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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 24 2015
pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 24 2015


Dear ASMR Enthusiasts, Thanks to those of you who took an interest in this convention, but as many of you have probably noticed, this event has struggled to come together. Bryan and I (Paige) were introduced over Facebook, and from there, spent many of our days talking on the phone and emailing back and forth about why we were interested in organizing a convention, what an ideal event would look like, and how it would help strengthen the ASMR community. I’m a writer in New York City working on a memoir about my ASMR experiences (among other things), and Bryan is a producer in L.A., and we both had a lot of ideas and enthusiasm about the event. 

This idea of having an ASMR convention was not ours as you probably all know; it had been brought up and discussed a few years back by some pretty great people. It’s a hard event to organize for many logistical reasons. Yet, we both loved the idea of meeting other ASMR enthusiasts and furthering research and connections so much that we decided to “take up the torch” and try to make this happen. 

And…we failed. ☺ We tried very hard to make this convention work, but ultimately, we just weren’t the right team of people for the job! We spent many, many months contacting ASMRists and trying to find people who would be interested in participating in the event. We booked lighting, tech, security, searched for hotel deals, made budgets. We always felt from day one that we could not possibly make this event happen without the participation of the heart of this community – ASMRists – and we were right. Without their promotional help and support, this event could (obviously) never be a go. Although we had a great deal of artists on board for attending the convention at one time, there were understandably many nerves about participating in such an event – from reputation, to security, to our experience and trustworthiness as event organizers, among other things. We totally get why people wavered on their support of this event, and we so appreciate people taking time out of their busy lives to at least give us a chance. 

Now, many of you may be asking…so why did you move forward with the Kickstarter? (And to you I answer: This is a very good question!) For a good amount of time, we had so much support, communication, planning of panels, events, sponsors, etc. that we decided that we could move forward. Yet, we couldn’t have an event without an event location, and as of late May, time was running out. (Convention centers are expensive and often booked quite a ways in advance.) Thus, the reason we moved forward with the campaign is because we had the Anaheim Convention Center booked and all ready to go for September 19th. 

By the time we got to the week of launching the Kickstarter, we unfortunately had lost a lot of our participants. We really felt at a loss of how to promote such an event without having a set list of participants and a schedule, or even a promotional video. A lot of the ASMRists we had verbal commitments from wanted to first wait and see if we could pull this off, if we could sell tickets, fill seats, generate interest, etc. We completely understand this, but also didn’t know how move forward with the event without participants. This is nobody’s fault but ours! 

We want to apologize to all of you that considered attending this event. We initially received a lot of positive support and excitement from those who were considering coming out to Anaheim, and we would have loved to see you there! (To those of you who were angry that we booked a convention center in California, I don’t quite know what to say. ☹ We had to choose a location somewhere and somewhere is always going to be a long distance from somewhere else.) We have also seriously enjoyed getting to know so many of you who originally put your support behind this event. I cannot tell you how much it means to us that you kept an open mind (and heart) to this event. We completely 100% understand all of your concerns and hesitations. 

One last thing I’d like to stress: many potential participants were concerned that their reputation would be on the line as it might appear that they were organizers of this event. From the beginning, as stated on the website and Kickstarter, Bryan and I are the sole organizers. We did not seek to benefit monetarily from this event (we lost money). Rather, we are two people who are both passionate about ASMR and thought it would be a great challenge to try to organize this community into one major convention. It was definitely challenging, but I know whoever picks up the torch next will have much more success, and we will be happy to see this event take off sometime in the future! 

I also just want to take a moment to extend my deepest thanks to Craig Richard, who runs the website www.asmruniversity.com. He was very supportive of our goals, and we so appreciate him agreeing to participate in the event. 

Once again, I want to stress the positivity and warmth that came from so many of our once-potential participants. You are all amazing, and we really respect and admire what you do. I do not in any way claim to understand the vulnerability that goes into making and posting ASMR videos online; the Internet can sometimes be a very vicious place. More times than not though, it is also an extremely loving place, especially in the ASMR community. We sincerely apologize again in failing to make this event a go, and thank you for all the support over the last few months. 

Best wishes to all of you and happy tingles!! 

With our regards, Paige Towers and Bryan Shigekawa

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