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The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
821 backers pledged £63,194 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator myPinballs about 1 hour ago

      Andy Semark - thanks for the heads up on the latest Ben Heck speccy project. Just what I needed. I've been working on something similar, based around the 128k ula chip and with various updates inc proper scart out, kempston joysticks, ide interface etc. Now if my new 48k er would only turn up :)

    2. Creator tautology about 10 hours ago

      I've not received mine, even though I filled in the survey within minutes of it being issued?

      I'm not happy about the Android situation: okay, the app isn't finished, but why wasn't the hardware sent immediately so you could use it with the other versions of the app?

    3. Creator Brian Dickinson about 11 hours ago

      Hi Steve have you any further news regarding the App Store credit ?

    4. Creator paul robertson 2 days ago

      Thats a good point brian, i dont think so.

    5. Creator Brian Dickinson 2 days ago

      Has anyone received the App Store credit yet ?

    6. Creator Simon Wray 2 days ago

      Still not got mine, not happy.

    7. Creator myPinballs 2 days ago

      Apparantly even if you responded to the surveys request but missed the 2 day response deadline (like being away on holiday without Internet access) then you are in no mans land with no clear explanation as to when you'll get one. Having funded extra amounts means nothing either as I was pledged up to £70, which I'm sure Amazon will be selling them for soon

    8. Creator paul robertson 3 days ago

      Hi Paul

      If you haven't already send steve a direct email, is will get back to you promptly, I did that and explained my situation exactly then I got a device sent out the next day. I know you shouldn't have to some somethings gone wrong somewhere with yours.

    9. Creator paul mclaughlin 4 days ago

      Cannot believe I still don't have mine, responded to every request, email, Poll, etc.

      Its on eBay and as an original backer still nothing, including all the pre order bonus paid add ons.

      Never, ever had a follow op on a question, just, thanks for email and will get back soon.

      Then nothing.

      "Be respectful and considerate."

      Its a 2 way street,

      Where is my console ????????????????


    10. Creator Andy Semark 4 days ago

      Link to Zero ZX Spectrum emulator here ( Very Beta, but all keys should work in Layer A, Feedback welcome! Lots of thanks to the creator of Zero for making the source available.

    11. Creator paul robertson 5 days ago

      Been most fun using this on the PC and having the 1000s of games to choose from on specy emulator

    12. Creator Simon Granville 5 days ago

      Not sure if it is was an iOS9 or not but this was just typed on the recreated zx spectrum.

    13. Creator paul robertson 5 days ago

      Not had any problems here with ios9

    14. Creator Simon Granville 5 days ago

      Ok will try with a non iOS 9 device - thanks

    15. Creator Martin Krajnik 5 days ago

      Simon Granville - Have you upgraded to iOS 9? I have the same experience with my brother's iPad and iPhone. I looks tat game layer does not work on iOS9.

    16. Creator Martin Krajnik 5 days ago

      Andy Semark - Thank you.

    17. Creator myPinballs 6 days ago

      Apparently, i missed a 'deadline' on the response form for checking addresses, (which hasn't altered). I don't remember seeing a deadline, but whatever i'm so sick of this project now anyway. After all the delays and waiting, this is the final piss take.

    18. Creator Simon Granville 6 days ago

      Struggling with unlocking - I am using the iOS App. I have connected via bluetooth to the iPad then using the app - get to the click the CAPS SHIFT button and get nothing. Am I missing something?

    19. Creator myPinballs 6 days ago

      Still nothing arrived here for me and now into October. Shouldn't have to be contacting them direct to actually get one. Kickstarter backers at the back of the queue. Rediculous

    20. Creator Simon Granville 6 days ago

      It's arrived!!!! Setting up later today when I have some batteries...

    21. Creator Chris Sharp 6 days ago

      Paul T...suspect you may be in the same boat as myself (see a few comments down). Founders Edition is a numbered device and one of the first 100. You should contact Steve Wilcox to find out definitively about your own situation though. HTH

    22. Creator Andy Semark 6 days ago

      Martin Kranjnik - working on converting a Windows emulator to work in game mode so that basic programming can be done. I'll post when I'm done.

    23. Creator Paul Treherne 6 days ago

      Forgive me if I seem ignorant. I pledged £80 for a signed spectrum and I received a standard one ? With no extras at all ? Do they come separate or something ? What is a founders edition ?

    24. Creator Simon Leith on September 29

      Unlocked mine 2nd go with the Ios app. Just waiting on D-roid.

    25. Creator Martin Krajnik on September 29

      Andy Semark - I had problems unlocking using the iOS app, OK with the web app! : I have the same experience with the iOS app on iOS9 devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd gen). The Layer A doesn't work for unlocking neither in the iOS app nor in the webapp in Safari. I unlocked the keyboard using the webapp and Win7 notebook. Since the unlock the keyboard works perfectly in Layer B with Win7, iOS 9 and Android (ZX Spectrum emulators can't handle Shift keys, so no Sinclair Basic but gaming is perfect).

    26. Creator paul robertson on September 27

      Ok I didn't know about that, either way be nice thing to look forward to in November )

    27. Creator Chris Sharp on September 27

      Sorry, just to clarify, on the survey I selected for a founder device instead of the signature edition pledged for. After receiving a vanilla device this week Steve told me the sig edition was still due November with the vanilla device to see me through until then.

    28. Creator Chris Sharp on September 27

      Just stating my own situation, which seems reflected in what others have said. Maybe I am drawing too many conclusions, but the answer is to talk to Steve I guess :)

    29. Creator paul robertson on September 27

      Dunno if that's the case or not, Steve would have to clarify that, seemed to me ha just gave you a choice between the 2, I rejected it as I wanted the signature edition and I ordered a spare unit.

    30. Creator Chris Sharp on September 27

      To Pete and others who pledged for the signature edition, having message with Steve I think the survey was confusing. It gave the option to opt for founders edition instead but I think the majority of those were already allocated, so despite what you replied you'll have a vanilla device to tide you over until November when the signature edition is available. This is why you have no certificate or numbered device. Other rewards will be attended to later.

      I get the impression that with all the delays, that Steve has just been trying to get things out the door rather than keep people hanging on, even if that means not matching exactly the pledges. Some of the communications have been a bit confusing and ambiguous though and there has been a lack of empathy for backers and their frustrations in my view, but I guess Steve just needs to put some of that aside for now just to get the job done. Whether there will be any acknowledgement of backers concerns or apologies we'll just have to wait and see.

    31. Creator paul robertson on September 27

      It plays nicely with my specy emulator on PC buttons generally need to be pressed I. The middle or it misses, it I a very nice bit of kit

    32. Creator Andy Semark on September 26

      That should have been fuse, arrrr auto complete

    33. Creator Andy Semark on September 26

      Have my unit at last :-). Now to recompile fuze with the correct key mappings. I had problems unlocking using the iOS app, OK with the web app! Unit built well, speccy fans may want to look at the Ben heck show on YouTube for this weeks project!

    34. Creator Simon Leith on September 26

      I'm looking forward to Playing Glider Rider 128k version and Bomb Jack.

    35. Creator paul robertson on September 25

      i think you can save games in the app im sure, but you could do it on a pc using a speccy emu and then save it

    36. Creator Tom Stevenson on September 25

      OK quick question now I have it. Would love to bang in a couple of 2 pagers for old times. Will there be the capacity to save programming in the future?

    37. Creator Paul Nikel on September 25

      Received mine today too many thanks Steve, The unit looks so good that you almost don't want to take it out of the box to keep it in pristine condition.
      I have managed to get the qwerty mode working too, When I first tried many times with different browsers it didn't work, but I then realized there is an extra step to make it work once you have selected the button to activate qwerty mode unplug the usb and plug in again or turn off then on again, then continue as per instructions. I have tried games but have not got sound yet, but the games work really well. An impressive unit, Well done everyone involved including all backers :) looking forward to future updates.

    38. Creator Tom Stevenson on September 25

      So, I received my stopgap founders unit today. I have to say, it is perfect. Well done to all.

    39. Creator Peter Heppinstall on September 25

      Just received a "Founders Edition" version zx which is a stopgap until I receive my originally ordered Signature Edition in November I believe. Now as a founders edition you would think it was a special version, but the one l got is the Vanilla model with no CA or anything else on it. At least l can play around with it, until my ordered ZX arrives. It does look like the Original Speccy. They have done a great job with it, So Congrats for all your Hard work.

    40. Creator Simon Leith on September 25

      You will get your extras later on. Just relax. I suppose the manufactures cant send everything out all at once. Happy days.

    41. Creator Mike Faimer on September 25

      Hi. I received the zx unit today but none of the extra items i was due in my pledge. When will i receive them. Thanks

    42. Creator Paul Jacobson on September 25

      I had a little play last night and emailed Steve on it =) asked about the certificates, and will report back if I hear anything of note:

      On the Unit itself from my perspective:

      Unlocking the device to use in QWERTY mode was a bit of a faff to be honest (took me three attempts) So I can see why people probably sent theirs back on Amazon.

      Rechargeable Batteries: it says NIMH batteries recommended, and I suspect that the reason you shouldn't use Li-Ion Batteries is that they are a little more delicate and require special circuitry to ensure they don't blow up when charging, couldn't find any info anywhere but I suspect that the unit does not have this circuitry?
      Please correct me if I am incorrect.

      Trying to type on it from your lap is difficult as there is some movement meaning the keys don't always make contact (the email to steve was slow to type), but it is a very faithful recreation of the speccy keyboard =)

      Possibly not the best place to mention but what the hell, As this is (after unlocking and setting to the correct mode) a qwerty keyboard I was able to play games from speccy emulators on my laptop and my phone. obviously the keyboard special commands won't work, however I believe on a few emulators you can reassign the keys so you could set it up as such.

      I hope the wait isn't too much longer for everyone else =(

    43. Creator Chris Sharp on September 25

      Similar experience here to David and Paul J.

      I've contacted Steve directly this week to try and sort things. Whilst things aren't quite right I have received a vanilla device today. I suggest contacting Steve direct is probably the best way to expedite things.

    44. Creator paul robertson on September 25

      Oh I see, I had the same message as you, but I opted to wait till November for manic miner one, but I also wanted a a regular version so I ordered that in Feb, I like you my second unit hadnt turned up, so I emailed steve apparently me ordering the second unit was unique and seemed to cause confusion but after the mix up go sorted they posted my second unit, so now go wait till November for manic. Try direct email to steve he replies quickly and I'm sure there send one and it is a nice machine, good luck.

    45. Creator David NEALE on September 24

      Hi Paul, Well I changed order after an email stating my Manic Miner edition will be a longer wait and opted for the founders edition. sent back the request and as of then nothing ?

    46. Creator Paul Jacobson on September 24

      According to my rewards thingy yes here is a section from my backer page on kickstarter.
      Shipping: United Kingdom

      A Bluetooth ZX Spectrum for selected Android devices - Founders' Edition. Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity,

    47. Creator paul robertson on September 24

      David did you order the founders edition?

    48. Creator Paul Jacobson on September 24

      Ok so mine just arrived in the post, I had no email or tracking number. So it was a nice surprise, Sadly no Certificate of Authenticity for me either =(
      I'm at work so I can't play with it at the mo, but it does look and feel like the real thing.

      Steve if you could please comment generally on what's happening with those (are they coming as part of the other rewards?) as many of us seem to be missing ours. I am sure we would be most grateful.

    49. Creator David NEALE on September 24

      Cant believe its taking this long to get the unit ! emails sent weeks ago that they were being despatched and yet they are freely on sale via Amazon ! I am a little pi**ed off by it all now considering we helped in funding this to begin with. I held back from ranting on here to give it time but seems its been a too long for my liking. can someone at Elite explain why these are on sale to public but backers left waiting still ?

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