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The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
821 backers pledged £63,194 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Chris Sharp 2 days ago

      Fat lot of good that will do!

    2. Creator paul robertson 4 days ago

      Think I'll be sending an email about where is my 30 quid

    3. Creator Chris Sharp 6 days ago

      Still nada :(

    4. Creator Chris Sharp on January 26

      Wait. what? Sounds way too ambiguous on the refund front when it was seemingly very clear before. Still no sign of 30 quid for me and Steve hasn't responded to messages. Surely he should also be contacting those he has already managed to get a replacement device to also?

      I escalated to Kickstarter and they basically said they'd prompted the creator and suggest I do the same blah blah rubbish generic response blah blah...... :(

    5. Creator Liam Reford on January 25

      Email today...
      25th January, 2016

      To: Our Kickstarter Backers / Those who Pre-Ordered a Recreated ZX Spectrum directly from Elite after our appeal closed.

      This is a follow-up to our message(s) sent on 4th January.

      We're pleased to report that we've finally secured an offer of stock from a distributor.

      Consequently, we should soon be able to supply the few remaining devices which are needed to make the last few deliveries. (We've been advised that the devices will be delivered to us on or before 15th February.)

      Once they've been checked and repackaged, we'll be writing to you individually to confirm that we'll be despatching a recreated device and / or a partial refund, or both.

      The supply of the few remaining devices has, as you know, proved much more challenging than it should have been. As this directly affects, you we sincerely apologise.

      We are looking forward to being able to write to you again shortly and in the interim wish to thank you for your support and for your continued patience. It is appreciated.

      Regards - Steve Wilcox - Jan '16

    6. Creator Peter Heppinstall on January 24

      Nope I have had nothing yet Paul

    7. Creator paul robertson on January 22

      Has anyone actually been given this supposedly 30 pound refund for signature edition?

    8. Creator Chris Sharp on January 21

      Complained to Kickstarter by raising a support ticket. Will be interesting to see if Steve reacts first or what kickstarter will say!

    9. Creator paul robertson on January 11

      Well Chris I'm surprised you got the Rick Dickinson picture, not heard anyone else getting that, it was something everyone was supposed to get, there were supposed to be lots of extra stuff people got steve Wilcox is a complete cowboy I'm now thinking maybe we should all complain to Kickstarter, I haven't seen the 30 quid either.

    10. Creator Chris Sharp on January 9

      By the way...... I've discovered if you have a game console you can connect up your recreated device as a keyboard, browse to QAOP emulator or similar using the consoles internet browser and then play games on your lovely HD telly with the device rather than using the Elite app. :)

    11. Creator Chris Sharp on January 9

      It seems like I was one of the lucky ones to get a regular device from limited stock on Christmas Eve having backed for the signature edition. It came with a signed Rick Dickinson photo.....actually it is more like a Kickstarter PR picture with a sort of ad on the front and he has signed the back,

      Anyway, I think I only got this by emailing Steve and expressing politely my extreme dissapointmemt and that I would be escalating to Kickstarter in the new year if there was no action. I have had no correspondence since I sent that.

      Also, I haven't checked my credit card transactions, but as far as I know not had the £30 back. Has anyone else?

      If not am I now certainly escalating to Kickstarter.

    12. Creator paul robertson on January 9

      It won't happen now, he'll probably do it until much later and charge a lot more for it, I bet also no one has got the 30 quid back yet.

    13. Creator Paul Monaghan on January 8

      Eamonn, those devices were supposed to be to tie us over until the signature editions turned up. We should get another recreated device and the £30 OR preferably the signature edition but that looks like it's basically not happening now.

    14. Creator EAMONN DUFFIN on January 7

      Were those who originally requested the 'signature' devices but have had to accept the standard recreated device are they not entitled to the £30 refund ?

    15. Creator paul mclaughlin on January 5

      I backed the £100 pledge, still no replies to emails, just a copy of the one that Liam posted.

      A Bluetooth ZX Spectrum for iOS or selected Android devices - Signature Edition (“The MANIC MINER”). Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity, a Bluetooth ZX Spectrum iOS or Android App or iOS or Android App Store credit for same. Includes associated Manic Miner / Matthew Smith goodies / memorabilia - think reproduction of period signed photograph, print based on original cassette inlay and promotional art. YOU CAN COMBINE THIS REWARD WITH A LIMITED-EDITION COLLECTORS’ PRINT BY MAKING A NEW OR AMENDING AN EXISTING PLEDGE.

      Also, another strange thing I have just seen, Kick starter says 821 backers, but I am backer number 924 ?????

    16. Creator Liam Reford on January 5

      Got an email yesterday as follows...
      To: Our Kickstarter Backers / Those who Pre-Ordered a Recreated ZX Spectrum
      directly from Elite after our appeal closed.

      This is a follow-up to our messages of 14th December.

      We were able to supply a small quantity of recreated devices (from our own inventory) for delivery on Christmas Eve.

      However, since writing on the 14th, we have been unable to secure any additional stock from our UK Manufacturing Partner.

      By way of alterative, we have been seeking to recover stock from a distributor; however the holiday has interfered with this. (There's further information below.)

      Consequently, we are once again out of stock and have been unable to supply the few remaining devices which are needed to make the last few deliveries.

      As this directly affects you, we sincerely apologise.

      We hope to secure the few remaining devices which are needed early in the New Year and will write to you again just as soon as we've done so.

      Regards - Steve Wilcox - Dec '15

      We wanted to share a little information about the manufacture of the recreated device and in particular the ownership of the stock.

      We did, as we said we would when we launched our appeal, order 1,000 units of the recreated device for our backers. This is the Kickstarter stock and was owned by Elite.

      In parallel, our resellers ordered many thousands of units of the recreated device for those who pre-ordered it online earlier in the year. This is the Reseller stock and was not owned by Elite.

      We cannot supply our Kickstarter backers (nor those who ordered a recreated device directly from Elite after our appeal closed) from the Reseller stock, since Elite does not own it.

      We hope that aids understanding and will be in touch with you again just as soon as we have stock to hand.

    17. Creator Wayne Mellors on January 4

      And yet, above and beyond the 60 grand we put in to get Steve off the ground in the first place, there's just no money left to fulfil the special editions.



    18. Creator Simon Huggins on January 4

      Still waiting for my device. Last message I received over a year ago was that I would be contacted when it was available - not heard anything yet. Just messaged them again. The last thing I got said the the scope had changed a lot since the original campaign. Now that's a bad sign on any project. Really, it's important to fulfil what was promised, and then iterate with a second campaign. But that's not going to be well supported if the original campaign was run badly. Sad, really - I was really looking forwards to this bit of nostalgia.

    19. Creator Paul Monaghan on January 3

      And as far as people not receiving anything at all:

      From the Kickstarter pages:

      "Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill."

    20. Creator Paul Monaghan on January 3

      Rony, not everyone has received their device, nor had responses to messages or been given misleading messages. In addition to the numerous delays, devices being made available for sale before being issued to backers, there has been a lot of messages putting people off, giving misleading timescales, delay tactics etc.

      Presumably this is what the authors of games experienced when they didn't receive their monies from Steve selling their games for on the Android and IOS marketplaces. Absolutely shocking attitude and behaviour. I just want a resolution to all of this and move on. It has given me a new perspective on Elite as a software publisher and I cringe each time I see the name mentioned in retro gaming books now. Totally disgraceful behaviour.

      I'll certainly think very hard about any future Kickstarter campaigns in future with anyone.

    21. Creator Rony Van Hove on December 25

      I am not sure why there are so many disappointed backers yet.
      I have received my device several weeks ago and I've been happy so far about the quality.
      I am even now considering to dust off one of my old canned projects from the '80 (I'm have to refresh my z80 memory) and start pushing the rubbers again :)

    22. Creator paul robertson on December 24

      It's been a bit of a disappointment all the negative stuff to do with this project, But would like to wish you all


    23. Creator Lumpfishy on December 21

      Did anyone else get the message asking you to up your pledge before the campaign ended to receive a print?
      I did, upped my pledge and iIm new getting messages saying I never was entitled to the print. Really struggling to see how this can be.

    24. Creator Peter Heppinstall on December 18

      Hello Folks
      Just found some interesting reading on the site :-
      this information relates to Mr Wilcox raising Kickstarter cash to resurrect console but 'ignores original coders'

      Next link is a follow up to the information above.

      Elite Systems pulls ZX Spectrum games after deluge of 'unpaid royalties' complaints
      'A personally chastening experience,' says boss Wilcox


      Hope you find this interesting as I did.

    25. Creator paul mclaughlin on December 17

      Hi Troops and fellow conned Backers.

      If you look at my previous posts I ranted, raved and started a new website to tell the world the truth..

      Then I lay on it, to see if they would come true on promises, alas I checked here today and its worse than ever.

      Over the weekend I will be working on the website, and encourage everyone to comment, even if they are happy and received the product.

      At the moment it will not be promoted outwith this comments section.

      This will be a fact finding site, no adverts etc, and its my own server, and only wanting justice and an outcome.


    26. Creator Bob Walker on December 14

      -1 I've invested in this product, only to
      a) not receive the promised award
      b) not receive an award now, whilst the product is on general sale.

      This is a shambles.

    27. Creator Chris Sharp on December 14

      Email again from steve this morning about getting devices to remaining backers.They are now out of stock and waiting for more to be made.... Very disappointing again, given 1000 devices were ordered for backers and there are only 821 backers, and of those there are a group you can discount who chose the signature edition. what's gone wrong?

    28. Creator Steve Foxon on December 8

      Still no email for me. And no response to an email I sent 5 days ago asking where my reward is.

    29. Creator paul robertson on December 4

      Only. -10. Thats being generous

    30. Creator Steve Foxon on December 4

      -1 (-10 if I am allowed)

    31. Creator Liam Reford on December 4

      -1 - this could've been handled a lot better than it has been. Instead it has been a shambles.

    32. Creator paul robertson on December 3

      -1 haha he thinks most people are happy with the situation, him what planet is he on

    33. Creator Paul Weaver on December 3

      From Steve Wilcox's latest email:

      "We are most grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we received to our proposals."

      Can I get a quick up/downvote from all people still waiting for their kit or who are not getting their promised limited edition devices who are happy with how this has been handled?

      -1 if you aren't happy
      +1 if you are

      PS - Anyone who is setting up something more solid to chase down these guys, please sign me up


    34. Creator Steve Foxon on December 3

      Well, as I did't get an email and haven't been asked to fill in a survey since September, then I am not likely to reply!

    35. Creator Liam Reford on December 3

      This was sent by email earlier on...
      To: Our Kickstarter Backers / Those who Pre-Ordered a Recreated ZX Spectrum directly from Elite after our appeal closed.

      We're writing to thank you for completing the above referenced survey which we issued last week and to acknowledge receipt of your response.

      We are most grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we received to our proposals.

      As you know, we have very limited resources and your support for our proposals will enable us to focus on: adding new games and application to the companion apps and to the online web app, launching new apps (e.g. for TVs) and to bring new functionality to the recreated device through firmware updates. This will benefit the thousands of existing and future owners of the recreated device.

      As we have received just three survey responses in the last week it would appear that almost all responses are now in. Consequently we're now turning our attention to collating the responses received with our existing records and once we've done that we'll be responding to you individually, including where possible to any specific issues you may have raised. Our goal is to ensure that issues associated with this decision are brought to a close, to the satisfaction of all concerned, this month.

      Until then, thank you for your continued support.

    36. Creator Wayne Mellors on December 3

      Noticed this from the latest update...

      "Note: despatch of almost all primary rewards is now complete. Direct messages and separate statements, regarding the despatch of these and all other rewards, including all complimentary and additional rewards, will be issued in the near future - some as soon as tomorrow."

      Very clever and purposefully deceitful language there Steve.

      What constitutes a 'primary reward'? I'm assuming that's the basic unit? Well, except those of us who put £80 down didn't back the basic unit, we backed something else that absolutely was not 'supplementary' or 'complimentary' or 'additional'. That was something you have now decided not to deliver.

      We backed hardware that you've failed to deliver, yet oddly enough that's not going to have any impact, **at all**, on your continued sales of the 'basic' unit. Good that we got you the ability to get off the ground though, right?

      Truly abhorrent behaviour.

    37. Creator Chris Sharp on December 2

      **** was censored doh! I was trying to say it had been a bit of a k-o-c-k up :)

    38. Creator Chris Sharp on December 2

      Well I tried to remain positive throughout and backed Steve openly and on the flip side told him in messages I thought the comms not great. Whilst remaining perfectly civil and reasonable.

      I fully appreciate the intricacies of the project and that it hasn't panned out as Steve intended, and I really hate to say it but I'm also now feeling duped, or at best, taken for granted.

      Personally I don't want the hassle of legal action. I'm happy to take a regular device and the thirty quid and move on.....or even all my money back if that's an option but I'm really just not fussed now. But I do think that Elite should be stopped by Kickstarter from running future projects here. Even if not intentional it's been really badly managed and promises made not kept, whilst there may well be perfectly good reasons for all this it's no excuse and the buck stops with Steve.

      Oh and Steve, sorry but if I do get a device you're certainly not getting any more money out of me for in-app purchases. I have a ZX Vega in the post and alternate means to get whatever games I fancy without being tied to an app.....oh and I can play that in comfort in front of my big screen TV too. Yes I know your device is a keyboard, but if that is the only advantage over alternatives it's not a very well priced one if you ask me.

      I know you won't agree with a lot of the comments but some sort of acknowledgement at least of people's concerns and that it has all been a bit of a couple cock up really would go a long way.

      IMHO :)

    39. Creator paul robertson on December 2

      What I find funny about all this, where are all the extras you were supposed to get signed Rick Dickinson or Mathew smith stuff I ordered a limited edition and end up with 2 basic units.

    40. Creator Liam Reford on December 2

      I agree that this project has gone to ridiculous proportions, as the limited edition keyboards should've been sorted out months back. Steve withheld information regarding these keyboards in a case which I can only assume was deliberate until everyone else who hadn't put good money to them had received theirs. At the very least, he owes backers a very good explanation or a full refund.

      Paul, add me to your list, please.

    41. Creator paul mclaughlin on December 1

      Wayne Mellors, any views on this added approach ?

    42. Creator paul mclaughlin on November 30

      Hi Peter.
      I am giving it a few more days before I go live.
      Still hoping they will fulfill, just does not look like happening.
      Thanks for the feedback,

    43. Creator Peter Heppinstall on November 30

      paul mclaughlin
      Please add me to your list.
      Really am getting sick of been ripped by people like steve.
      All your good intentions went right out the window when you started to lie to your backer's.

    44. Creator paul robertson on November 30

      Nope, guessing he thinks he's closed the matter

    45. Creator paul mclaughlin on November 29

      No more feedback fellow Backers ?

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