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Squad based coop SF strategy/RPG and epic single player campaign, set on Mars colony during the huge storm
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1,504 backers pledged $60,836 to help bring this project to life.

EVAC in 24 hours!


This is it, the last 24 hours are upon us! Thanks to unbelievable support from all of you and to some big bucks backers stepping in we are now just a bit over 8000$ shy away from our 75.000$ stretch goal that would add the Mac version of the game plus two new advanced gameplay modes!

This is what needs to happen to the 75.000$ stretch goal
This is what needs to happen to the 75.000$ stretch goal

If we manage to reach the 75.000$ stretch goal during next 24 hours we will be announcing a special surprise reward for ALL of our backers! Let's try and do it marines!

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It's the final countdown!

We know that in most of countries Easter holidays are taking place right now and we understand some of you might be away, awe want to thank you again for eveything and ask one last time for THE FINAL push with sharing project information with everybody, upping the pledges if possible and raising some noise for The Red Solstice in this last 24 hours!

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