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The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer ... the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
821 backers pledged £63,194 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      paul robertson on

      Don't think there be one, the project is dead.

    2. Patricia Esteves Nunes on

      Any news about the app for Apple TV?

    3. Missing avatar

      paul robertson on

      An unexpected update

    4. Missing avatar

      paul robertson on

      Hi Melanie
      Try Steve wilcox email its on one of the posts below.

    5. Melanie Beadle-Hewson on

      I never got this nor a refund. COn....

    6. Tony Green on

      How do I go about getting a refund? No response to emails and I'm getting worried.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bob Walker on

      Jaromir: I wrote to Steve via this site, and via the elite software website. I eventually received a mail asking for my details for a refund.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jaromir Smid on

      Hi, sorry for dumb question. So how to get out of this mess? You write that you received refund. Who did you write emails to? I've just tried sending email to Ceratech as Steve Foxon mentioned and they're asking "Have you received any notification from Elite or Kickstarter about your credit?". I'm wondering what's good enough for them and where to obtain it. From Kickstarter or Elite?
      How did you manage to get your device?
      Thanks a lot!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bob Walker on

      Finally received a refund. Terrible experience overall. Will never kickstart again, unless the person has specifically earned my trust in some way outside of this platform.

    10. Missing avatar

      paul robertson on

      Refund here also, still very bad taste left in mouth �

    11. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mellors on

      Refund here too, plus this odd, random signed KS success card (bent, obviously) through the post. Did they just forget or something?

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Foxon on

      Yes, I just received that as well. But happy to report that as well as getting my device from he manufacturer a few weeks back, I can confirm I have now actually received the £30 refund as well!

    13. Tom Mc Cloy on

      Thanks, Chris. Randomly, I received a signed Rick Dickinson postcard today celebrating the funding of the original Kickstarter.

    14. Chris Sharp on

      See my message earlier, not the last one but the one before.

      I responded to Steve's email and asked for a refund form, but before I had chance to complete it I got an automated Kickstarter message saying the refund had processed. As far as I can see, and despite some negative reaction on the comments, the form was for backup in case refund via Kickstarter didn't work. As everyone suggested, there was no need to provide anything at all since Kickstarter info was up to date and the original payment method still valid and refundable in my case.

      ....I don't know if ongoing long term correspondence with Steve actually helped or not, but I don't see why it should have.

    15. Tom Mc Cloy on

      Hi Chris. What exactly did you send as proof of payment?

    16. Chris Sharp on

      I don't see anyone else commenting any news so hope;ugly no news is good news?! I just wanted to state for the record I've now received the expected refund from Steve. So instead of £80 pledge for manic miner signature edition, I have a standard device and £30 refund.

    17. Chris Sharp on

      Well after moaning as much as the next person, I thought I'd post some more positive news. I've not actually returned the refund form yet, but I got a message today via Kickstarter saying I would be refunded in the next 15 days.

      I'm just slightly unsure now whether the form received by email is needed or not so need to contact Steve to confirm. But I hope this finally means a resolution (albeit still a little disappointing how things have panned out).

      Cheers all, hope you all get sorted now!

    18. Chris Sharp on

      Er..what? So now I have just a Bluetooth keyboard Then? And one that doesn't work too well for anything other than occasional use at that. Great :(

      "The Recreated ZX Spectrum online web app, previously available at this location, has been withdrawn.

      The Recreated ZX Spectrum iOS app, previously available from the App Store has been withdrawn.

      The Recreated ZX Spectrum Android app, previously available from Google Play has been withdrawn. A further statement will appear here in due course"

    19. Chris Sharp on

      Or they could just credit PayPal accounts, all they need is an email address to send to for that.

    20. Chris Sharp on

      Well I just had an email in the last few days asking me to contact them off of kickstarter for a refund form and that they wanted to help. Thing is, that's pretty much what they said to me way back in February, but then they wanted to do it via Kickstarter and said "We’re writing to confirm that we shall be processing a partial refund to the Kickstarter account associated with the following address....". I haven't seen the form so loony know what details they would ask for. Happy to give them my bank details to do a direct transfer to me, but I'd want to handover the bank details in more of a secure manner to be honest. Mind you, sending a chequered in the post has all that sort of info on it. Perhaps they could just call me and do it there and then on the phone....I can't help feeling it's more delaying tactics. We'll see.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mellors on

      So, I just got a refund form through. Interesting what a high profile gaming website article, exposing their antics, has resulted in.

      Now, I only need to spend an hour collating various pieces of information and 'proof' that I backed what Kickstarter ALREADY VERY CLEARLY shows that I backed, to then have to use an actual envelope and stamp and physically drop a letter back to them, as if that's not going to drop into a deep, dark, black hole never to be seen again.

      I mean, really. You put your backers through all of this, to date, and then expect them to jump through more hoops to prove information YOU ALREADY HAVE AVAILABLE VIA KICKSTARTER?

    23. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mellors on

      No such form here, Paul. Guess he's being extremely selective about who he's responding to regards the £30 refund for the Manic Miner level backers (myself included).

      Be extremely careful about supplying bank details. He has everyones details already, there's no reason for him to require all your (our) details again, he should be able to filter down to everyone owed the £30 refund and then push directly to the same payment method originally used.

    24. Missing avatar

      paul mclaughlin on

      Backer number 924 and £100 pledged, and yes, never got anything. But today I got an email reply today from one sent in April. " Thank you for your message Paul. We’d like to help. So that we might, would you please complete and return the form attached?" Enclosed was a pdf to confirm backing and a requesting bank details for a refund. ? Paul

    25. Chris Sharp on

      I can't say that I'm surprised, but I did really want this to be a success. Even with the financial and other challenges that Steve has had to deal with, the attitude to backers has been awful and I feel there is no excuse for that

    26. Liam Reford on

      Got an email from the device manufacturer - seems someone hasn't been paying the bills and the manufacturers are getting the solicitors in.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Foxon on


      Send them an email or give them a call and mention you saw my comment on kickstarter and that you haven't received your device.

    29. Tom Mc Cloy on

      Direct from the manufacturer? How did you manage that? Still waiting for mine. Have heard nothing.

    30. Missing avatar

      Steve Foxon on

      OK, so there has been a positive twist in events for me!

      I managed to get device directly from Ceratech Accuratus Ltd (the manufacturer) and it just arrived!
      Ceratech Accuratus Ltd
      Tel: 01420 85470

      I suggest you give them a shout.

      As Chris says, I doubt I will ever get my £30 back, but I will keep trying.

    31. Chris Sharp on

      I did find a mobile number on previous correspondence. It is Steve's number, but I left a voicemail message and got no response. I'm in a better position than most though having received a device but not got the £30 refund. I've just given up now, I suspect that is what Steve is hoping for. For 30 quid though, as annoyed at him that I now am, it's just not worth losing any further sleep over. I would be chasing more if I had no reward and no refund though!

      The contact details I have are...

      Correspondence Address:
      WS13 6RD

      Registered Office & Address For Service:
      WS13 7AU
      Company No. 01840901

      E-mail / MSN:
      Cell: + 44 (0) 777 569 6564 [Steve Wilcox]
      Fax: +44 (0) 154 367 4126
      Skype: steve.wilcox
      Twitter: @elite_systems

    32. Missing avatar

      Steve Foxon on

      I got this email on the 26th April after saying I was on the verge of contacting news websites to say we had been ripped off:

      "Thank you for your message.
      We’d like to help.
      As the background to your message is extensively document, we won’t recount it here.
      At the time of writing, more than 99% of those who backed our campaign or ordered a
      recreated device from our resellers have received it.
      Presently and for some time now, despite our efforts, we have been out of stock of the
      recreated device and therefore unable to supply a small number of units.
      This is due to matters which have been beyond our control.
      We would like to be able to share more information about why this is so but at present that is
      We are working hard to resolve the matter and hope to have more positive information for you
      in the near future.
      In the interim, we appreciate your continued support"

      I then replied and said I would just like my money back - and as you probably guessed I have had no response to that.

      So basically, they can't tell us why they can't supply us and we just need to shut up and wait forever and a day!

    33. Missing avatar

      David Eary on

      I have tried to contact Elite, and have a phone number but don't think its working. I have received neither Speccy nor any refund. Has anyone managed to get any more info since January?

    34. Chris Sharp on

      Just wondering for those who have received no rewards and are out of pocket have you raised a PayPal claim or discussed with your credit card provider who might have payment protection of some description in place?

    35. Missing avatar

      Steve Foxon on

      I am sending emails on a regular basis now, but nothing for nearly 2 months now. The guy is basically a thief and has stolen £80 from me and it seems we are powerless to do anything and Kickstarter could't care less!

    36. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mellors on

      One can only assume that the revenue from the app just isn't enough to keep momentum going. Excruciatingly frustrating to login periodically to check progress only to see the Kickstarter video showing the very item that we'll no longer be getting.

      Hard lesson learned here though. Before it was successful, the comments were blowing up about what kind of character Steve was, with the royalty non-payments and I decided to not only give him the benefit of the doubt but also upped my pledge to the signature edition that's been canned.

      Interestingly, after proactive messages from him to me about it. Looks like that's done a full 180 now though.

      Never again.

    37. Chris Sharp on

      For those commenting recently, there are no signature edition rewards anymore. steve has offered regular devices and a partial refund. However he has had problems sourcing these devices for everyone, some have received them and some haven't. No one yet seems to have had a refund. Steve now appears AWOL and is not responding to direct messages or email. That is the only route we have to contact him. If you try this and have no joy then the only recourse is to complain to Kickstarter, but they seem to have been pretty unhelpful to those who have tried this so far. I guess the next thing is to try and find a phone number for the guy :(

    38. Tom Mc Cloy on

      Has anyone who ordered the Signature Edition received any communication since February?

    39. Zeid Nasser on

      Hello Steve and the Elite team. Thanks again for your excellent efforts. I am backer, from Jordan, who has still not received his Recreated ZX Spectrum... who do I contact directly in this regard.

    40. Ian Cull on

      I come here to see if by chance there's been any update, and sadly the only updates are from other similarly unhappy backers.
      Sad, because Elite really looked like they were capable, for a while. They'd released working games, showed lots of design effort, then apparently sold out and ran.

    41. Missing avatar

      paul mclaughlin on

      Nearly into April, and still nothing received, or even communications about product.

      I Contacted Kickstarter direct by email and they are not even interested, just all bull.shit the whole way.

      It looks like ALL US BACKERS, who have not received anything, will not get any help from kickstarter,

      kickstarter staff are also not interested in looking at these posts or looking into the fraud caused by Mr Wilcox.

      I am over £100 out of pocket and hoped some previous posts might have got a response to solving, but nothing,,,

      So game on steve, the last thing you are is "Elite"


    42. Missing avatar

      paul robertson on

      I do find it amazing how people like Steve Wilcox can still operate these days, he must have never intended to produce the signature editions and this 30 pound refund your supposed to get why has it not been paid yet? It's been what over 3 months since we were told, we should have got that right away let's face it there wasn't that many special editions ordered, Steve you are useless why Kickstarter don't do anything about you I don't know.

    43. Chris Sharp on

      David have you not seen any of the updates? The signature edition is no longer happening and you should have been asked to respond to a survey about it before Christmas now. Stock is low apparently but Steve has said basically you will now get a regular device and a partial refund. Message him direct but expect poor/slow communications.

    44. David NEALE on

      I have not received my reward for manic miner ? What's happening please.

    45. Chris Sharp on

      Finally got a response today about the partial refund being processed, not counting my chickens though!

    46. Liam Reford on

      Got another email earlier:
      To: Our Kickstarter Backers / Those who Pre-Ordered a Recreated ZX Spectrum directly from Elite after our appeal closed.

      This is a follow-up to our message(s) sent on 26th Jan, '16 and earlier (reproduced below) and to the information published at the following link on 22nd Nov, '15 :


      We're pleased to report that we finally received some stock from a distributor, last week.

      The stock is intended to enable us to supply the few remaining devices which are needed to make the last few deliveries.

      The stock's being checked and repackaged. Consequently, we'll be writing to you individually to confirm that we'll be despatching a recreated device and / or a partial refund, or both.

      The supply of the few remaining devices has, as you know, proved much more challenging than it should have been. As this directly affects, you we sincerely apologise.

      We are looking forward to being able to write to you again shortly and in the interim wish to thank you for your support and for your continued patience. It is appreciated.

      Regards - Steve Wilcox

      Note: We received approximately 40% fewer units of stock than promised. We're currently seeking to ascertain whether the 'missing' units are being sent under separate cover, or otherwise.

    47. Missing avatar

      oscar mataix esbri on

      I have not received my reward, manic miner edition, how can you ask for a refund?

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Monaghan on

      Oscar, where have you been for the last two years? You're basically not getting it. Read the hundreds of comments below.

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