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Marboe/Johnson, two MFA students at UC Berkeley, are seeking support for a three week artist residency at Elsewhere Collaborative.


As a newly formed collaboration, we are happy to announce that we have landed our first artist residency at Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC! Elsewhere, a living museum with a 58-year collection of surplus and thrift, has invited us to create site-specific projects that respond to their collection, community, and concepts. 

Elsewhere Collaborative Museum entrance

One of the most interesting things about this residency is that we will not be working on an artwork about/for the space until we arrive and see what catches our eyes. Furthermore, we are unable to take items with us when the residency is over. This is going to be a very site-specific exercise and we're already thinking about how it will alter the way we see the organization of collections we make or observe in spaces such as attics, basements, and studios. What systems are at work and what do they signify? What makes something a thing of the past or a thing of the present? 

Your generous contributions will help us to cover the cost of traveling to/ attending the residency. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to develop artistically and in exchange we'd love to give you site-inspired artworks!!

Hand screen-printed works that you will receive with any pledge:

24x18" wish here/wait prints


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    Forgo wells, eyelashes, pennies and stars. We will provide you with the items necessary for creating your very own, custom wish-site. These two prints, "wish here," "wait," are hand screen-printed, and will transform your living room!

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    FUN PACK is now available!!!! This includes: wish-site prints, a personalized postcard, and one very exciting mystery treat! We love you. Please support us!

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    You will receive the wish-site prints accompanied by a ceramic, hand-cast sculpture of a favorite small object that we come across at Elsewhere. This life-size replica might be a thimble, might be a grenade.

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    Yay! We will send you the wish-site prints and a set of three different hand-cast ceramic sculptures for you to create your own version of the thrift shop museum in which we will be working. You will be the envy of your friends, so plan your dinner party now.

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