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Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
622 backers pledged $24,931 to help bring this project to life.

Shop start, tracking #, lost packages and more

Hi everybody,

it was pretty a while from my last update.

Today I've finally started on-line shop.

Please, visit and check it out! The prices are pretty close to those during funding campaign. And there are bulk discounts up to 15% starting from 4 pieces orders. "Full pack" and "One of each kind" are also available with big savings.


The shop needs some improvements - better product images and, maybe, better design. All these will be done in closest days. But now all the main mechanism & prices are set up and working well.

Lost packages

About a month ago, if I'm not mistaken, 100% of KickStarter rewards went out. Now I'm getting back unclaimed packages, or packages returned due to wrong address or some other reasons. Please, remember, it often takes 2 months from the date of shipment till the day I receive returned package back. Usually I'm writing back to the person stated on the packet and do resending ASAP. 

But, unfortunately, if your name (stated in the poll) differs from your ID - the search returns nothing. The same situation may arise if you have changed your KickStarter ID from the time you backed my project. So I'm stuck with 4 packages:

- Andrew Griffiths, Australia

- JJ Kahrs, USA

- Stephen Kong, Singapore

- Paul Rice, USA

If you see here you name - write me back to get you reward reshipped.

Tracking #

As I've mentioned above - everything went out. If you haven't got anything yet - 99% it is heading back to me. If your name is not in the list above and you haven't received any messages from me - you package is still on the road back to me (hopefully).

All you may do now  -write me a message and I'll send you a tracking number If I haven't done so yet. If you do have tracking - ask your local post office about the package. I've sent everything by registered mail - it is very well tracked world wide and you have to sign to receive it. 

Awesome project to check

ModSock: Extraordinary Socks by Urania Shaklee from Bellingham, WA is struggling for $8,000 goal.

The project now has 137 supporters and 9 days to go to collect ~$3,600 more needed to reach funding goal. The chances are pretty good, but project definitely need your support.

Rewards start from 10$ for 1 pair of bright socks and for $20 you may get 3 pair. Delivery if free within US.

Please, support Urania's project with your pledges!

Best regards,



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    1. Alan Sweeney on

      Hi, my package turned up empty?? Can you please send me my item??? thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I got my package a few days ago -- I'd finally got round to it & asked for a tracking # (which I got pretty soon) and it turned out that the mail carrier hadn't left the "Registered Mail" notice in *my* mailbox -- although the USPS tracker said it had been left about June 18! So part of the "delay" was on me for not asking for tracking sooner, but I hadn't known when to expect anything and besides I got behind on a bunch of stuff.
      Good thing it was a registered package needing signature!

    3. Missing avatar

      Gareth Thomas on


      I sent you an email regarding my tracking number on July 8th 2013 with no reply thus far. Would it be possible for you to send me a tracking number so I can find out where my package (Full pack, one of each kind w/ 32gb storage within) went? I plenty of leeway for Australian shipping but it has been quite a while since you shipped it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      P -- if you don't want to get these updates in your email, there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email notice.

    5. Missing avatar

      P on


    6. Six on

      Hey Serhiy, could you please check on mine? My info is still the same but sadly I have no cool titanium eternal case to transport my data on... Thanks in advance :)

    7. Robin on

      Are you serious? I've sent you numerous messages and you have not responded with tracking details. Absolute joke