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Squad based coop SF strategy/RPG and epic single player campaign, set on Mars colony during the huge storm
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The voices of Red Solstice


Hi everybody, first of all we really wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your kind words, support and pledges you have given The Red Solstice and the team at Ironward so far! You are the best!

Good progress so far

As we are past 1/3 of our Kickstarter timespan we managed to breeze through more then 34% of our goal with a lot of momentum picking up during last few days! We are near reaching the first stepping stone for our "New monster every 1000 Facebook fans" goal and will have a lot more to say about that in our next update.

We will be adding a new monster to the game every 1000 new Facebook fans we manage to gather during the Kickstarter campaign
We will be adding a new monster to the game every 1000 new Facebook fans we manage to gather during the Kickstarter campaign

The voices

This time we will be presenting you with three of our voice actors that have given The Red Solstice a lof of that unique flavour and have set the atmosphere!

Fran McClellan -

She is primary voice of both S.A.R.A. and T.A.R.A. SARA = Security and Reconnaissance Administrator TARA = Tactical and Reconnaissance Administrator. SARA AI is used in various colony systems while TARA is used from the Galactical Elysium Destroyers (GED) that are being used as mother ships for military forces on and around Mars.

Andy Mack -

He's voicing various characters in our singleplayer campaign. Marksman Christian Sohlberg, commander Tom Savage, sergeant Tyler Hunt of Lost Generation (genetically modified human), Rime - a cool fella that always finds himself in the wrong place at the worst possible time + general player voices and the voice of dropship pilot and many other interesting characters.

Ryan Cooper

We also have a small surprise, as this voice actor was not announced or show in the Alpha version of the game so far. So listen to the official TRS premiere of voice of Ryan Cooper.

He is telling the story of YOU, a marine on the field, during his narration as a grizzled old veteran who is telling the story from the perspective of the player that has survived The Red Solstice, for better or worse. You are determining your own story, and there are four alternate endings in the multiplayer version of the game.

Youtuber shoutouts

You want to find out more about the game and see even more gameplay videos? No problem thanks to amazing Youtubers Jester814 (english) and 0Xss0fr (french).

Check out the Jester814 gameplay video

Check out the 0Xss0fr gameplay video

Shoutout to Planets³

We want all of you our friends and supporters to take a special note of amazing new game, a Kickstarter project called Planets³ that is just entering last 5 days of it's campaign! Planets combines the excitement of role playing with the pleasure of construction and the boundless freedom to roam about in a 3D universe. Its intricate plot and outstanding voxel based design offers opportunities for intense action and unlimited creativity. Planets³ has been designed to promote multi-player gameplay, to share the fun with friends. Support this great project right now at their Kickstarter campaign page.

Creativity at it's best...
Creativity at it's best...

Sharing is the key

For the end of this update we just wanted to ask all of you to keep sharing the news about TRS being on Kickstarter with direct link to our campaing. Social networks, word of mouth, posts on forums, wild gatherings at city squares (anything will do). It is the best way of helping us reach our goal and making The Red Solstice a perfect game we want it to be! Thank you, thank you so much!