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Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
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The calm before the storm.

Posted by Jim Jourdane (Creator)

 Tomorrow, a truck will deliver almost two tons of books in front of my door!


All books are assumed to be signed, but when I created the survey I simply forgot to ask you who I had to sign for (oops). I know many of you want to offer the book so I can’t just use the name of the backer. And what’s interesting about signing is the personalization so I don’t see the point of just a signature alone.

So you’ll receive tomorrow an email asking you this information!


Hundred of enveloppes are waiting for the books to arrive.

I can’t wait to see the books printed, but a little more patience, I’ll need some time to make all the packages, sign books and prints, ship all the parcels, not to mention the rewards to finish !

See you soon!


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    1. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      @Saz The two tons are not signed, I "only" ship the half :) But the signing is the best part of what I'll have to do, really! What I would be afraid would be more, problems at the post office, parcels not delivered or lost, mistakes in the parcel content, wrong address, everything but the signing :) But thank you!

    2. Missing avatar


      Like the others have said, please don't hurt yourself, take your time with the signing.

      That being said, looking forward to the book :)

    3. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      @Alexandry Don't worry about the signing - I'll take the time - but also I like the fact there are people behind the books, not just anonymous.

      @Bobbie Thanks! I'll be with my brothers and sisters, and I guess even if there are a lot of books, we'll all have fun to do the whole thing :) I'll take photos!

    4. Bobbie Kirby

      Good luck! Take lots of breaks. Stretch your arms and shoulders. Drink plenty of water. Have fun also; you've done a wonderful job with your book.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Nedel on

      Please take care.
      You're too nice and I'm afraid you're underestimating the effort.
      Too late for the KS survey, but I would go for the "don't sign" option.

    6. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      @Ira No problem! I'll have my family to help me with the logistics :) If you don't want a signed copy, just write "don't sign" in the form you'll receive tomorrow!

    7. Ira on

      OMG. Please wear a wrist brace and don't overdo it.
      I'd ask you not to sign my copy, but one book in a few thousands won't really help...

      Unless you add a "don't sign" option in the survey for more people?