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The first vocabulary workbook for visual learners. Nouns, verbs, phrases and idioms combined into context visualised vocabulary maps.
The first vocabulary workbook for visual learners. Nouns, verbs, phrases and idioms combined into context visualised vocabulary maps.
The first vocabulary workbook for visual learners. Nouns, verbs, phrases and idioms combined into context visualised vocabulary maps.
400 backers pledged $14,142 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Connie Koorevaar-Goecks
      6 days ago

      I would love to proofread it and I'm on vacation for the next 3 weeks, so it is perfect timing.

    2. Connie Koorevaar-Goecks

      Hello Tom & Suzi, Just checking in as to where production is? In April and May (so far) we have received no pdfs. How close are you to finishing the project and sending the digital content?

    3. Connie Koorevaar-Goecks

      Hi, The workbook draft is amazing!!! I'm very excited to receive the pdf's. Thank you very much!

    4. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hello Rena,
      Thank you for your interest and support in our project. We recommend you to get PDF package 2000 to get the best for your baby and older one. This package contains of maps, blank maps, list of activities and flash cards which will be very useful for your baby.

      To get three PDF 2000 words packages and audio books in three languages, please increase your pledge to $117.

      Thank you, Tom and Suzi

    5. Missing avatar

      Rena on

      Hi, I have pledge 1 just to get access here. I would like one in English, one in Spanish and one in German all 7+ ( as you wrote somewhere it is till usable with younger children? I have a baby and an eight year old so need a good fit for both :-). I would like PDF´s with audio or maybe books as well if the final price is good. In PDF´s will I get the flashcards too? And looking forward using it in my language school! Can you please tell me how much do I pledge? Thank you.

    6. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Connie,
      That is correct. PDF 1000 words = $19 and PDF 2000 words = $35 so just add $19 to your pledge to get them both. Thank you, Tom and Suzi

    7. Connie Koorevaar-Goecks

      Okay, so if I get this right....I want the smaller child maps plus the "older" child maps of the pdfs only (I want it digital, no shipping costs) so I need to add the 19 to my 35 pledge, correct?

    8. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Marek,
      The 7+ PDF package can still be used because it contains the flash cards so you can pick and choose the words you would like to practise with your daughter...however the map itself has more pictures and vocabulary so the pictures are smaller but you can always print them out bigger.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marek on

      Ok, thanks. So I just changed my pledge to 70$. But I have seen you comment below that some types of the PDFs are better for smaller kids and some for the bigger ones. My daughter so just 7 months so it would take a while before she will be 7+, so I just want to make sure that at least some of the cards (the 1,000) in the large pack are also suitable for kids at the age of 2+. Is that so? Thanks

    10. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Marek,
      Yes, it does. The PDF 2000 contains vocabulary from the PDF 1000. It is because of the context and connections. So if you want the PDF's for your daughter, just order PDF 2000 for both languages for $70 pledge. Thank you, Tom and Suzi

    11. Missing avatar

      Marek on

      Hello, thank you for your answer. I just want to ask one more thing. Does the 2,000 words PDF file contain also the same as the 1,000 words pack? I would like to buy all this just for my daughter so I don't need to have it duplicate. Thank you

    12. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Marek,
      Thank you for your support and pledge. To get PDF 1000 and 2000 words in both English and German, please increase your $19 pledge to $108. Thank you very much.
      Tom and Suzi

    13. Missing avatar

      Marek on


      I have just pledged the 19$ PDF set with 1,000 words. And I would like to have it also in one more language + I'm considering also the set of 2,000 words in PDF for kids 7+. Can you somehow mix this for me? I would like to have all the PDFs in both English and German. I can cancel this pledged 19$ and pay it all together if you can manage to put it together for me. Thanks!

      Marek from Czech

    14. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hello Ludek,

      The e-book and paper workbook contain the same content. The workbook is only the same price as the PDF package (1000 words) because it is AN EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. When we have sold out of all the early birds it will return to the full price of $25. The value in the PDF package is that you can print out maps, blank maps and flashcards over and over again in high quality, plus the workbook does not contain the blank maps and flash cards. Tom and Suzi

    15. Ludek Michera on

      So the e-book and workbook is the same, but material? Still it's strange for me that book with shipping is the same price as smaller PDF, but I think I understand what you get for each pledge ;)

    16. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hello Ludek,
      Thank you! The ebook and paper workbook have maps, example sentences and exercises and the pdf packages contain maps, blank maps (to practice spelling and revision) and flashcards!

      The 2000 words pdf package has the same maps that will be in the book/ebook but the smaller 1000 words package is catered for younger children, so the maps have less vocabulary on them but with bigger pictures and writing!

      I hope this helps!:)

      Have a great day,
      Tom and Suzi

    17. Ludek Michera on

      Hello, first of all, thank you for a great project. However I'm confused about differences between some parts. What is the difference between the e-book and PDF? What about workbook? Does it contain the same as PDF?

    18. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Robert, thank you! Great, we hope our campaign is successful so that we can hear how your German is getting along in the future! High five to visual learners!

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Clemm

      Updated by pledge to $70 to add in the PDF. I am planning on working through German and, as someone who is more visual, this will be a big help.

    20. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your support, that's great! What language are you learning? You would need to add an extra $35 to your pledge to get the 2000 word pdf package. We hope you have a wonderful day and if you have any other questions we are happy to answer them! :) Tom and Suzi

    21. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Joshua,
      Thank you for your comment. We have sent you a message to discuss your pledge so that we can offer you your perfect pledge :) Wow Korea, that's awesome! We are looking forward to hearing from you! Tom and Suzi

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Clemm

      I just backed at the paper, Ebook, Audio book level ($35). I was curious what I would need to add to my bid to also request the 2000 word PDF?

    23. Joshua Akonom

      I pledged $1 just to make a comment that I too would like an opportunity to mix and match packages. I own a language school in Korea. The PDF package is great so we can reprint, however I would also like to have a hard copy workbook and audio to go along with it. There is not package here for this. So others suggesting backerkit is the reason why. That would probably be easier than adding extra packages.

      If you do decide to add extra pledge levels, I particularly need the PDF, a workbook, and an audio CD/MP3 download. Thanks!

    24. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Cassidy,
      Thank you so much for your support! That is so great to hear! Have a lovely day and if you have any questions about our maps we would love to hear them! Tom and Suzi

    25. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hi Natashcha,
      Thank you so much for your support. We understand your concern and we want to assure you that our vocabulary maps will be orthographically correct in every language. We definitely agree with you that it is very important! We have had a number of discussions with nursery school teachers and they preferred the nursery/pre-school smaller maps to be only in uppercase but after more discussions between me and Suzi, we have decided to offer the pdf printable packages in both upper and lowercase. We hope this answers your question about your concern. If you have any other questions we are happy to answer them. Have a lovely evening. Tom & Suzi

    26. Missing avatar

      Cassidy on

      I'm looking forward to giving vocabulary maps a try! It seems like a very unique design and idea. With years of Spanish class under my belt I still need something to freshen up my vocabulary every now and again and I think this is the perfect solution. Thank you Tom and Suzi!

    27. Natascha Kurzreiter

      Your vocabulary maps look lovely! I am looking forward to trying them out.
      I do have one concern however. Will they have orthographically correct upper and lower case letters? Almost all words in English start with lower case letters unlike pictured here.
      German also is not written in all caps.
      Having this correct is of great importance, since it's easier to learn correct spelling right away rather than unlearn wrong spelling habits later on.
      Starting nouns with upper case letters in English would these wonderful resources unusable by any language teacher's standards.

    28. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Hello Petr,

      Thank you for the tip. We are going to take a look into it.

      Is there anything else you would suggest that you have a good experience with from previous campaigns?

    29. Missing avatar

      Petr Tomenendál on

      Really nice project! Regarding Backerkit - ThunderBuild was probably writing about this solution;

      It is great tool which allows backers to customize and upgrade/customize their pledge after the project is funded but before the project rewards are delivered.

      It works great - as far as I can tell from my experience with Fidget Cube reward customization.

    30. Tom & Suzi Creator on

      Klára Horáčková: Thank you so much for your kind words! Would you please send us a message and we can figure something out. Thank you for your offer :)

      ThunderBuild: Thank you and I understand. We are currently working on making it a bit easier. By proper Backerkit do you mean a PDF to download or simple graphic solution?
      Please, send us a message and we will tell you what will be the price for your specific order.

      Vít Libovický: That is great, thank you for supporting the project and please spread the word among your friends.

      Katka Giedraitis: Thank you so much for supporting us and please, spread the word about Vocabulary Maps among your friends so we can reach our goal as soon as possible.

      Martin Vitek: Thank you!

      Zdenda Blazek: Thank you, we are looking forward to October as well!

      David Friedl: Thank you!

    31. Missing avatar

      Klára Horáčková on

      Perfect project! I can cooperate with you as a teacher from Faculty of Education! Or as a kindergarten teacher:-)

    32. ThunderBuild

      Great Project! The pledges are a bit difficult to mix and match. Perhaps a proper backerkit at the end will help in getting everything I want...
      My ideal pledge (complete package):
      3 Books (1 in each language) the PDF s and audio books also the PDF with 2.000 words.

    33. Missing avatar

      Vít Libovický on

      I can't wait to receive this book and improve my Spanish. I also ordered one extra for my sister who's studying German. Thanks for a cool product!

    34. Katka Giedraitis on

      I love this project and I sincerely hope that you will reach your goal! Good luck and thanks - the education world needs more creative people like you 2 :-)

    35. Martin Vitek on

      Just ordered two, cant wait to give them to my siblings to improve their german and spanish!

    36. Zdenda Blazek on

      Nice vocabulary. I'm looking forward to October. Good luck to you.