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Protect your windshield from chips, cracks, and weather. Improve visibility with one treatment that lasts for years!
Protect your windshield from chips, cracks, and weather. Improve visibility with one treatment that lasts for years!
Protect your windshield from chips, cracks, and weather. Improve visibility with one treatment that lasts for years!
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    1. Kari on

      This product is crap! Had my car professionally detailed and paid extra to have them apply. My windshield was very spotty, drove from WI to MT, between the windshield washer fluid and washing windows at the pump there is nothing left.
      Professional detailer called this product a steaming pile of SH*T and they hoped that I didn’t spend much money.
      This product is nothing like they advertised. Not sure how they look at themselves in the mirror. Oh wait they probably applied their product.
      For those that have yet to receive their reward, think of it as time saved

    2. ethan on

      Still waiting !! where is my package?

    3. Yul Dorotheo on

      Finally got a notice from the post office, dated 2 May 2018, that my package had arrived. No email, Kickstarter message, or any other notice from LiquidNano. Never got a tracking number either. I got the package last week but haven't had time to apply the product yet.

      Does anyone know what the shelf life of the product is? There's no manufacturing date indicated, but my guess is it was made before December 2017.

    4. Missing avatar


      Hi, where is my package

    5. Missing avatar

      axel on


    6. Missing avatar

      axel on

      wheres my product???

    7. Missing avatar

      Stanley Bowling

      I have not received mine yet, also. Will try to message direct.

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Gering on

      Hey guys, any news on my shipment to Australia? I sent you a PM, hoping it is on it's way.

    9. ethan on

      Still waiting !!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ginger C on

      Received mine, too - thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Sameer Shaik on

      Received mine. Thank you.

    12. Smash

      Try to write them a PM, worked for me.

    13. zse112 on

      It is now 12 April 2018,I have yet to receive the product.This is terrible!

    14. Missing avatar

      Natasha A-S

      Any shipping info, tracking notice or update? USA here.

    15. Rob Cornelius on

      Still haven’t received product. You have one week to address this before I take it to social media. My reach is long.

    16. Missing avatar

      SHEN YAYUAN on

      Received and used it a month ago, absolutely great product. Thanks!
      I would like to purchase it again.

    17. Meng Yang on

      Just received my shipping confirmation

    18. Meng Yang on

      Still waiting

    19. Yul Dorotheo on

      It is now 2 April 2018, and I still don't have my product and have not received any news! This is terrible!

    20. David Britt

      I just got mine in Australia. Has anyone tried it?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ginger C on

      You stated on Feb. 12 that domestic orders were all shipped. Well, I'm in California - NO package from you. So where is it? Seriously, where is it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Robyn Jaques

      Anyone in Australia got theirs yet?

    23. David Britt

      Still NOTHING???????????????????????

    24. jagpreet suri on

      Received my order
      Can’t apply it since it’s freezing outside
      Will have to wait till summer time

    25. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      Are there any review of this out there yet? Does it work, does it actually repel water/frost, does it affect visibility? I got mine a couple weeks ago, but haven't applied it yet.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bjornar Nygard on

      Just received my order. Thanks

    27. David Britt

      Nice to know that it’s SCHEDULED for dispatch. Why have you been lying about the pledges being posted already? Fat chance I’d ever spend anymore money with your company. Can’t wait to find out you’ve actually defrauded us and have only sent packages with NANO WATER....

    28. David Britt

      So I just got this email;
      Hello David Britt,

      Your order has been scheduled for shipment.

      Tracking: LZ1xxxxx370US
      Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking updates to appear.

      Shipped On:

    29. Missing avatar

      James White

      No shipping info and still nothing received in Canada!

    30. jagpreet suri on

      Still nothing here in Canada

    31. Missing avatar

      Greg Gering on

      Still waiting here in Sydney Australia. Please let me know what's going on.

    32. David Britt

      Still NOTHING???????

    33. Missing avatar

      Sameer Shaik on

      I am backer 290. I have not received the product. Can you please provide tracking number.

    34. David Britt

      No product no tracking???? This is a joke!!!!!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      I am backer 344 in Singapore and just received my items.

    36. Missing avatar


      Where is my order???baker 260

    37. Missing avatar

      Salman Dingankar on

      Final got tracking but still waiting

    38. David Britt

      STILL NOTHING????????

    39. Missing avatar


      No tracking information or updates.

    40. Missing avatar

      Wang Jin on

      have not received any tracking information

    41. David Britt


    42. Henry on

      Sending an email to let us know about the tracking is so hard init......

    43. Missing avatar

      Graham Kent on

      Still nothing, they see all comments on Facebook messenger, but never take the 10 seconds to reply.
      No company can operate like this, you’re unfortunately never going to own a business from this campaign. It’s great to see some KS projects turn into something good and sustainable, liquidnano will never be one of these!

    44. Missing avatar

      Ginger C on

      I have not received a tracking number or the product either - in CA.

    45. Missing avatar



      Haven’t got anything

    46. Norman Labreche on

      I still have nothing. No emails. No tracking. I asked a month ago to get confirmation of the address it was going to be sent to and still nothing. How about answering people when they ask you a direct question. Every other kickstarter I backed asked me to confirm the address I want it shipped to before they ship it. People move. How about answering?

    47. Missing avatar

      Graham Kent on

      What a crock! “Oh hey no communication except to tell you we haven’t even sent anything yet”
      This scammer just keeps getting better!!

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