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Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
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Everything is back from polishing - continue shipping

Hi everybody,

pretty long time passed since my last update. Nothing really happened during that time, as I've waited to receive all the cases back from additional polishing. All the USBs were bought long time ago. All delays were because of cases production and updates. Now they are all back:

From left to right: Ti, Fe, Ti again, Al.

It really took time, but the cases I got now look really awesome. The mirror-like polishing was not planned from the beginning but due to scratches it became necessary. The factory this time did its work right. Just check the difference:

Left to right: polished Ti, Al prototype, polished Al, 2 polished Ti in the front, not polished Al case with key-ring and o-ring. Actually you can't see too much on the foto, but it is really better. However Al cases are not so strong as Ti or Fe, so this look will not last long if you wear them with keys.

Here are the USBs in the cases ready for moulding (those went out already few weeks ago):

And here is how final result looks like:

Polished Al, Al prototype not polished, and not polished Ti case with USB. More pictures are at the end of the update.

Sorry that it took so long. Within 2 weeks everything will go out.

So, tomorrow I'll ship as many cases as it is possible to do during a day - will write an update right after submitting them to the post. Now the updates will go out pretty often, as the production is really moving and I fully control it.

Also I want to tell you about new Ukrainian project. The guys behind it are very young - in their 20th they are almost 10 years younger than me. At this point of time they already set up the production of cool socks brand - Sammy Icon. And their project on KickStarter is a product of a year of successful experience: Sammy Icon 8bit: creative socks for every day

They came to KickStarter to fund a fresh 8-bit socks collection, featured by Mashable, after a year of successful socks production experience.

The project has collected ~$5.500 from $8.000 needed and I have no doubt it will be funded. Also, I'm sure they will deliver everything on time as they way more experienced then me.

If to compare with me doing first steps and being 10 years older this youngsters definitely deserve you check their project. Just give them a chance. 

And here are more photos:

  • Image 248900 original
  • Image 248903 original
  • Image 249026 original
  • Image 249034 original
  • Image 249035 original
  • Image 249036 original
  • Image 249038 original
  • Image 249039 original
  • Image 249040 original
  • Image 249041 original


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    1. Troy on May 9, 2013

      I threw mine away. The top of the larger side was so thin and sharp it could slice your finger open. The O ring is misshapen and would not seal it. Sorry, I do not mean to be insulting but that was my experience.

    2. MemoryKill on May 9, 2013

      I recieved mine today and i have to see, i'm much more pleased by the results :). The AL one is nice and shiny with just a few scratches, to be expected as it's so soft and scratchy anyway, whilst the TI one is obviously better with just the odd artifact here and there. All they need is a bit of clean inside and thy are good to go!

      This was my first physical goods project i backed on KS and was surprised that it has taken an extra 5 months to arrive, but the end result is Good, not amazing, and no poor, but good, i am happy with the purchase and will put them to use :).

      Overall a 7.5/10. 1 point for long delay, 1 point for the "not as perfect" condition and half a point for general "cleanliness" (dirt/oil etc) so the 7.5 going overall to the best parts of the design and product.

      I suppose this a learning curve, especially this kinda thing so i'm willing to forgive the difficulties but will be cautious in the future of backing other physical goods items on KS or anywhere, just a general tip :).

    3. Erwin Shades Kiekens on May 2, 2013

      looking good indeed!
      can't wait to get mine :)

    4. Missing avatar

      jerry6 on April 29, 2013

      Looks good , glad you solved all the problems . Better to take a while longer to make sure the product is of good quality , worth the wait .
      Can't wait to get my " FULL PACK " , be handy to have 32 gb of data in the indestructible case on the key chain , already lost a lot of data due to crushed or drowned usb sticks . Of course my son will find a way to destroy it , he'll take the name of it as a challenge .
      Thanks and good luck with any future projects .

    5. Missing avatar

      TXAG99 on April 29, 2013

      Well whooptie-doo for you.

      Meanwhile, I'm using my sh**** one to prop a window open.

      Great job.