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Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
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Final Week!!

Posted by Jim Jourdane (Creator)

The Kickstarter campaign for the Fieldworkfail Book is coming to his final week!!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the evolution of the campaign. I received a lot of help and support, a lot of people are very motivated to make this project happen!

We just passed the fourth stretch goal this morning. Congrats!! It adds again 2 pages to the book :)

Ends of campaign are often intense, so I think there is still the possibility for two or three stretch goals next week! Who knows? 

Even without stretch goals, the better I can fund the book, the better it is for the book... For example printing more copies gives me the possibility to choose a better paper (good paper is very expensive for small runs), better packaging, improving possibilities of distribution, and so on.

Do you want to play a game? Give in the comments – before tomorrow same time – an estimate of the final number of backers, I’ll give to the closest guess a free giclee print!!

My personal try is 1250 backers - That may be a bit optimistic as we are still far, but a lot of things can happen in 7 days -

I’d be curious to read yours!!

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    1. Hilary A Hayes on

      1287 Backers! We can do it.

    2. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      Too late Natha :) But thanks!!

    3. Roipoussiere on

      My guess is 1090. Have a good luck!

    4. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      Thanks for all your guesses!!! That's over now. Good luck everyone!

    5. RKBookman

      My guess is 1016. That would get the Spanish version.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fred Stoll on

      At least 1150! You deserve it!

    7. Therese Roth on

      I'll guess 1188

    8. Abigail Moore on

      I guess that there will be 1045 backers total!

    9. Sindalomeion on

      I'll go for 999.

    10. Lars van Schagen on

      My guess will be 1100 backers.

    11. Solveig Felton on

      I am going to guess 1234, because I like the symmetry of that; it would also be nice with lots of backers!

    12. Anders Önnerfält

      My guess is 1116

    13. Missing avatar

      Bournonville on

      Let's try 987. Good luck !

    14. Missing avatar

      Steven B. Hamilton on

      Ok, so I didn't think my first guess posted so I changed it an posted again. Then I saw that it did! Yikes! Ignore the 1026 guess so that I'm not accidentally cheating!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anita Phagan

      I guess 1,133 backers and hope you get many more!

    16. See Yishu on

      I am also hoping for more :/ but math says..954

    17. Jimmy Fok on

      1300!!! Why not?

    18. Ashish Nanda on

      My hopes are more, however math says it could be around 927

    19. Ming Yang

      I hope it reaches 1060! All the best!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Yi-Chun Maria Chen on

      Hope it's 1010, but higher! Great job Jim! Love the work!

    21. Missing avatar

      David Nyskohus

      I reckon it will be 1097

    22. Jim Jourdane Creator on

      Already 23 answers! Thanks! That's a perfect opportunity to test the accuracy of the wisdom of the crowd... Reading your answers I'm afraid my guess is over-optimistic!!

    23. eclipse on

      am guessing 1060

    24. Hannes Jung on

      Maybe 1.089 :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Elena Browett on

      I'm going for 1127!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ben Drake

      1070 will be my guess

    27. Missing avatar

      Malorie on

      This is so exciting! I guess 1139 backers and hope to get a glicee print!

    28. Missing avatar

      Les Arms on

      I think I'll go with 1155

    29. Ryan Branscombe on

      I would have a guess at 1075 backers

    30. Carr on

      I'm hoping you get 1111 backers. Love this Kickstarter!

    31. James Cartwright on

      My guess is 1,050 backers but would be great to see more :)

    32. Joannes Martinez Valero on

      1113 backers, that's my guess!

    33. Craig R Webster on

      I'm guessing at 1,000 backers. Good luck! :)