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The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
821 backers pledged £63,194 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator paul robertson 35 minutes ago

      i ordered A Bluetooth ZX Spectrum for iOS or selected Android devices - Signature Limited Edition (#11-99 of 100) (“The MANIC MINER”, i liked the look of it i was tempeted to change for founders edition but i thought ive waited 18 months for it can wait another 2, i did order a regular zx spectrum after project closed as well so hopefully ill get that at the same time as everyone else lol but not holding my breath.

    2. Creator Mat 'Speedle' Cooper about 6 hours ago

      @Darren, indeed I thought that was likely the case too. It's actually quite nice to type with so it will be nice to use it as a keyboard for messaging etc. Hopefully we should see the Android app released soon :)

    3. Creator Darren Rees about 7 hours ago

      @Mat - I think there was some mention in the video that you need the app to "unlock" the keyboard so you can use it that way. Maybe I misunderstood that, but it may be that you need to wait for the app in order to access the full functionality of a bluetooth keyboard (though even as I type that it seems odd)

    4. Creator Mat 'Speedle' Cooper about 8 hours ago

      To answer some questions on build quality and impressions. Unit construction is excellent, casing looks to be of a very high standard. Unit is very lightweight, but is clearly made with good solid materials. To the eye you wouldn't even realise it's not a real spectrum. Keys feel great, don't tend to catch like my real spectrum does. However when paired with my Android Moto G 3G phone the keyboard mode does not work. The number row keys do work however the qwerty keys do not which is disappointing, and yes the mode switch is in the correct position (I tried both modes). The caps shift button also fills the text field with gibberish. I tried to switch the keyboard to Android mode using the key combination detailed on the keyboard short-cut sticker, however this still fills the text field with gibberish. I've yet to try it with my Nexus 7 table to see if that has similar results. Sadly the Android app isn't available yet so I can't really test it much more than that. I originally planned to use it with an iPad but have since sold that in favour of switching back to Android devices. I'm interested to know how others who backed the "Founders Edition" feel about what they receive. I did contact Steve directly about it to voice my disappointment over what my extra £50 got me. Needless to say I remain disappointed about it.

    5. Creator Chris Sharp about 9 hours ago

      Sorry ignore the word "big" amidst all that :)

    6. Creator Chris Sharp about 9 hours ago

      Slighty wishing I'd waited for the signature edition I originally backed now. But Steve has given us a choice which is no bad thing.

      Different rewards seem to ultimately be getting the same speccy, which I see might be a worry for those who backed more, but I assume those rewards also included various memorabilia the other didn't. The signature edition I went for was the big standard Matt smith one at £80 with a few extras, but no manic miner limited signed print that required the higher backing.

      I sort of look on it as the fact I was part of what made this happen; for the backing I gave, was that worth it considering I'd have to pay another £20 now to a reseller, not have the apps and not have been part of something special? Despite all the frustrations I think Steve's been pretty honest although I appreciate he can't tell us everything about what is going on behind the scenes.

      I don't have a unit yet, so maybe I'll be disappointed when I get it given I took the founders edition offer, but I'm optimistic still :)

    7. Creator paul robertson 1 day ago

      So what are people's first impressions of the keyboard and build?

    8. Creator Matt Charlton 2 days ago

      Yeah founder unit. Number 13. Like someone else said the coa is a stamped piece of paper but it's fine for me. Also had an invite to test flight for the beta testing of the app. Played chuckle egg and it seems very responsive. Keys feel lovely. Unit is light but sturdy. I quite like it. Manic miner/jet set are greyed out for play and want me to buy which is a little worrying. But the app is in TestFlight so I guess there are some issues to work out still.

    9. Creator paul robertson 2 days ago

      Grats mat, did you get founder one and how does it look and feel compaired to a normal spectrum?

    10. Creator Matt Charlton 2 days ago

      My unit arrived today

    11. Creator Mat 'Speedle' Cooper 2 days ago

      @simon I actually paid £100 for a founders edition, which having received today was quite disappointing. Don't get me wrong the unit is awesome and very well made, so I'm looking forward to trying it out. However the "certificate" is just normal piece of printed A4, I could make myself on my printer. I expected at the very least there to be some marking or sticker on the unit to identify it as such. I've paid an additional £50 for a piece of printer paper and a serial number on a sticker. I can't help but feel a bit ripped off by that, I expected the certificate to at lease be printed on card... @Andrew To clarify my point of "getting nothing" my meaning is that over the average Joe public we never gained the, 'backers get it first' that we really should have. I totally agree we made this happen, but as such we should have at least got a small amount of priority over the others. As always my views are my own I don't expect them to be shared by all, had I just paid £50 I would probably be perfectly happy, I however doubled my pledge in the expectation I was getting something a bit more special.

    12. Creator Darren Rees 2 days ago

      This was the first Kickstarter project I backed and it's clearly the most complicated of the 8 I've backed to date, and the overwhelming feeling I get from this project compared to the others was the accuracy of the updates. I'm not saying Steve's updates were misleading, but they've often been confusing and some even seemed to contradict themselves.

      I'd like to see a "Lessons learnt" updated from Steve when everything is complete. I think once everyone has their devices and are using them, we'll have a different perspective on things and it might be a bit cathartic for Steve to, not air any dirty laundry, but just to be able to set the record straight on some of the complaints we as backers have had.

    13. Creator paul robertson 3 days ago

      Limited signature edition the manic miner now being delivered November lol 130 quid and only 20 of us.

    14. Creator Simon Granville 3 days ago

      So when is the C64 coming?

    15. Creator Joe Morrison 3 days ago

      I completely agree with Mat Cooper. The only thing this kickstarter has done successfully is put me off ever backing anyone else.

    16. Creator Simon Granville 3 days ago

      Yay - got the survey email - hoping to have this in my hands late next week or the following week. I actually don't know which device I am going to pair it with - iPad, iMac or work laptop...

    17. Creator Simon Granville 3 days ago

      @Mat - you paid GBP50 for the unit. That is a saving of GBP40 against the current preorder price. I wouldn't classify that as nothing.

    18. Creator Simon Leith 3 days ago

      We have to give credit to Steve. He has been very thorough with updates etc. I do appreciate it has been very timely, but in hindsight we are on to a winner with this recreated Speccy. It just looks amazing and Elite have made the dream a reality along with us backers. Also just look at the Vega, its not looking good at all. Now for the games and frank brunos boxing and way of the exploding fist. bring it on.

    19. Creator ceri davies 3 days ago

      Have had my Kickstarter survey.
      Also had a nice response to an email from Steve earlier this evening.
      Excitement is genuinely building - boring my children to death with stories about the Spectrum.
      I can sense the frustration out there, but I'm backing something else which has been far worse in terms of updates and knowing what's coming. The product looks great and as backers its a lot cheaper than it could have been.

    20. Creator Andrew Lane 3 days ago

      I disagree Mat. Yes the dates slipped - but by being an early Kickstarter backer we made this project happen. Had that not of happened it would still be a concept. I for one am hugely excited about receiving mine regardless of whether i get it ahead of anyone else.

    21. Creator paul robertson 3 days ago

      Any of the beta testers here? How is the device and is it a good copy? What do you think of it.

    22. Creator Mat 'Speedle' Cooper 3 days ago

      So basically backing the Kickstarter gets us nowhere really. We made this project a reality after funding it nearly 2 years ago. Get given irregular and ill constructed updates (if we're lucky) and now it's confirmed the backers don't even get the units early. As many have already said, app delays aside we should have had these units shipped to us ages ago now. Once again I'm amazed at the way this kick starter was run. I await yet more updates detailing more delays, as at this point it's beyond a joke. Seriously disappointed in the way this project has been run. Clearly it's all about sales and money rather than actually giving back to the people who funded you. Given this treatment I wouldn't expect many of us to back any more of your projects... Shame on you!

    23. Creator paul robertson 3 days ago

      Looking forward to the survey )

    24. Creator Simon Granville 4 days ago

      Update is out - hopeyou like it - super excited here!

    25. Creator Paul Fearnley 7 days ago

      Annoyed that this is still going on without any respect for the crowd funders who shelled out OVER 18 MONTHS AGO and have nothing to show for it. We aren't bothered about waiting for the app to be perfected, you have the production units, they aren't going to change at this stage, so just ship them already! This is a great example of how not to run a Kickstarter campaign.

    26. Creator Peter Heppinstall on August 26

      I am feeling rather P off after reading about the "BETA TESTING" Makes me really think is crowdfunding really worth it.

    27. Creator Luke Richardson on August 26

      Wow. Another set back. I know these things happen but it's getting silly now. Some alarming info on the spectrum forums too. Wish I didn't bother with this now in all honesty. Going to be cool when it comes, don't get me wrong, but I could have just got it from the shop as us backers are being treated with some contempt.

    28. Creator paul robertson on August 26

      Out comes speccy 128 and divMMC

    29. Creator ceri davies on August 26

      My last post was 1st May - "production units arriving this month".......I was a bit worried I might miss something when I went on holiday in July.....maybe Christmas.
      I haven't had a test email invite either.

    30. Creator Darren Rees on August 26

      "Anyone? Class? Anyone?"

    31. Creator paul robertson on August 26

      Oh well

    32. Creator myPinballs on August 25

      Studio must have had some stock for them to be able to send them so 3rd party suppliers must have been sent some before backers, which in my book is just plain wrong. We funded this to get it off the ground and we are being treated the same as regular pre-ordering folk.

      Also, the insights revealed on previous links about developers of past games not being payed royalties is not sitting AT ALL well with me, having being shafted myself in similar ways for software development. The excitement of getting a new speccy and all the excellent attention to detail of the project is being undone the further this goes on. I want to know how developers of original games will be payed for royalties of games available in the associated tablet and phone apps. This must be addressed.

    33. Creator paul robertson on August 25

      Hehe tomorrow's another day

    34. Creator Darren Rees on August 25

      Well, there's less than 800 backers who would get either the iOS app or the Soectrum then knock off those who don't have an iOS device there should be enough for everyone to get a Test Flight invitation.

      In the words of "The Littlest Hobo"... "Maybe tomorrow".

    35. Creator Paul Dunning on August 25

      Hmm. It's concerning. No email about beta testing. I don't see a specific Beta tester reward in KS, so I expect names are being picked out of a hat. I think that Test Flight has a limited number of slots, so maybe we're in some kind of a lottery.

      Nothing more about delivery either. Do they have my postal address? I don't think they have, so they'll have to ask me for it.

      The only communications I have had are the Kickstarter updates.

    36. Creator Darren Rees on August 25

      Not here yet

    37. Creator paul robertson on August 25

      Anyone on beta yet?

    38. Creator Darren Rees on August 24

      If that's the case and someone has had a delivery early from a 3rd party supplier, then we as backers would have every right to be aggrieved as it's we who have funded the development and production of this device on the understanding that we'd be the first to receive them. That would also mean us receiving them ahead of any supplier, let alone that supplier breaking any embargo on the shipping of the devices to anyone they've taken pre-orders from.

      Not happy at all about this current development in the saga.

    39. Creator paul robertson on August 24

      I don't think he was supposed to get it yet

    40. Creator Simon Granville on August 23

      I think "that guy" either ordered directly/pre-ordered or ordered through KS.

    41. Creator Liam Reford on August 23

      Has anyone actually had the backer survey yet? I haven't.

    42. Creator myPinballs on August 23

      Hang on a second. Did that guy just order from a 3rd party and get his before us backers??

    43. Creator Paul Monaghan on August 22

      Looks like some are getting out (see a few posts down on the thread)

    44. Creator myPinballs on August 22

      No beta invite, no delivery email, no email about extras ordered including the short documentary film for upping pledges ( update 33), or the signed prints?? Checked my funding date 5th jan 2014 and pledged £70 in total. Hmmmm, maybe get it on the 2 year anniversary? Communication directly hasn't been very good if I'm honest :(

    45. Creator Darren Rees on August 21

      Not here. And I assume that no units have been shipped this week despite Wednesday's update saying they would.

    46. Creator paul robertson on August 21

      Anyone had beta invites?

    47. Creator Paul Dunning on August 19

      Nope - I've not heard anything about delivery either, other than the usual Kickstarter emails.

      It's exciting to see that they are that close now. Must. Be. Patient.

    48. Creator Rony Van Hove on August 19

      I have not received the email either.
      However, I believe Steve & co are working hard to sort out logistically and ensure that apps are also ready.

    49. Creator Gary Littlemore on August 19

      @ Stephen

      No :-(

    50. Creator Stephen Pain on August 19

      Has anyone received an email yet regarding depatch instructions?

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