

The cloth bag will hold goods, making the play area cleaner and easier to set up.

$225K Stretch Goal (Mini cards upgraded to Euro.)

This is a big change to the components and something I think would add a lot to the presentation. Currently, the game uses mini cards, which have worked well in testing, but being able to increase the size would let us add illustrations to each card. This would mean a quite a lot of extra illustration work for me, but I would love to be able to show more images of the Empires of the Void setting. Not every action card would have a unique illustration, but many of them would. Also, because of the size increase, we would have to increase the size of the system boards. See below:

The board size increase would be 15%.
The board size increase would be 15%.

 I would love for this to happen!

Spread the Word

So how can you spread the word about the campaign and help us reach those stretch goals? Glad you asked!

Thank you and have a great day!


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    1. Ryan Laukat 15-time creator on

      Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

      @Dave Haslam- We have a few in mind, but nothing set in stone at this point.

      @BoardGameRevolution- I'll be continuing to work on the graphic design throughout the next month, so things may change on the player board.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Haslam on

      Congrats on a fantastic launch! Are you considering adding more stretch goals?

    3. BoardGameRevolution

      @Ryan, the player boards look good but is there anyway to maybe have some transparency around the building spots (to allow the background image) or get more separation from the back ground all together? Perhaps a darker font, something that "pops" more? I know they are a work in progress and these ideas are different directions just some thoughts depending which way you go. Either way top half of the player boards could "stand out more" hope this helps.

    4. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Agreed about marking goals achieved.

      I almost feel like those icons look like someone may have also designed an image where they are slid open or a light turned on :-) they look very control panel y to me :-)

    5. Gonetotheedge

      would be nice to have the stretch goals marked as achieved for any prospective backers to see when they visit the page.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Terrell

      Fingers crossed for the mini cards upgrade to euro.

    7. Guido Moyano Loyola on

      I missed the first edition (I wasn't that much into boardgames at that time), so now that I saw the kickstarter for the second edition I jumped in right away...and I am pretty lucky for what it looks like an amazing edition!

    8. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      So much that I wanted to hear, especially about the event cards and variability they bring to the board. REALLY hoping we hit the size increase, more of your art absolutely improves the experience. Fingers majorly crossed!!

      Great update, keep em coming!!

    9. James Hyde on

      Looks amazing. Can't wait to get stuck in. Thanks Ryan for producing such beautiful games.