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Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
Titanium / Stainless Steel / Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase with 32/64 Gb USB 3.0 flash drive or without it. Waterproof & unbreakable.
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    1. Missing avatar

      JKL on

      I live not too far from Ukraine so I just got my titanium and aluminum cases as a friend from the USA was able to bring them to me only today (I don't trust the mail here).

      Super! Nicely done. Could not ask for better. Happy customer here.

    2. Serhiy Khvashchuk 2-time creator on

      Hi StartUp Genesis, your reward went out on June 8th, the tracking sent to you over KickStarter private message. Please, inquire USPS about the package. It was sent by registered mail, was received by USPS and they have to find it.

    3. StartUp Genesis on

      its january 2014 and we still have yet to receive it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Blake Matejowsky on

      Thanks Serhiy. I'll see what I can find online to possibly fix it. I'll let you know if I'm able to find anything.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Mine gets a bit warm, but no more so than various other external hard-drives do.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joseph Tseng on

      I have the Ti 32gb USB and it gets really hot plugged into my usb that I'm afraid its going to damage itself or my ports. Anyone else have that problem?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      All my USBs seem to work, everything looks nice, and the cases are certainly solid. I agree about the post-prod cleaning -- but I at least don't seem to have anything "sharp" just dust-like to clean up, which a bit of water & a bottle-brush should do OK on. Not that I think I'll be keeping meds in them, but ya never know.

    8. Elliott Day on

      Got my cases fine a while ago, pretty pleased considering my reward level! Plenty of effort put into them. Solid, reliable, watertight = does what they say they do.
      However, I would stress that since the product is now available to buy publically, and proper packaging would go a long way - mine arrived (UK) very dented and scratched (I'm not too worried personally, as these were Kickstarter 'prototypes'). I don't know if this was handling before or during the transit from the Ukraine to here in the UK.
      Other little thing I'd point out is the sharp edges, metal filings and burrs on the products - I really didn't expect this and think some post-production cleaning should go into this - the end-user shouldn't have to clean up their case(you don't want to be swallowing metal with your pills, for example!).

      Apart from the cosmetic issues, and once the issues are fixed for the other users' USB modules (I was fortunate enough not to order USB ones) these will be fantastic. Keep up the good work, and well done. E

    9. Serhiy Khvashchuk 2-time creator on

      Sad to hear that. What I may do is to replace it if you'll send it back to me. Another possible solution is to find same issues over the net - sometimes it is possible to find some program to fix flash drive (I mean fix that formatting issue as looks like the electronics itself is working). The producer of the flashdrives is GoodRAM - this should help in your search.

      have sent you pm message with thre tracking#

    10. Missing avatar

      Blake Matejowsky on

      Has anyone else had problems with the actual flash drive? I used mine twice before it randomly said it needed to be formatted. And then of course when I tried to format it an error said that it couldn't be formatted. At least I have the case to do something with I guess. Too bad the only thing I really cared to keep secure like this was the flash drive.
      I'd appreciate if something could be done about this. But I understand that it's not really your problem anymore.

    11. Missing avatar

      james on


      Haven't received ANYTHING??? What's going on?? Hit me back. Reside in Australia.


    12. Herbert Eder

      Got my 2nd (empty) case today in Austria, and i'm very happy with that one also!
      Thanks Serhiy for the quick action!

    13. Missing avatar

      scott nesbett on

      Not sure if this happened to anyone else, but my Ti case never showed up. After inquiring to Serhiy he said he mailed it, and sure enough 3 months later I got a letter from the post office that said they found an empty envelope that had been torn, but no case. So major bummer that even though lost in the mail I won't get what I paid for...bad deal.

    14. Missing avatar

      TXAG99 on

      Thanks for your comments, Skye...I truly think you are the only one on here that actually really "gets" what has occurred here. :-(

      I am earnestly happy yours came out ok though...even if the reason was due to the poor quality of the ones we early recipients got.

    15. Missing avatar

      maxo on

      Hallo Serhiy,

      Meanwhile I received a shipment, BUT the envelope only included ONE case+drive.

      The second one from the paypal follow-up order is missing !! The follow up order was paid in January.

      Please send the missing case+drive ASAP. Also give me information on the missing items ASAP.

      After waiting more then a half year and now ONLY receiving half of my order, my patients is nearly over

    16. John N Wood on

      I received my cases and they far better than I expected.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam Everman

      My cases turned up here in Australia, very impressed with them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sam Segal on

      I still have not received my reward and have yet to receive the tracking information I requested. Would really appreciate an update.

    19. Missing avatar

      maxo on

      Hallo Serhiy,

      I didn't get my cases/flash drives yet (kickstarter + paypal follow-up order) and I didn't get an answer on my mail !!

      Please send me the tracking number of the shipment ASAP.

      After waiting more then a half year my patients is nearly over !

    20. Jeremy on

      Hi Serhiy, I'm still waiting here in Australia for my Titanium EternalCase and Titanium EternalCase USB3 64Gb. I'm I able to get tracking details?

    21. Herbert Eder

      I received my case with USB and i'm happy with it, but i did not receive my empty titanium case that i paid for during the kickstarter. Serhiy can you please check and send the Ti-case also!

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris R Martin

      I still have not received the starter reward. You sent me the tracking number a while back but I could not determine anything from the number. Can you please check to see what happened to the titanium EternalCase?

    23. Robin on

      Still have not received anything and still no tracking information. No longer waiting patiently...

    24. David Snell on

      Got both of mine today, excellent. Much smoother than I would have thought and very tough feeling. The casing is an absolutely excellent item and I am very pleased to have backed this project. Serhiy, let me know when you make your next project.

      I am also seeing a slight discrepancy with the flash size. The 64GB model is registering as 61,884,366,848 bytes (note this is NOT related to file system usage or the KB/MB/GB ratings that manufacturers love to trick us with, ex: my 256GB solid state drive is 256,xxx,xxx,xxx bytes which only equates to ~238GB).

      I do not see this size loss as major nor do I see it as something Serhiy would have control over. The flash manufacturers mostly catch us all on this perspective. From what I can see this part was provided by "Wilk GOODRAM"

    25. Robert Erlick

      Got my Ti 32GB case today. It's well made for the money, and I'll use it at work all the time. Does anyone know the size of the o-ring for easy replacement?

    26. Division Furtive on

      Got both my Ti Case and USB drive (Canada). Cool stuff, I'm happy. Thanks!

    27. John Falcon

      I received my three 32gb flash drives the other day. The quality of the cases are very well done. My only complaint is that they are not true 32gb flash drives. I understand that you can find flash drives to be some mbs to even a full gb shy of the expected amount, but each of my "32gb" drives are in fact 4gbs short each. That's a total of 12 gbs lost so I'm not totally pleased by that.

    28. Missing avatar

      jimmy on

      Still havn't received my case......

    29. Charles Alvis on

      I got both my 64Gb titanium units today. One weighed in at 56.78 grams and the other at 56.03 grams. I am happy with them. Thanks with loading them up with software. I was not expecting that. I will replace the O rings, but overall I am very happy with it.

    30. Duncan on

      I got my 64Gb Ti case this morning, safe and sound (to the UK).
      Weighs 55 grams in all, although feels heavier than that - which is why I weighed it!!
      Lovely looking, simple design and (hopefully) enough safe storage for some important photos of my children. :)
      Thanks Serhiy! :)

    31. Jason Snow on

      My Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase 32Gb FLASH DRIVE arrived this morning (UK address)
      It actually looks better than I thought it was going to after the reported problems Serhiy had initially early in project.
      Yes the o-ring is poor and I will replace it soon, but overall I am very happy - good quality polished case, the threads on the case are fine, usb works well, - no problems.
      Many thanks Serhiy - a great item.

    32. nimrodd on

      I got my 32GB USB 3.0 Drive in the Titanium Case yesterday, and aside from some excess grease and replacing the O-Ring, it looks great. But I did not receive my empty Titanium case that I paid for during the Kickstarter.

    33. Skye on

      Serhiy : I want to thank you for my Titanium 32Gb flash drive with keyring. It arrived safely today in Australia. I want to start by thanking you for listening to the initial feedback left by those who sadly did not receive the cases they had expected or hoped for. Because of their honest discussion, you were able to take stock and improve the condition of the cases for the rest of us. I feel their disappointment and hope that there is still the possibility of a replacement for them - but I am also very grateful to them for ensuring that quality was upheld in later batches.

      I am extremely pleased with my case and flash drive. It is sleek and polished; clean and professional looking. Yes - the keyring and O-ring will likely be replaced sooner rather than later, but the actual case is very handsome. The workmanship that has gone into it is impressive. The flash drive operates perfectly, and it's rather nice knowing that it is so well protected. I had pledged to this project in view of giving my reward to a family member as a gift. I did so tonight. He is a very techie person - both by nature and career. He had no idea about this project, so of course it came as a complete surprise. He was astonished and amazed. It is safe to say that it was the perfect gift! Thank you, Serhiy.

    34. terry on


      i sent pms to serhiy,,and noting in reply,,getting worried about this

    35. Serhiy Khvashchuk 2-time creator on

      As it was stated in the last update - everything went out. Delivery time is about 3 weeks. Recently the receipts with tracking #s were posted in the update. In closest days I'll send the tracking #s to those who asked for them.

    36. Missing avatar

      ZzmadzZ on

      What is this?! One year late and he claimed that 100percent of the items are shipped?! I'm one of the early backers and I have not receive the item yet. I'm gonna open a dispute with my credit card and state that this is a fraud if serhiy refuses to communicate

    37. Ricky Dang on

      Just out of curiosity, but where is the packages being shipped out from? Ukraine?

    38. Missing avatar

      jimmy on

      Dude really.... 7 months over due? still no case- USB will be completly obsolete before we get these things....

    39. Jason Snow on

      I am still waiting for my: Aircraft Aluminium EternalCase 32Gb FLASH DRIVE with key ring
      Can you please give me a tracking number so that I can find out where it is.

    40. Craig Dunn

      @Serhiy - I know of NO other project creators having any such issues with the KS system - JavaScript related or otherwise. Have you inquired with KS about your "problem?" Perhaps I will check with them myself to see if this is a known and legitimate issue, despite no one else running into it....since such a problem would effectively shut down all Kickstarter project management...

    41. Missing avatar

      Gerald Shipley on

      I'd also like to know about the Ti USB 3.0 64gb.

    42. Man Roy on

      What's the status on Ti 64Gbs?

    43. Serhiy Khvashchuk 2-time creator on

      Hi everybody,

      I have problems answering your messages - something wrong with Looks like some mistake in JavaScript - double checked over few computers and browsers. I can't see the backers report and send messages. Actually nothing involving JS works very well. Hope it will be fixed soon. Everything is shipped, except some of pledges with additional orders - will keeps sending out the invoices as soon as this, javascript, problem will be solved.

      Stay patient, please. A lot of you will have the packages delivered already next week.



    44. Craig Dunn

      Still have not received Starter Reward #3 shipment nor any indication that it has shipped. Since you posted 9 days that 99% of everything has shipped, it seems like we should all have received rewards and/or a tracking number by now.

      Please advise, as there seem to be a number of us still in limbo for no particular survey was completed on December 8, 2012....almost 6 months, I know for a fact that this isn't the cause of any "delay."

    45. Missing avatar

      TXAG99 on

      +1 on what Brendan Nelson-Weiss said. I got stuck with one of the bad ones and no resolution other than for me to remain stuck with this one.

    46. Robin on

      Serhiy, would also like tracking information on my order. It's been a long wait

    47. Bruce Winther on

      Got my 32 GB titanium in Australia

    48. Missing avatar

      Sam Segal on

      Would love a tracking number and shipping estimate.

    49. IG-88 on

      Any update on the shipping status?

    50. Missing avatar

      Jan Boltje on

      Can I please have a tracking number? or an estimate of shipping date

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