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A redesigned rubber band gun for use in the office, at home or on the playground.  Hours of fun!
A redesigned rubber band gun for use in the office, at home or on the playground. Hours of fun!
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      Antonio Soto Miranda on

      Don´t shoot. anybody can to make a website or blog with information about bad or scam projects crowfunding my pledge will be first. Many projects KS - IDGG need demand in courts. Lost money in few years crowfunding don´t exist if KS - IDGG respond with money back. Legal assistance is necessary.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eddy G

      Glad to hear I'm not the only who is dissatisfied with this project... thought my experience might be unique, but the other comments here proved otherwise. The plastic screws are definitely too long and I agree completely about the trigger mechanism just not working reliably. There needs to be washers/spacers on each side of the cog wheel to prevent it from twisting for sure. Very disappointing.

    3. tim timmons on

      Got mine, and like the others, it doesn't fit, nor fire very well. The screws are way too long, the friction is too high, and the rubber-bands break with the slightest amount of use. Definitely not something I would recommend to anyone.

    4. Soochon Radee on

      Hi, I received my kit but am missing some wooden pieces to my rubber band gun. Can I get some help please?

    5. Matthew Mueller on

      Well I received my rubber band gun yesterday and promptly began working on it this morning. I went through all the directions, and noticed a few fitment problems, but nothing I couldn't correct with a small knife. After it was all assembled I proceeded to load my first salvo of provided rubberbands. With a clumsy squeeze of the trigger, nothing happens. Needless to say there is too much friction in the trigger assembly and the rubber band gun just will not fire.

    6. Leah Simmers on

      So while we are missing one screw we are still trying to work with it. It seems to load fine but won't shoot

    7. Leah Simmers on

      I just received ours. Putting it together we were short one screw. :(

    8. Leah Simmers on

      How are things looking?

    9. Missing avatar

      Eddy G

      Hi Nikolas. Any status / news for your backers?