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Creating products that enhance the way we interact and enjoy our Apple iPhone and iPod's.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Can't wait :D! So excited. Hopefully it can come before mid july. Im leaving for vacation, and i would really like the receive these before i leave :(

    2. Jakester on

      Juhyun ~ It says "estimated" delivery July. Why are you tired of waiting already? You were 3 days into July and you are tired of waiting? That comment sounded so rude.

    3. Jakester on

      Wrong area to complain!

    4. Juhyun Park on

      When Shipping ? I' had a so tired to WAITING THIS STUFF !

    5. Alec on

      When does shipping start its almost July

    6. Missing avatar

      raman lakshmanan on

      Congratulations ! Excellent news ! Bravo!

    7. Jakester on

      People can this update be filled with celebrations and Congrats instead of asking questions on shipping and stuff? Do that over in the regular comment section or send a message. It steals the thunder when you can't celebrate with the project you backed. I'm just saying!

    8. Christina Stilwell on

      Congratulations on a great design. Can't wait to get them & give my old E1's a fresh look. You couldn't of done it w/o r help backing u all.... Lol... Now I can wear them & have bragging rights telling everyone I helped earskinz get there start. Great job to all of u on this wonderful achievement. U will have many more in the future. Best wishes to u all.

    9. Alec on

      When is the shipping?

    10. Jakester on

      Congrats! Now take that to the Backer Haters who were all over you about the packaging! Guess those of us who told you it looked awesome, have an eye for beauty!

    11. Barbro Westlund-Storm

      I broke my old headset and bought the newer. Can I switch? (If not - how soon can I buy some?) :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Bill Noel on

      I can't wait for the product to hit the shelves and sales skyrocket! Craig and Jon will become rich and famous for having improved the listening experience for millions of people!

    13. Wesley Tee on

      Congrats! It's amazing! Can't wait to get them on my EarPods!

    14. Joshua Anderson on

      Congratulations! Well deserved.

    15. Andres Aquino on