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Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
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Back to Cashu!

Posted by Jim Jourdane (Creator)

As I write, the howler monkey screams, covering the usual noise of birds and crickets. I’m in the middle of Amazon rain forest, back in the biological station of Cocha Cashu, Peru!

That was not very reasonable, I should be full-time on the communication of the book at the approach of Christmas. But Roxana, manager of the station, invited me to give some classes of drawing and visual communication to the Peruvian students. That was a great idea, so here I am. So much for the reasonable!  

Today is optimism day: plenty of great news.  

The first great news: you are an owner of the now rare, first edition of the book :) The first run is now completely sold out in French and English. A second edition has already been printed!  

The media coverage in France and Germany helped a lot. An article on Der Spiegel caused a huge rush on Now I start (very late) to communicate in other countries. It may be too late for Christmas but I hope we’ll get other good coverage!  

Thank you for being so many to answer the reception survey. And I didn’t expect it would be so positive - see below. Thank you!!

I tried to solve the most urgent issues – like books not received or damaged. Digital copy is here but I'll send it again via email, as the main issue was that many people didn't read the news where the digital version was posted. For answering other questions, it will wait my return… 

Among all the very nice messages you let me, the most frequent question is: «Is a second volume planned?» Short term no - I’d like to make a small project before this big one – Medium term yes! In a few months I’ll start to collect again nice stories :)

I have not forgotten the booklet that is planned for a part of the backers. I made a dozen of pages but to be honest I’m a bit stuck. 16 pages is too short to tell both about this story and showing the process. Are you interested to add more pages and allow me additional delay to finish it? The other option is to print what I can put in 16 pages but I’m not 100% happy with the result.  

Many thanks all of you who participated to the general word to mouth, showing the book to your friends and – sometime – having the great idea to make a collective order, from 3 to...22!!! Well done Carmen, from Spain. 18 in Spanish and 4 in English... Sorry Carmen, you were so close to the record still owned by my own brother Gabriel – with a collective order from 24 of his colleagues... but you still deserve a medal!

(if you ever want to make a collective order for 5+ books, you can use the code ILOVEBOOKS at the order on, you’ll get a better discount than the BACKER code that you can use otherwise for 1 to 4 books)… 

I know it was the Black friday – Cyber monday weekend. No extra discount for you (you already have the one mentioned above) but I want to make a special operation.
For one book bought until next Tuesday (included), one extra book will be offered...but not to you! I’d like to offer some books to the Cocha Cashu station, and I’d love if you can show me you support in this operation. Each book bought will lead to a book given to the station or to the Peruvian students in biology that follow the ecology course in the station and to children of local communities. Books are expensive for a Peruvian budget - so far almost all Spanish copies have been bought in Spain - so I hope you’ll be many to help! 

Here is a watercolor of Cocha Cashu to conclude this news. It was too short, I'm leaving  already in a couple of days!

Adios, caimans, giant otters, hoatzins and maquisapas (Ateles chanek)... 



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