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Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
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Crazy concrete mixer test - video report

Posted by Serhiy Khvashchuk (Creator)

Hi everybody,

just finished mounting of new test video. Enjoy it below in the post.

And wanted to tell you about great toy project I've backed recently: Bandit Guns: Rubber Band Shotgun. That is perfect old styled toy - easy "asseble it yourself" kit of laser cut birch plywood pieces. To shoot by rubber bands promises a lot of fun and my two nephews will enjoy their SHERIFF shotgun kits just in New Years Eve. 

It is a toy but still got great design - it even has 3 models of shooting: "Single Shot", "Rapid Fire", "Shotgun Blast". Check the project page for details here

Take a look on this great project by Bob Coulston:

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    1. Serhiy Khvashchuk 2-time creator on

      @ Pedro Martínez Téllez
      thank you.

      oh, it is working! And, for sure, I'll follow you advice and will take my netbook to the next test.

    2. Makana on

      You should've had a laptop nearby to show that the flash drive still worked. If I soak a $1 flash drive in water, it'll still LOOK perfectly fine, but it won't boot up.

    3. Pedro Martinez Tellez on

      Awesome! BTW, love your cat.