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Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
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Book reception

Posted by Jim Jourdane (Creator)

Hi everyone! Now many of you received the book. Thanks a lot for the photos and great feedback! 

Dozens of you posted or sent me photos... Try to find yours :) I hope I didn’t forget anyone!


  • If any issues, please wait for the survey so I could solve problems all together 
  • The book will be available for order later this month


Haven’t received the book yet? Some books may continue to arrive slowly, in the US for example the shipping took a bit longer (because of the hurricanes?). I’m going to set up a short survey to know who exactly received the book and who didn’t, and also to know the possible issues. If you had any issue with the reception (book damaged, not received, etc), it will be the time to inform me. It’s of course much more efficient for me (and for you) to manage issues all together than one after one other. This survey will take a few days to organise but it will be a good tool to solve any shipping issue!

Thanks to those who told me about their book reception, it was very useful to inform the other backers about the shipping process.

And on my end, what did I work on? 


After the Kickstarter, many people have been interested to order other copies. It will be possible soon, the book will be available as I’m setting up an online store to make it possible (when ready, I will give the link on the Facebook page). 

Why it took so much time?

Well, I admit the shipping of the Kickstarter books was quite slow in some countries. The problem is, international fast delivery is super expensive and I wanted to avoid to ask a €25 extra for shipping fees only. But I found an alternative: shipping big boxes of books into warehouses in US and UK, to be able to ship more reliably and quickly. The shipping should be faster this way.


In France, the book has been released in bookstores ! For now there has been an excellent media coverage, with articles on newspapers and interviews on the radio. From the booksellers perspective, I’m still totally unknown, so I hope this coverage will help :)


Until now I only reached French journalists: as long as it wasn’t possible to order the book, it would have been a total waste to communicate about english or spanish version - too early! Communication is good as long as you have the distribution ready... 

Still, some articles went viral sharing my #fieldworkfail illustrations. Let’s say it’s teasing! But now that the store is about to be set up, I will be able to focus on international communication a bit more…


But before, I need to finish one thing! I have to admit that I didn’t find much time to advance the missing booklet, so now it will be my priority along with the reception survey.

That's all for now :) Thanks for reading!!


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    1. Thomas Humphrey on

      Not received mine either

    2. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      @Paul Actually you never received your book because I never had your address. I tried to contact you by email, but your email is not working anymore. Can you provide me a proper email and address by private message?

    3. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      @Paul I answer you by email

    4. Paul Turner on

      Not received my book yet - how can I chase its delivery and find out where it is?