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World's Best Sunglasses - Custom designed & custom made's video poster

Custom designed one-of-a-kind sunglasses made for your face only from a block of Italian acetate & fitted with the world's best lenses Read more

West, TX Product Design
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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2012.

Custom designed one-of-a-kind sunglasses made for your face only from a block of Italian acetate & fitted with the world's best lenses

West, TX Product Design
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About this project

 THANKS for checking our our project.  Please VISIT our website:

Goal of Project

The goal of the project is to introduce a new product and create demand that will help fuel growth (and persuade balky bankers).  To increase our capacity we need to build new tools and equipment and add new team members who will require lengthy apprenticeship training.  Our custom craftsmanship requires experienced craftspeople.  As we grow, we are developing innovations that will help drive down the cost of custom eyewear.

 A parallel project goal is to utilize the publicity of “the world’s best sunglasses” on Kickstarter to help educate the public that there is now a custom option available for eyewear.  Millions of people around the world need customization to achieve proper fit and vision, but have no idea that custom one-of-a-kind eyewear is available.  Custom is better.  Custom fits better, works better and makes you look better.  Please help us get the word out.

*Note that as per Kickstarter guidelines the "Buy One - Give One" program described on Indivijual's website is not applicable to our Kickstarter "World's Best Sunglasses" project.

Q & A

Isn't Custom Made Expensive?  Unfortunately, but there just aren't any shortcuts in the custom process.  And remember, talented artists will be designing each backer's custom frame especially for their face and then custom crafting it out of a block of Italian cellulose acetate.  It's a complicated, time-consuming, skilled process.  In comparison, there are lots of 'designer' sunglasses selling for $500, $600, $700 and they are mass produced one-size-fits-all frames.  Even if you feel that one-size-fits-all fits you okay, you'll be amazed at how much better a frame designed specifically for you fits, feels and enhances your look.  Customizing eyewear not only improves performance, it enhances your appearance.

Most people have a closet full of clothes they wear a few times a month.  Eyewear is something you put on your face every day. Nothing else you wear is more a part of our look or your persona than your eyewear.  You are unique. Your eyewear should be too.

More information on the Lenses, Please?   The lenses are made with Trivex material, originally developed for helicopter windshields and fighter jet canopies. This advanced nano thermoset polymer technology provides optical purity, ultra-lightweight performance and extreme impact resistance.  Trivex is a unique, scientifically advanced lens material that provides crisp, clear vision for reading, computer work, driving, sports and helps to reduce eye strain. 

Fitted in your "World's Best Sunglasses", and tinted to look best in your custom frame color, these specialized lenses will also provide:

  •  100% UV block
  •  anti-reflective coating
  •  scratch resistant coating
  • and will be polarized unless the backer prefers non-polarized sunglasses 

As described in Reward #3, single prescription lenses are also available for your sunglasses for an additional $100.  Backer's desiring this option will need to provide us with their prescription.  If you need bi-focal or progressive lenses, don't want tinted lenses or you prefer to use your own lens provider we can provide a custom designed and custom crafted frame only. See our website or let us know and we'll add a new reward option.

I didn't know I could get Custom Eyewear Frames.  How does that happen?   

How the Custom Eyewear Process Works from Start to Finish

 Upon receipt of your order, Indivijual conducts a comprehensive information gathering and analysis that drives our custom design process.   You will be shipped a Customer Info Kit that contains all the ingredients to gather that information.  A profile questionnaire is used to learn about your lifestyle, your personality, and your tastes. Custom color charts and instruments are used to take detailed measurements of your face, skin tone, hair color and eye color.  Detailed instructions walk you step by step as photos of your face and a mold of your nose are created to assure that your custom eyewear design is a perfect fit.  All of this is shipped back to Indivijual in a convenient mailing box.

How does Indivijual create my custom design?

When your information is received the design team at Indivijual digs in for a detailed analysis of your physical features, your lifestyle and personality, and importantly, your wants and needs in a custom frame.   

 Once this analysis is completed, Indivijual’s designers create a series of preliminary designs for you in a two dimensional format.  These “prelim designs” usually include three to five different options, which are then superimposed on one of your photos.  We then develop color recommendations for you based on your skin tone, hair, eye color, and the information gathered about your wardrobe and color preferences.  A presentation is then provided for your review and feedback. 

 The design team then works on the refinement process until the design meets your approval.

Crafting your custom frame

Once this detailed design process is complete and you have given your go-ahead, the creation of your custom frame will begin.  A block of the finest Italian cellulose acetate, an organic plastic made from wood and cotton, is selected and your custom design is carved from it.  This process is complicated, time consuming and requires a great deal of hand crafting.  A custom design takes from six to ten weeks to complete from start to finish.

Your custom frame will then be fitted with your sunglass lenses and then shipped to you in custom embossed protective case.  All your specifications, nose mold, and measurements will be retained in Indivijual’s files just in case you decide you’d like your new signature custom design in various colors.

This is serious stuff.  Are you qualified to do all this?   We're introducing our first sunglasses product via Kickstarter, but we are collaborating with one of the best custom lens laboratories in the world for the lenses.  As for custom eyewear frames, we've been developing our processes and methods for 10 years and have been making custom frames for clients around the world for several years now.  Check out some of our testimonials below and visit our website to learn more:

Customer & Media Comments

“ The glasses are really stunning”      Marty Hackel, Fashion Director, Golf      Digest

 “Indivijual can make your eyeglass fantasies come true”     The New Yorker

 “Wow, the frames are incredibly beautiful – elegant, perfectly crafted, comfortable, and more important:  my wife loves them!”    Lawrence Honig,  Head of Worldwide Stores                                                                                      Abercrombie & Fitch

 “The glasses are great, plus they are unique.  I am totally surprised by the reactions they are eliciting from friends and strangers.   I would not believe it if I wasn’t living it myself.  I want another pair in another color!”    Joseph Fong  -  Pittsburgh

 “I love my new custom made frames.”     Kristine Khederian  -  New York

 “The glasses look fantastic!!!  Thanks!”     Zach Dunn  -  San Francisco

 “Do I like my new custom frames?  YES, YES, YES, I love them.”  Bonnie Harrison  -  Abilene

 “The process was detailed and well worth the wait.  I’ve never received so many compliments on any fashion item.”   Craig Brumfield  -  San Francisco

 “I have my new glasses, thank you, I love them.  Keep my information, I’m thinking of getting sunglasses made.”   Laura Broussard  -  Houston

“They look great.  This is exciting!”   Wayne Sonnichsen  -  Seattle

“I just got your frames. I love the frames…Please send me your invoice, and please call so we can discuss doing some sunglasses.”    Ellington Edwards  -  Chicago

“I just got the glasses and they look really good.  I have already received several compliments on them.”    Donnie Saunders  -  Dallas

“The frames look great!  It’s exactly what I wanted.  Once I had them in my hands, I knew they were perfect.  Thanks a lot for your hard work.”   Ned Martin  -  New York


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    A custom protective case just like the one that comes with the custom sunglasses. We will customize the case by embossing your name along with our trademark "Indivijual" on the top. Please see photo of cases in the description. Your choice of black or burgundy color.

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    NO LENSES OPTION: Don't want tinted lenses or you prefer to use your own lens provider? We can provide a custom designed and custom crafted frame without lenses for $745. International backers please add $25 for standard shipping.

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    After gathering measurements, photos, color charts & a mold of your nose our artists will custom design a frame specially for you and sculpt it from a block of the finest Italian cellulose acetate (an organic plastic made from wood & cotton) selected to compliment your colors. After weeks of hand crafting we will fit the best sunglasses lenses made into your one-of-a-kind custom frame. Finally, we will emboss your name along with "Indivijual" on a protective case for your sunglasses. Made in USA, so please add $25 for standard international shipping. (see "How the Custom Eyewear Process Works from Start to Finish" in the project description for more information on how the process works)

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    If you need single vision prescription sunglasses lenses please add $100 to the $895 above. For international backers please add $25 for standard shipping. Note that you will need to provide your prescription for this option. If you need bi-focal or progressive lenses, don't want tinted lenses or you prefer to use your own lens provider, we can provide a custom designed and custom crafted frame without lenses. See our website or let us know and we'll add a new reward option.

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