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FESTI 40 is an amazing music and culture festival which happens for 3 days every December in Fada N'Gourma Burkina Faso West Africa Read more

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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 1, 2011.

FESTI 40 is an amazing music and culture festival which happens for 3 days every December in Fada N'Gourma Burkina Faso West Africa

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What is FESTI 40 ?

FESTI 40 is a music and Culture festival in Fada N'Gourma Burkina Faso happening this year December 16th to the 18th . This festival brings together some of the best traditional musicians in West Africa (Mali, Benin, Ivory-Cost) to a small and poor town in east Burkina Faso for a 3 days of an amazing festival. Every night there are 5 to 6 performances, during the day they have different round tables and discussions. 

One day in the festival is dedicated to women. During that day the round table debates are about the position and empowerment of women in this society. The night is dedicated to women performers. Some well know women performers in recent years were - Awe Deme, Habidou Sawadogo, Khira Arby and others. 

This is a unique event which takes place in one of the poorest regions in the world where most of the conveniences we take for granted do not exist. With minimal resources this organization has created an unforgettable event.

Our part in the production of the festival 

I am the leader of an international group of volunteers who take care of the technical side of the festival, including amplified sound, lighting, and -- perhaps most importantly -- documentation. We transport some equipment from our home continents, while renting other pieces on-site when possible..


Every year, our trip to FESTI 40 presents an exciting opportunity to organize recording sessions for local artists, and we use our recording equipment to produce albums to which the artists own the rights and benefit from.

One recent example is the amazing blind guitar player Solo Dja Kabako. We recorded him in his house after the festival and pressed CDs for him. He owns the master and all the rights, and with this CD we were able to organize a 3-show tour of Europe. 

You can sample the music on the Free Music Archive -

This CD is also available as a thank you gift to FESTI 40 donors, and if the project is successful, we will press at least two new albums which will benefit more artists from the festival.

a little more

Below is a link in our label hopscotch records site where you can watch some more videos  from the festival and get an idea about how unique it is.

Where the money goes to ?

1. Renting equipment – last year there was no light system, which was very sad. On top of that the sound system available was horrible (the speakers and the amps -- we bring the mics and everything else).

2. Production of  CDs and DVDs - this money goes to cover printing and pressing costs.   The more money raised the more CDs and DVDs we can make. These CD's go directly to the artists . 

I truly hope this could work, it will be unbelievable to be able to bring this kind of support to this festival and to these musicians.

Thank you everybody, from everybody involved in this festival and the people of Fada N'Gourma deeply appreciate your support.


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    a unique thank you postcard written and signed from the festival organizers

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    a post card and an un-produced recording of one show from the festival

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    all of the above and a CD of Solo Dja Kabako

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    all of the above plus one CD and one DVD - collections of recordings and videos of shows from the festival.

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    all of the above + a collection of recording of all the festival shows,
    2 DVDs full of highlights from the festival .
    all packed in a special package made in Burkina Faso.

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    all of the above + a special recording session (CD and DVD) just for you with a Peul Griot (as you see in the end of the video or on this link -

    . you give us the first names of your family and friends and he will praised and blessed them as in the Peul tradition.
    + the festival CD package.

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    all of the above - and get a credit of executive producer for a CD or DVD produced out of this year festival .

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