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Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!
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    1. Jim Jourdane Creator 1 day ago

      @Victor : Il aura mis le temps! Merci pour le message !
      @Antonio: I'm the one who should thank you for your support and patience!
      @glint: Many ants and monkeys in the book, not enough mosquitoes. I should add stories with mosquitoes in a second volume !

    2. Missing avatar

      Victor 1 day ago

      Le livre vient d'arriver en parfaite état a San Sebastien (ESP).
      Merci beaucoup,

    3. Missing avatar

      Antonio 3 days ago

      Received it today in The Netherlands. It looks fantastic. Jim, thank you for this beautiful book (and for the campaign and your updates).

    4. Glint 3 days ago

      Oh and sign me up for a Fieldwork Fails part 2.

    5. Glint 3 days ago

      West Australian delivery arrived!
      MY kids (and I) LOVE the little personalised message by the author. And the whole book is just brilliant. Thank you so much.

      As far as I can tell, after reading this book, Ants seems to be the sworn enemies of field workers and they are possibly in cahoots with the monkeys and alligators.

      Shifty buggers....

    6. Jim Jourdane Creator 6 days ago

      @Floris : no idea, in every country it's different, and it seems to have little relevance to the distance. In Netherland - usually quite fast for delivery - most seem to have not received the book yet, I don't understand neither why it takes so long...

      @Junelle : Thank you!

    7. Floris 6 days ago

      I still didn't receive my book (the Netherlands) do you know why I have to wait this long?

    8. Junelle Ward 6 days ago

      Just got mine in NZ! It looks amazing :D

    9. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 14

      Effectivement, les contributeurs français ont reçu dans leur grande majorité le livre, il me semble. Je vais voir si d'autres sont dans le même cas ! L'adresse est rue Eugène Jumin, c'est bien cela ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Nocerino on August 14

      Apparemment la plupart des backers français ont déjà reçu le livre, mais je n'ai pas eu cette chance. Avez-vous entendu d'autres personnes, résidant en France, dans la même situation ? (pour info : je réside à Paris).
      Désolé pour le dérangement : j'ai lu avec attention le PDF et j'ai très hâte de découvrir le livre !

      Bravo encore pour ce projet et merci beaucoup pour ce beau travail.

    11. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 14

      @Eva: Really sorry about the damages! I already started to use better cardboard enveloppes to ship the books because unfortunately you're not the only one to have received the book with some corners damaged, even with the cardboard protection I used. I'll offer something to all people with damaged books, when everybody will have received their packages. But thanks for your nice message!

      @Andy Thanks! I'm glad she enjoyed the book :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Eva on August 14

      My copy arrived some days ago. And I think the book is absolutely lovely. The whole family enjoyed it. If you ever decide to make a sequel I will instaback it.
      I just have a tiny comment, unfortunatelly, all four corners of the book was a little bit smashed in the mail (because that is the only way the Swedish mail company knows how to do it). It is just aesthetics, but in the future I suggest that you use a cardboard protection just a cm or two wider.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy Vellmy
      on August 13

      Hey Jim
      Received mine in Switzerland last week.
      My wife is a biologist and did several research projects in the tropics - so every second page she recognizes herself in the stories :).
      She loves the book - thanks a lot.

    14. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 13

      @Victor and @Ashley : for now it seems that, with a few exceptions, only France, UK and Canada have received books. I hope they won't be too long!

    15. Missing avatar

      Victor on August 12

      Neither do I here in San Sebastián (Spain) :/
      BTW, I loved the PDF version. Great job!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ashley on August 11

      Has anyone in central Scotland received their book yet? Very eager to receive mine :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on August 8

      Again thank you for the quick reply sorry I didn't read the last update. Great project and look forward to more stories.

      Thanks again

    18. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 8

      Thanks! As I said in the last news, the artbook-booklet was not finished when I did the shipping, and I didn't want to delay all the books, so I'll ship the booklet later.
      About the bookmarks missing : it's not normal !

      After your message I verified this and... it appears I didn't send any bookmarks to the social sets :(
      As a result, I'll also add bookmarks to all booklets when I will ship them. Sorry for that! Thank you for telling me!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on August 8

      I just got mine today. What an amazing book; kids love it too. Giving one to the local library I hope we can get field work fail 2 continued miss adventures in science.

      The only problem is can't see the art book or bookmarks in it. But thank you for a fun book that can share with the kids and myself.

    20. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 5

      @Saz: Thanks a lot for such nice comment :)

      @Kim: Thanks :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Kim Lim
      on August 5

      One of the must fun project I have participated in Kickstarter. � thank you

    22. Missing avatar

      on August 5

      Mine turned up in UK yesterday. Spent this morning reading it. It's a fantastic book, especially the illustrations. Really beautiful and well worth the wait. Thanks again for such a great and unique book. I will treasure it, I'm sure.

    23. Jim Jourdane Creator on August 4

      @Chris! I'm glad you like it! The booklet will be send separately later, it wasn't finished and I didn't want to delay the shipping of the books...

    24. Chris Chen
      on August 4

      I just discovered the personalized signature. Oh yes, it's definitely mine with my name on it. ;)

      Ummm, wasn't there supposed to be a "Making Of" booklet in the package though?

    25. Chris Chen
      on August 4

      My package just arrived in the UK. Very nicely and safely packed - thank you!
      And the book is brilliant and funny. I was originally thinking of this as a possible gift to someone, but now it's mine, all mine! :P

    26. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on August 2

      Thank you for the response. Looking forward to it.

    27. Jim Jourdane Creator on July 31

      @Dave : According to the Postal documentation I would say, from now, 1 week for Europe, 2 weeks for other countries... That's just an estimate. I hope it won't take too much time :/

      @Marionneau : Super! Pas de quoi =)

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on July 31

      Any idea as to when we can see them coming to Canada.

    29. Marionneau on July 28

      J'ai reçu le livre aujourd'hui.

      Merci beaucoup et merci encore pour la jolie dédicace!


    30. Missing avatar

      CARRE on July 28

      I'm so happy : the book reached my mailbox today !!!
      Well... I'm at 15 minutes drive from Roissy where the shipment was stuck so may I'm the first one to receive it?
      I'm delighted. This is a beautiful book.
      Je suis ravie d'y avoir participé.
      Merci beaucoup :-)
      Michèle, au Blanc-Mesnil (93)

    31. Mika Lanzky on July 27

      Jim: Sucks about the fee. No problem about the wait, the only "deadline" I have for one of my two books is September 1st (graduation gift), so I am in no rush, I was just wondering.

    32. Jim Jourdane Creator on July 25

      @Mika : Yes, I just learnt yesterday that the packages have been blocked a whole week in Roissy Postal Center, because of a labelling issue on the envelopes (Postal employees were apparently supposed to give me some specific labels to fix on the envelopes but never told me about when I gave them!). I fixed the issue today, by paying a fee of €600 to make them add these labels (fastest solution possible as I am now 700km away from the packages...grmbl).
      So the problem has been solved and the packages should move tomorrow! I'm so sorry for this unnecessary wait!!

    33. Mika Lanzky on July 25

      Has anyone got their books yet? I know it's only been a week, but postage within Europe should generally, for something so small (not package, but letter) be about a week.

    34. Jim Jourdane Creator on July 18

      Hi Andrew! Yes, all books have been shipped just yesterday afternoon (the exact time you were asking me.. I guess you have a sixth sense :)) I'm preparing a news!

    35. Andrew Hurwitz
      on July 17

      Hi Jim, are books on there way? :)

    36. Jim Jourdane Creator on June 30

      @Tila : You can update the address in your survey
      But please hurry as I'll lock soon the addresses :)

    37. Tila Maceira-Klever on June 30

      I just moved. How do I update my address?

    38. Jim Jourdane Creator on May 16

      Thank you so much Deb and Sarah !! Yes I developed more this explanation part that what I had initially planned. That's also why it took so much time! I'm glad you love it!

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah H on May 16

      This is fabulous! It's much more detailed than I imagined. I love having the follow-up explanations. Those were unexpected. I ordered this for my 7 year old who's very interested in science and animals. I'm really looking forward to getting the hard copy and reading this with her!

    40. Missing avatar

      Deb Swinney on May 15

      I ordered this because my son is home educated, and I thought it would be both funny and educational. I just received the PDF, and it has exceeded my expectations - what a fabulous book! <3

    41. Jim Jourdane Creator on May 4

      Hi Andrew ! We are very close to the ebook version! I finished all illustrations, now I just correct a few last things before release
      For the physical copy, you'll need more patience, as printing and shipping will take time.
      New month, I should make a news !

    42. Andrew Hurwitz
      on May 4

      How close are we now, Jim?

    43. Marionneau on April 22

      @Jim Jourdane
      Je suis bien rassuré d'avoir choisi le version en anglais du coup. Merci d'avoir pris le temps de répondre, un grand bravo pour ce livre et bon courage.

    44. Jim Jourdane Creator on April 22

      @Marionneau Bonjour ! Je me permets de répondre en français car je suis francophone, ce sera plus simple :) Ce n'est pas la première fois qu'on me pose la question sur les langues.
      La version originale est l'anglais car ce sont des témoignages en anglais. Ils sont corrigés par une correctrice anglophone.
      La version française est relativement indépendante, en ce sens que ce n'est pas une simple traduction mais une vraie adaptation, tous les textes étant réécrits par une écrivaine et correctrice pro francophone. Si on compare les versions il y aura donc quelques différences car parfois une phrase a sauté, ou a été modifiée, l'adaptatrice a parfois pris des libertés avec la version anglaise pour rendre le texte plus concis ou plus vivant.
      Merci pour l'upgrade de l'aquarelle, et oui je suis bien parti pour tout signer :)

    45. Marionneau on April 22

      @Jim Jourdane
      Tody there was a demonstration in Paris to promote real science and I thought about how far Fieldwork Fail was and it brought back some questions I had in mind.
      I saw in your last update that you had some trouble finding a French translation for the title and I wondered in which language you started writing Fieldwork Fail. I mean, being French myself and choosing English as a communication language all the time, I hesitated a long time between the FR and the ENG version and their degree of authenticity.
      By the way, I think you said you would have the time to sign the giclée print and as I updated my pledge to get the aquarelle, I asked myelf if you would also have the time to sign the aquarelles. If you have the time to sign everyting, it would be amazing!

      Thank you again for this great book that we can't wait to read and share!

    46. Jim Jourdane Creator on April 21

      Hi @KittyCanuck, just select one of them on the list and you should see a preview !

    47. KittyCanuck
      on April 21

      For the giclee prints - it asks us to select which ones we want, but I can't find where to see them all so we know what they look like in order to select.

    48. Jim Jourdane Creator on April 4

      @Andrew I'm working on it !
      @Francisco The ebook is not finished yet, I'm also working on it!
      @Carol Thanks :)

    49. Jim Jourdane Creator on April 4

      @Andrew I'm working on it !
      @Francisco The ebook is not finished yet, I'm also working on it!
      @Carol Thanks :)

    50. Francisco on April 3

      Anyone received their ebook?

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