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Waterproof Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Read more

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Waterproof Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it.

About this project

This piece of outstanding metal craft is proudly produced in Ukraine form the Titanium, aircraft Aluminum or Stainless Steel. 

You may also select reward with silicon molded flash drive 32/64/128 Gb USB 3.0 specially designed to fit the cases tight (or to be glued in). Kingston brand flash drive used.

The options you have

  • Titanium or Aircraft Aluminium or Stainless Steel
  • 32/64/128Gb Kingston flash drive or just the EternalCase 
  • goes with key-cable & key-ring 

I've described the items specifications in details at the end of the project description.

Reasons to support

- AFFORDABLE - TITANIUM 32GB USB 3.0 for 45$ (it is at least 25% cheaper then steel flash drives for 60$. And you receive Titanium!)

- a concrete mixer survived flash drive (see the full list of tests below)

- available only over KickStarter

- LIMITED production

After concrete mixer test in order of appearance: steel, not affected aluminium, aluminium.
After concrete mixer test in order of appearance: steel, not affected aluminium, aluminium.

EternalCase survived next extreme tests:

  • 2 hours in dishwasher 
  • 5 minutes on +200 Celsius degrees in the oven 
  • under car wheels 
  • few shots by driver golf club 
  • few hours under -30 Celsius degrees in the fridge 
  • 5 minutes in a concrete mixer with water & crushed stone
#{project_title}'s video poster

It is the 2nd project run as I haven't reached all the goals with my successfully funded 1st campaign. So here is the difference:


- awesome o-ring (black or red)

- awesome key-cable & key ring

- Kingston brand 32/64/128Gb flash drive USB 3.0

- higher rise of the eyelet - where the key-cable to be attached

- no sharp edges & well cleaned

Detailed specifications

Outside finish: mirror polishing 

Weight of the case: 

  • Aluminum is 28 grams.
  • Stainless Steel is 79 grams
  • Titanium is 47 grams
  • Flash drive is 10 grams

Dimensions of actual item:

The cylinder of 14.5 mm diameter and 49 mm height fits inside.

  • outer diameter - 20 mm 
  • inner diameter 14.5 - mm 
  • total outer height - 64 mm 
  • total inner height - 49 mm 
  • total outer height (bottom) - 41 mm 
  • total inner height (bottom) - 36.5 mm 
  • total outer height (top) - 27 mm 
  • total inner height (top) - 18 mm thread height - 5.5 mm

All dimensions were taken with the o-ring on.

As this is a hand made product it may contain some hand made artifacts & size variations.

Production plan

EternalCase V2 production plan
EternalCase V2 production plan

1. buy raw materials - aluminum, stainless steel, titanium (the same suppliers I have for previous project). This usually takes a week or so.

2. buy o-rings & key-cables - I've already selected the suppliers & have invoices. Delivery may take about a month.

3. buy flash drives - this may take up to 3 weeks to deliver additional amount of flash drives if the supplier (one of the biggest in Ukraine electronics distributors) short on some positions. Anyway I'll receive enough to start molding within a week from paying for flash drives.

4. buy bubble envelopes - this takes up to a week including delivery.

5. produce cases - I do receive small batches (50 pcs) from the factory as soon as they are produced. So, I hope, I may start shipping within a month after project end. This is the longest part. The case production is almost automated when mirror polishing is mainly hand work.

6. produce flash drives molded in silicone - I've managed to do this at home for at least 50 pcs daily. There may be much more if needed.

7. pack and ship - I've shipped 50 and up to 100 packages daily. World wide air delivery takes up to 3 weeks. All the packages are trackable and I do provide the # upon request.

Risks and challenges

This is my 2nd project and with the same base as 1st one. I have 100% finalized key ingredient of the the project - the case. And it's quality tested on few runs already. Second main part - flash drive molding - worked well too.

The things I want to accomplish in this 2nd run - to make the device absolutely perfect. There were mistakes with o-rings and key-rings. New eternal case will also be delivered with some post production - cleaner & with no sharp edges. I want to have this details superior too and they are way simplier - so I do not observe here any risks and the funding goal also is pretty low because of this.

International delivery is worked great for 1000+ packages & tracking option is available too.

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