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The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
821 backers pledged £63,194 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Gary Littlemore 2 days ago

      How is production going Steve? Any news on a delivery date?

    2. Creator paul robertson on July 15

      It is becoming a long process now, still trying to look forward to it.

    3. Creator Richard Rixham on July 15

      Bored now. This has been going on too long with no dates given for delivery. I even upgraded to get the print/poster, even these have not yet been delivered. :-( Losing interest fast.

    4. Creator Simon Granville on July 5

      @Gary Littlemore - at least we are not teh only ones who are excited about it!

    5. Creator Chris Foulds on July 3

      Yet £50 would have got you one :D

    6. Creator Chris Foulds on July 3

      @Mark Burge - yes the £60 tier was all special edition signed prints

    7. Creator Simon Granville on June 29


    8. Creator Mark Burge on June 28

      Did I really just buy a limited edition print for £60? I could have sworn that included the spectrum too?

    9. Creator Tom Stevenson on June 22

      No one really minds delays. We are British after all. Basic courtesy is the issue. Sorry really does seem the hardest word, for some.

    10. Creator Simon Granville on June 21

      @Simon & @Tom "At the time of writing, we’ve yet to receive a production unit which we can approve for batch manufacture, (more production units are on their way to us). Once we do, then manufacturing will be scheduled and a delivery date will be announced." I don't think you are going to get more than this. In terms of pre-orders vs. backers I would consider GBP50 for the item I backed vs. GBP99 for current pre-orders a pretty good saving. So what if we get it at the same time or ony shortly before or even shortly after (given I am in Oz I suspect I will get mine later than sooner - and that's ok). As long as you get it surely that is all that matters.

    11. Creator Simon Gray on June 21

      Steve, any word yet on when backers will get our rewards? And can you confirm that us backers who actually stumped up *in faith* to help you make this happen and have been waiting for 18 months will get our rewards *before* the pre-orders etc which were made only a coupe of months ago when the trade previews broke?

      (And please reply here so all the backers can see the reply rather than privately)

    12. Creator Tom Stevenson on June 20

      So, it's almost July and I am respectfully and considerately requesting an update on the possible delivery date of the Bluetooth Spectrum? It seems almost inevitable now that they will arrive too near the wider launch date to keep any shine. This is disappointing. I hope it is worth the wait - that is, I hope it arrives at some point. I have no doubt as to the quality of the item - God knows, us early subscribers who had the passion to pour that extra £20 in and push it over the line have had our noses well and truly rubbed in the trade show reviews. I just wish that this process had not been such a disheartening experience. The apparent absence of any contrition and the woefully inadequate updates have tested patience to say the least.

    13. Creator Gary Littlemore on June 16

      @Steve, Elite Systems - All seems to of gone quiet, any news you can share with us?

    14. Creator Simon Granville on June 12

      @Gilman - have you messaged the creator directly through Kickstarter? That way they get an email as I don't think they get email notifications of comments.

    15. Creator Gilman Grundy on May 30

      I backed this a while back and now can't remember whether you already have our addresses for the (eventual) delivery. I've moved since, so will we be contacted about this?

    16. Creator Wayne Mellors on May 24

      Gary, PM from Steve says around the same time as retail, so it looks like another couple of months as thats end-July.

    17. Creator Gary Littlemore on May 22

      Any news on when the Kickstarter backers will receive their Recreated ZX Spectrum?

    18. Creator Simon Granville on May 4

      Going to be awesome!

    19. Creator paul robertson on May 1

      Yes it does look very close

    20. Creator ceri davies on May 1

      "Production units arriving this month"..., Looks as if it's nearly here!

    21. Creator paul robertson on April 18

      Looks like it's close, cannot wait till they turn up.

    22. Creator Gary Littlemore on April 13

      @Jamie What makes you think this project is going to be a non-delivery? Have you not seen all the tech gurus giving it's praises?

    23. Creator paul robertson on April 12

      I'm sure it won't be long now, I never expected development to be on time as testing and getting it right does take a lot of time you can have problems and sort them out, but it will be worth it from what I've seen.

    24. Creator Jamie Cameron on April 12

      After my experience with the non delivery of this project I am much less likely to back a Kickstarter campaign in future. Very disappointing.

    25. Creator Chris Rolfe on April 9

      Just seen this on twitter, and although it's nice to see the product is getting a good reception, it's a shame that the people who backed it aren't being given the same consideration!

    26. Creator Mike Faimer on April 5

      Simon, the point being i thought it was a great idea so backed it. Now i could just waited and got it with the rest of the people who wanted. As for your comment bout the backing budget. It doesn't matter if its 60k 600k or 60 quid, if the firm ain't got the gumption to be honest from the get go, then they shouldn't have put it forward. I blame kickstarter as well because they should veto projects more closely. Im also on the lima backing and thats took over 18 mths and was funded over a mill. I believe both when i see them.

    27. Creator Simon Granville on March 29

      Really - why do we care if they are announcing pre-orders? We are going to get ours and personally I wont be ordering another - only because I only really need one. This is the one kickstarter that my care factor for delivery times and updates is tiny. This is almost going to be a surprise that will turn up on my doorstep. I think we should all think about how little money this project actually raised - just over GBP60K. That is tiny in reality so I don't expect someone full time on this.

    28. Creator Chris Smith on March 27

      Hi Steve
      Just a point about your previous answer Joe posted below. You will find if people have given you money on kickstarter they will return to kickstarter to find out what is happening to their money.

      I don't think I'm alone getting annoyed by finding out news of this product from engadget and the telegraph websites saying you've announced pre-orders at other shops.

      It will I'm sure make us backers nervous about our money.

      Can you answer one simple question publicly in these comments; Will the kickstarter backers get the product before anyone else?


    29. Creator Joe Moretti on March 20

      well - I got a response -

      Elite Systems Ltd says:
      We saw your comment Joe and appreciate the input.
      For your information we can tell you that every comment and every direct message received since our Kickstarter appeal closed has received a direct response for us. If backers wish to post our response on the comments section of the site we're more than happy for them to do so. Note: our understanding is that only a very small percentage of backers read the comments section of the site after an appeal has close, which is why we always reply directly.
      With regard to delivery, our UK manufacturing partner is currently working on the delivery schedule and will be notifying us of its plans once that's done. We will communicate that information directly to you, just as soon as we have it.
      With regard to updates, there will be a further backer update before the month's out and ... as with all previous backer updates ... it will include information which is not in the public domain.
      Until then, thanks for your continued support.
      Regards - Steve Wilcox, Elite

      Just to add - my support is not 'continuing' - I have no choice but to sit it out, like many others. I'm just tired of waiting - as are many others.

    30. Creator Joe Moretti on March 20

      SERIOUSLY? This is turning into a bloody joke and I do NOT understand why so many of us have been patient for so long bar ONE thing - we want to see the money we've put up have a return, lured by our romantic connection to this machine from years gone by. Why on earth can't you have the manners to start responding to comments put on here from people who have put faith in you delivering the goods at some point.

      To be clear, you were quite happy to take funding through kickstarter and then essentially treat the backers in an off-hand and totally discourteous manner. Your updates are infrequent, any deadlines ignored and comments not responded to. Try that in any other industry and you'd be declared bankrupt or taken to court. It says below this comment box - be respectful and considerate. WHY? Why are we being respectful and considerate when quite clearly you are not.


    31. Creator Mike Faimer on March 20

      Just seen in the metro today you can preorder from in july. Surely funders will get theirs earlier

    32. Creator Paul Nikel on March 19

      Just been watching this gamesyouloved interview with Steve Wilcox on youtube. Just makes me want it right now :), please can we have a timescale update I am still happy waiting as long as we get some concreate info on when to expect our shiny new Bluetooth ZX Spectrums.
      Looking impressive Steve.…

    33. Creator paul robertson on March 19

      It does look very good, and I'm sure we will be getting it soon )

    34. Creator Lumpfishy on March 18

      I'm more than disappointed by the time this project is taking and the pitiful communication from the project team. I would appreciate an update on this project here please. When can we expect the device?

    35. Creator Paul Jacobson on March 17

      I agree with Tom, it would be nice to hear updates on here rather than finding out about them on other websites, so much for an end of Feb update!

      Also the engadget article I just read (link below) also contains links to other sites taking pre-orders and it does indeed seem 31st July is the go date.

      So does that mean we get them on or after that date too? or as we payed up front do we get ours earlier than 31st July?

    36. Creator Tom Mc Cloy on March 16

      Hi, I think it would be appreciated if updates came via Kickstarter and not from promotional articles on Engadget or other websites. The one I saw toad had more details about the state of the project than I've heard from here in months. Please don't forget those who are funding you.

    37. Creator Paul Nikel on March 7

      could not edit my comment below, I wanted to add that Windows Phone 8.1 update 2 and Windows 10 for phones will include Bluetooth keyboard support, so I realize that it wont work with all Windows Phones at this moment.

    38. Creator Paul Nikel on March 7

      Thanks Phil for the link, I am disappointed there is no mention of Windows Phone as the OS is as capable as IOS and Android. This is a disappointment hopefully its just an over-site. Please could we have an update on Window Phone compatibility as many IT Professionals use the Windows Phone platform it would be a market not to miss. I have my fingers crossed.

    39. Creator Simon Granville on February 22

      Looks great - hope this spreads much beyond Kickstarter!

    40. Creator paul robertson on February 22

      I must say it looks great I will buy another one as well.

    41. Creator Brian Dickinson on February 18

      Any more news please Steve ?

    42. Creator Paul Jacobson on February 12

      Thanks Paul M, just wondering what the deal was there as I couldn't see it in any of the mails.
      Nice to know that I might still get it =)

    43. Creator Simon Gray on February 11

      Any word on when we'll see something yet?

    44. Creator paul mclaughlin on February 2

      Had an email from Devs to confirm.

      To be clear, the prints signed by Rick Dickinson will be despatched at the same time as your main reward.

    45. Creator paul mclaughlin on February 2

      Paul, I have received nothing either

    46. Creator Paul Jacobson on January 30, 2015

      Has anyone eligible actually received a “Collectors’ Print – Signed By Rick Dickinson, Designer of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum”?
      I haven't so just wondering if I missed out or they are yet to arrive (i.e. shipped with the final unit?)

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