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£1,224 pledged of £2,000 goal




Trash Runners

Their glamorous mission? Delivering precious tons of household refuse across the barren earth of outworld.

Form up your posse for adventure as you head across the desolate wastelands. Face down rival gangs trying to steal your cargo, barbaric tribes defending ancestral hunting grounds, anarchic revolutionaries raging against the machine and crazed enforcers wielding deadly judgement.

This is the world of Factious Waste, a cinematic tabletop skirmish game which blends strategy with narrative roleplay. Factious Waste is set in a near-future dystopia, drawing on the traditions of classic comics and action movies from the 80s and giving them a twist for the 21st century.

Natural resources have run dry, industry has collapsed, global borders have been shaken by forced migration. The world is divided between the tiny but affluent inworld, comfortable home of the tech-elite, and the brutal wastelands of outworld. Outworld is controlled by two powerful entities- GenPower, the corporation holding the monopoly on electrical production, and the ReFrat, mobsters who handle the dirty but essential task of waste management and recycling. Caught in the midst of their struggle for superiority are the NeoPrimitives, tribes fighting to protect a natural world which has long since given up the ghost. Revolutionary Luddites are former slaves from the treadmills of GenPower, now attempting to bring down the corporation and liberate their fellow workers. Artisan Collectives scour the desert wastes for rare materials to make bespoke goods for the inworld market and exiled former cyber-cops vent their deranged notions of law on the hapless wastelanders. Through the chaos ride the Trash Runners, vying amongst one another for the most lucrative contracts, hauling the refuse of inworld back for reprocessing and hunting for undiscovered treasures buried deep in the wastes.


  A small, mixed-faction posse heads off on a mission.

Following previous successful Kickstarters with The Woods and Legends of British Steampunk, Oakbound are returning to bring you Factious Waste, the second of Oakbound's settings to run off the SystemMech game system. Factious Waste is the world the rules were designed for back in 2014. Since then we have been playtesting and refining and are finally ready to launch this cinematic sandbox skirmish. Players build their own posses of up to 12 figures which grow, gain skills, equipment, injuries and character traits, control territories and fulfil contracts over a series of games.

GenCorps Operatives take out a saboteur along a main cable route.

SystemMech is Oakbound Studio’s narrative miniatures roleplay system. The rules for SystemMech are the same whether your games take place in the depths of space, a realm of high fantasy or across a gritty, post-apocalyptic landscape. The MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Tell a good story! As a skirmish-scale tabletop miniatures game, SystemMech is unique in two respects. Firstly it uses no dice rolls or decks of cards. The element of uncertainty in the game lies in the way players’ models interact together. Secondly and more importantly, SystemMech is designed for playing out encounters on the tabletop which are not a simple matter of ‘smash and grab’ or ‘fight to the death’. Combat is certainly an element, but subterfuge, coercion and exploration of the game environment are just as (if not more) important than killing off the opposition.

Simple concepts: The principles of the game fit on a couple of pages. Characters have six core statistics which combine to affect the outcome of their actions. Characters with high Decisiveness activate before those with a lower value and models can perform a number of actions during their activation equal to their Stamina rating. Models can target actions at elements they can perceive- dictated by their Perception range and a Field of Vision template aligned with their base.

Flexible action: The majority of the rules section is made up of six action tables: Movement, Relational (interaction with environment and other models), Shooting, Grappling, Driving and Reacting to the actions of other models. This allows characters to do anything from jumping between buildings to programming machinery, interrogating enemy models to high speed car chases. All in a concise and easy-to-reference format. We've even produced a super-slim reference booklet so you don't need to carry the large book around with you.

Strategy and Narrative: With twenty five scenarios included in the rulebook, a strong emphasis on objectives and a comprehensive campaign system Factious Waste instinctively plays out as an engrossing narrative. Because there are no dice rolls involved players have to work their posses to their characters' strengths and plan their strategy carefully. With combat only one element of the game the stealth, leadership and charisma of your characters all play a crucial role in achieving your objectives.

Fast-paced gaming: A Factious Waste scenario typically takes between 1 and 1.5 hours, allowing a short 3-scenario narrative to be played in an evening. Games usually take place on a 3' square board so can be played where space is at a premium. Posse creation is simple 3-step process and the War for 1984 and Faction Packs come with pre-generated  posses allowing you to get started right away.

ReFrat agents and their allies form up a posse to take to the wastes.

Learn more about SystemMech:

Read a battle report from Captain Crooks' playtesting- http://funkywenisrodeo.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/factious-waste-playtesting-up-coming.html

How to play 1: Character Profiles- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kiozw_tgo_Y&feature=youtu.be

How to play 2: Game Basics-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fKo0r9b7nw&t=587s

Download the core rules- http://www.propworkshop.co.uk/oakbound/systemmech/

Read a report from Blast-tastic-  http://fimmmccools.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/having-blast-tastic-time.html

Take a look at the campaign system-   http://fimmmccools.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/a-comprehensive-campaign-system-for.html

 Both barrels of a shotgun clear a path to the trash.

Oakbound's miniatures are hand-sculpted and cast in metal from vulcanised rubber moulds in the finest traditions of the hobby. The Factious Waste miniatures are cast in hard, lead-free white metal which allows the finest details of the figures to come out clean and crisp.

The average size of these models is 30mm from the sole of the foot to the top of the head, allowing them to fit with both old school '28mm heroic' and more modern 30-35mm miniatures. We appreciate that there are an enormous array of games available (we play a lot ourselves) and want these models to be as compatible as possible with other ranges so whether you're playing Rogue Trader or Infinity, original or new Necromunda you will be able to fit these models into your games.

Each of the Faction Packs have been put together to give you a particular 'flavour'- boiler suited workers, native wastelanders, pulp mobsters and armoured enforcers.

You can pick from five pledge levels-

Worker: No reward, just thanks

Wasteland Warrior: Just the minis- one Faction Pack

Librarian of the Lost: Just the rulebook

Outworld Warlord: The War For 1984 boxed set

Badlands Boss: One of every Faction Pack and the War for 1984 boxed set.

Each pledge level above Worker will also receive a free PDF pack of roster sheets, datasheets, character quick-reference cards and other useful player aids.

Of course, if you want to add extra bits (tokens, minis, dice, scenery...) you can. Simply scroll down to the Add-Ons section, see what you'd like and add the amount shown to your pledge. Once the campaign completes our pledge manager will let you tell us exactly what you'd like. Apologies that add-ons are not available at the Worker level, there wouldn't be much point unless you just want tokens!

There will also be a number of freebies unlocked (hopefully) for backers at Wasteland Warrior level and above over the course of the campaign. These will be listed below as they are unlocked and you can find what we're aiming for in the Stretch Goals section.







Once you've chosen your pledge level simply add on the amount for any extras you'd like.


Lead your own posse into the fray! Once the Kickstarter completes we'll ask you for a few photos, the faction you'd like to be sculpted for and some ideas for characters. You'll then receive 2 metal castings of yourself in miniature form and your sculpt will be added to the Factious Waste range for all to admire.



















As if the project wasn't exciting enough, here are a load of cool things you'll receive as freebies and be able to pick up as add-ons once we've reached a level of funding. These freebies are available to all backers of Wasteland Warrior level and above.


Hang on, isn't this a diceless system? Yes. It requires no dice to be rolled. But dice are still a useful tool for keeping track of Stamina, Endurance and scoring. We use D6s to track Endurance and D12s for Stamina. When this goal unlocks you'll get 10 of each in every Faction Pack.


Faction Dice are useful for keeping track of Experience Points, your leader's Endurance or anything else required by the scenario. There are seven designs to choose from and when this goal unlocks you'll get one of your choice for free.


Exclusive to the Kickstarter. When this goal unlocks every backer will receive a free model of Boz on his Hoss to join your posse. Metal rider and resin bike.


When this goal unlocks each backer will receive 10 resin junk piles to decorate the board, use as objective counters and generally skirmish over. Extra junk piles will be available as add-ons.


Carl Critchlow is renowned for his work on 2000AD, Dark Future, Magic The Gathering and D&D. We are particularly excited about working with him on Factious Waste and when this goal unlocks we'll be able to offer him a commission for the cover art and all backers an exclusive print.

(The images below show some of Carl's previous work for other publications, none of which endorse or are affiliated in any way with Oakbound Studio and Factious Waste)


 What's better than one free Faction Dice? Well five free Faction dice!


The modelling and painting articles in The Woods: Secrets of Shandisholm have been very popular and we were asked to contribute some more articles for hobby magazine The Golden D6. Factious Waste provides another opportunity to look at making some high quality terrain on a budget and when this goal unlocks we will do just that with a full colour modelling section in the rulebook. For miniatures-only backers this section will be included in your PDF bundles. 


We've designed many of our miniatures to be customisable, so when you build your posse or buy them new equipment you can easily swap weapons and other items in and out. You'll already have weapon options in the Faction Packs but when this goal unlocks you'll get another sprue of weaponry and equipment to tool up your gang with, including the infamous chainsaw!

Post-apocalyptic settings offer enormous possibility for creating weird and wonderful models. When this goal unlocks we'll add another modelling section to the rulebooks and your PDF bundles with ideas and tips for building wasteland vehicles and unique characters for your posses.


When this goal unlocks each copy of the War for 1984 boxed set will contain a set of resin fuel barrels courtesy of Scotia Grendel. You'll also be able to add-on sets of barrels to all pledge levels.


When this goal unlocks each copy of the War for 1984 boxed set will contain a set of resin crates courtesy of Scotia Grendel. You'll also be able to add-on sets of crates to all pledge levels.


Gerascenic, who created the music for our Kickstarter video, have done some more tracks designed with outworld gaming in mind. When this goal unlocks you'll get all of them added as mp3s to your PDF bundle. 

We always go with high quality binding, but if we top £5000 we can go that bit extra with luxury, hardback rulebooks. Guaranteed to look good on your shelf and keep the pages in good order however much they get flicked through. 

We've got lots more Stretch Goals planned for if we clear the £5000 mark, so don't stop spreading the word!

 A revolutionary Luddite breaks up a NeoPrimitive pow wow. First and third figures from the right not from Oakbound Studio. Painting and photograph by Jean-Baptiste Garidel.

An important note about postage. We are based in the UK and several years' experience shipping stuff all over the world has taught us to always use tracking and recorded delivery. The postage amounts listed under each pledge level reflects the amount it will cost to send the contents of the basic pledge. If you add-on a lot to your pledge we may have to ask for a bit more shipping to cover the increased weight. Generally as long as a package comes in under the 2kg weight limit there won't be any need. The metal miniatures are relatively light (each Faction Pack weighs about 200g) but a couple of rulebooks will easily push a parcel close to the 2kg limit. If you are concerned about increased postage costs just ask us via comments or messaging and we will do our best to answer your questions. Unfortunately we are not able to cover any customs duties or import tax.


In 2013 someone asked Geoff if he'd get some of the models he'd built cast up so they could buy some. He did, and later that year Oakbound Studio formed. Since then the studio has produced miniatures for Celtic Fantasy, Steampunk and traditional sci-fi gaming as well as undertaking sculpts for other small miniatures companies, taking on the Troll Outpost resin range and becoming the sole UK stockist of RAFM fantasy miniatures. The last year has been spent raising our profile at games conventions across the south of the UK and we have received positive feedback for our previous releases. Factious Waste is a project which has been long in the planning and we are very proud of the unique twist it puts on the classic post-apocalyptic genre.

 Feedback for The Woods:

"Lovely, characterful models. Great to see an energetic and naturally growing miniatures business" Rob Alderman

"It will definitely be worth a look for anyone battling it out in almost any fantasy realm" Wargames Illustrated

"I'm a skirmish game and RPG player so I like the small scale of The Woods. Scenarios about a shepherd protecting his flock or hunters getting lost and running into a Fae Rade are far more interesting than a straight fight. It's the day to day and small events that affect everyday life in a magical world that I find exciting" Lewis Hay

"This game should be up there with "Frostgrave" if not higher." Geez Spot

Two enforcers (of very different kinds!) confront ne'er-do-wells amongst the labyrinth of an outworld city. Painting and photos by James Holloway.


Risks and challenges

Oakbound have been selling miniatures and games for almost 5 years. We have used the printers and casters we are intending to use for this project before and have had good results. We have every confidence in their capabilities. Our last Kickstarter ran to deadline and was 400% funded. The rulebook and miniatures for Factious Waste are complete (bar a bit of artwork and a final proof-read) and will be ready for production before Christmas. However, things can and do go awry and in the event of that happening we will keep you informed and make every effort to cross that final mile into production.

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