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Everybody's favorite picture book for discussion & activity! Crap Hound 6: Death, Telephones & Scissors reprint is ready to go!
Everybody's favorite picture book for discussion & activity! Crap Hound 6: Death, Telephones & Scissors reprint is ready to go!
272 backers pledged $13,110 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      The prints shipped this week. Messages were sent out to backers. Chloe

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      Guy Keulemans on

      Hey I'm still waiting for my slikscreen print. Chloe please check your messages, thanks.

    3. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      How will project creators get my info (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) to deliver rewards?

      Project creators will send you an email survey to request any info they need to deliver you and your fellow backers’ rewards, such as your mailing address or other details.

      Surveys are sent only after a project has been successfully funded. Some creators send surveys immediately, others wait until they’re ready to deliver rewards. If you think you might have missed a survey email, please log in to your Kickstarter account to check — you’ll see a notification at the top of the site for any missed surveys.

    4. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      There should be a nice big notice at the top of the page that says we need information from you. If not, please contact Kickstarter. I have no way of resending the survey myself and I need your info plugged into the survey for smooth fulfillment and delivery.

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      Steven Cole Smith on

      Is there an email I can reach you guys at?

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      Steven Cole Smith on

      I have no notifications and I checked my email and didn't get a survey. I'm really worried.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven Cole Smith on

      Where is the survey? I simply can't find it.

    8. Missing avatar

      denis mutter on

      Thanks for the info Chloe - I have used the same email previously, so nit sure why I didn't get the updates - just glad I didn't miss it! I had almost forgotten about it completely and then realized I hadn't rec'd the survey. Sorry to bug ya!

    9. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Chloe, filled the survey in a few minutes ago - then realised that I had been expecting to see a question verifying whether or not I'd also gone for the additional digital packs (which I had). So I'll just trust that you are super efficient (more so than me) and have made a note to bung the download link my way (when its ready).

    10. B. Baltimore Brown on

      Did the email go out yet? Making sure I didn't miss it.

    11. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      Hey GerG, The Hand, Heart, Eye prints were sold out and removed from the project description several days ago to avoid confusion. They were never an option at the $100 level -- just available via the $60 pledge. They are $40 vs. $25 for the skull print because they are more expensive digital prints, so I'm afraid I cannot substitute one for the other. The $100 pledge is a great value ~ maybe you can give the skull print away as a gift to someone? I've got a huge amount of work in front of me which is why we're not making special
      arrangements with individual backers. Thanks for your support, Chloe

    12. gerG Maclaurin on

      SO glad you reached your goal. I upgraded a few moments ago, and am glad i did! I was curious about the prints. I thought if i upgraded to $100 that i could get one of the hand, heart or eye rather than the skull print. Is it possible to choose something OTHER than the skull print? I know it's a ton of work to deal with the pledges, and wanted to thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Hi, just wanting to be absolutely certain about international shipping: I've just bumped my pledge to the new $35 "three copies" level *and* added $40 for the set of digital packs - do you need anything more added for intl. shipping for that lot?

    14. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      Thank you, BSP!!!

    15. Bleed So Pretty on

      aw this will make me so sad if it doesn't get funded ! i changed my $35 pledge to $100. if we all increased our pledges just a bit we can make it to our goal !

    16. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      Thank you!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      kickstarterraette on

      I really wanted to up my pledge to ten wholesale packs, but I restrained myself and did the font pack upgrade. Now back to more Facebook nudging.

    18. Emilly Prado on

      Hi, Just wanted to clarify that if I chose the $65 tier that I will have the choice of what print I'd like?



    19. Missing avatar

      kickstarterraette on

      Oh please oh please oh please FUND this project

    20. Chloe Eudaly 10-time creator on

      Alex, as mentioned in our project description we're not offering custom reward packages. Fulfilling hundreds of orders with various items is challenging enough. The $65 reward tier has what you want.

    21. Alex Camacho on

      Any chance the digital pack can be thrown in with the skull print... pretty please?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean Tejaratchi on

      Hi Tim, Sean from CH here. I wanted to address "Banksy could fund your entire Kickstarter"… I'll be writing a blog update, but here I just want to say that CH was thanked in the back of that book. It was a poor choice in layout & attribution, but it's definitely not stealing, or fraud. The debates about Banksy will go on, but it's important to me to keep things really clear in this case. As far as him being able to fund this, I'd never want that! Clarification was all I was after, and things are being sorted out. Blog update coming soon. And thank you for your pledge, Tim!

    23. tim hutchings on

      I just read your article about Banksy plagiarizing a piece from the zine. I wanted to point out that Banksy could fund your entire Kickstarter without even dipping into his milk money. He has a very real capability to give financial support back to the culture he rips off, but he doesn't. That's the choice he makes after he chose to steal from you.