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A comic that tells the tale of each story of a burning building. Watch, one "story" at a time, how its inhabitants evade death.

Hello Kickstarter, my name is Jeff Zwirek, and I'm the artist of several mini-comics series, including Burning Building Comix. I'm looking to publish my 5 issue, black and white mini-comic series as a full color graphic novel. The series, Burning Building Comix, was nominated for an Ignatz Award, and featured in the Top Shelf 2.0 website, where you can see the complete books for the first 3 issues, in color. 

I'm asking for your help in funding the cost of the book, which shouldn't be too expensive, because it's only 19 pages long.

Let me explain.

Each comic of the series is only 19 pages long, but each new issue is meant to be read as if it takes place directly above the "stories" of the previous issues. So, as the comic series progressed, it didn't become longer, but taller.

The trick lay in figuring out a way to provide that same form, but in a collected volume. The video shows my solution to that problem, a book with 3 covers. I would have loved to make a book that was just one long tall volume, but where the heck would you put it? Having the book fold over on itself, to roughly the size of a normal comic collection, seemed to be the best solution.

This design construct, albeit convenient for shipping and storing, happens to be expensive, and the only printers I could find who would take it on, were overseas.

Due to the pricey format of the book, I've decided on a small run of as handsome a book as I can produce. 1000 copies in full color. The price for printing, assembling, and shipping the book overseas is $4,450.

If this project is successful, I'll have copies of the book to sell at comic conventions, through my website, and through some small distribution channels, so that I can get them into the best comic shops on the planet.

Your contribution means the world to me, so please have a look at the rewards, and thanks so much for exploring this project. 

- Jeff Z

Note: International buyers will incur extra shipping, but please don't let it discourage you. You're awesome.

Below is a picture of a mock up the printer sent to me, to prove it could be done. Also

there are some better pictures of the prototype pillow for a better view of the details.


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    The author's heartiest thanks, and a big slap on the back. (Slap on the back is contingent on proximity to the author, and temperament at time of request.)

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    18 backers

    A copy of Burning Building Comix, and the knowledge that people of superior intellect and generosity, such as yourself, help to enrich the lives of everyone, by supporting such artistic endeavors.

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    FIRST DEGREE: A copy of Burning Building Comix, with a hand pulled, silk screened belly band, which, by it's inclusion, highlights an even more exclusive connection to the project.

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    SECOND DEGREE: A copy of Burning Building Comix, with an original sketch, hand drawn onto a burned piece of paper, and signed by the author. Add the ultimate personal touch by requesting a personal inscription.

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    SMOKE INHALATION COMBO: A copy of the book with the belly band and the original sketch. (Yeah, you got the extra scratch for the bling, don't apologize.)

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    THIRD DEGREE: A copy of the book with a sewn, hand-constructed, victim character pillow with fire pillow buddy. Genuine author sweat will be guaranteed with each pillow.

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    TRAMPOLINE COMBO: A copy of the book, the belly band, the original sketch, and the character pillow. (Who's a superfan? You are.)

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    1 backer All gone!

    An Original 19 page comic called Garden Apartment that shows the basement of the Burning Building and tells the story of the Janitor that lives there. This will be created just for you, and is never to be reproduced. (Note, this will be a 2 panels per page book.)

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