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A band that's been together 7 years, a new book of 26 recompositions, over a year in the making, now it's time to record it!

Ideal Bread is preparing to record their most ambitious project yet: a 2-CD album entitled Beating the Teens. This will be a document of their year-long efforts to recompose and reimagine Steve Lacy's 3-CD box set Scratching the Seventies.

Ideal Bread is me (Josh Sinton) on baritone saxophone, Kirk Knuffke on cornet, Adam Hopkins on bass and Tomas Fujiwara on drums. We've been playing the music of Steve Lacy for 7 years and have recorded two albums of his unique and beautiful music: 2008's The Ideal Bread (KMB-Jazz) and 2010's Transmit (Cuneiform Records). While these records are excellent in their own ways, they are fairly straightforward interpretations of Lacy's music. Except for a different instrumentation (Lacy's specialty was the soprano saxophone), our performances of his music have traveled similar pathways to Lacy's groups. In early 2012, I decided that if the group were to continue, it would have to do something different from its previous efforts. That's when I got the idea for a new approach to this underperformed repertoire. 

In January of 2012, I began transcribing all 26 compositions that are on Scratching the Seventies and then I recomposed, reconstructed and rearranged all of them. And in June of 2012, we began rehearsing and performing this new/old material. I completed writing this book of tunes at the beginning of June, 2013, a little over a year after I started it. And now we're ready to record this music.

We are entering Vibromonk studio on Aug. 16th to begin a FOUR-DAY recording session. And to do this we need $8,000. 

Sure, we could try to cram in the time at the studio and record everything as quickly as possible and pray that we get an album's worth of material, but when I started this project, it was with the idea that we would apply the lessons and techniques Ideal Bread had learned over 6 years (patient application of energy, focus, intensity and trust to a limited body of material) to a much larger goal. I also decided that if we were going to do all this material, then I would not allow myself to repeat an arranging idea more than 3 times. Steve Lacy said that when it comes down to it, music is either 'alive' or 'dead.' This was my effort to keep the music alive. To that end, I came up with as many different ways for a small group to play together as possible. Some tunes are traditional jazz arrangements, some are more modern sounding. Some pieces sound like John Cage's indeterminate music, some like folk musicians playing Baroque classical pieces. And some pieces are straight up rock tunes. I wanted to push myself as a composer/arranger, my friends as performers and in the end I wanted to make 2-CD's sound like one joyous and action-packed volume. While making this record I brought together every musical influence I've been absorbing over the years: Iggy Pop, Mos Def, Tim Berne, Abby Lincoln, AMM, Fugazi, Henry Threadgill... the list is long, but the results have been worth it.

This is all to say: every song in this album is worthy of your attention and time. Each is a unique statement by this group and a unique way of reimagining Steve Lacy's pioneering compositions. So yeah, we've GOT to record all these things. We've been working too hard and the results sound too good.

I'm really fortunate to be joined by some incredible musicians and people. They include:

Kirk Knuffke - cornet. Kirk currently plays with amazing artists like Matt Wilson, Allison Miller, Ted Brown, Andrew D'Angelo, and Mike Pride. But he also leads two remarkable trios: the Kirk Knuffke trio with Mark Helias and Bill Goodwin and Big Wig with Brian Drye and Jeff Davis. He's one of the most unique voices on his instrument. Someone you can identify from the first note

Adam Hopkins - bass. I met Adam only a few years ago when he lived in Baltimore and he's already making his presence known here in Brooklyn. He's started up a trio, a sextet and a bi-monthly series for improvisers. He's also one of the most fun and accomplished musicians that I've met.

Tomas Fujiwara - drums. Tomas is the beating heart of Ideal Bread. The band would not have its drive, momentum or life without him. He also happens to be one of the most in-demand players in New York City right now playing with Mary Halvorson, Red Baraat, Tim Berne, Anthony Braxton, Amir El Saffar, Michael Formanek, Taylor Ho Bynum, Matana Roberts and Matt Mitchell among many, many others. He leads one of my favorite bands in nyc right now The Hook-Up and I'm consistently surprised by the new directions he finds for this music.

Tyler Wood - engineer. Tyler mixed and mastered my very first record. He also mixed, mastered and helped write this insanely addictive record. He's going to make the difference between us making a very good album and an amazing album. 

Cuneiform Records - label. To be precise, it's Steve and Joyce Feigenbaum. We'd be sunk without their help. They released our 2nd album and have agreed to release this 3rd CD in early 2014. They believe in Ideal Bread and this new direction we're going in and that's saying a lot! Cuneiform is home to well-known artists like Wadada Leo Smith, John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet and the Microcopic Septet as well as artists who have meant a lot to me personally like Aleuchatistas, Rob Mazurek and Brotherhood of Breath. Cuneiform is keeping us in excellent company.

Because we've spent so much time practicing the material both amongst each other and in front of audiences, we've guaranteed that we'll be super-efficient in the studio. There won't be a need for an infinite number of "takes," nor will we have to spend enormous amounts of time "fixing" performances during the mixing. We are ready to deliver kick-ass performances RIGHT NOW.

If you join us in making Beating the Teens, you'll see that there's a large variety of rewards available. Everything from digital or physical copies of the album to lessons with the band members to a wine tutorial with me to a personal concert. There's something to suit every level of interest and every size of bank account. I hope you'll consider being a co-creator of Beating the Teens. It's going to be an incredible adventure and an incredible album.

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The money we are raising here will only cover the tracking that needs to be done. After all the sounds are recorded, they still need to be mixed and then mastered before the final, amazing product will be ready for your ears!

Any money we raise beyond our $8000 goal will go directly into paying for the mixing and mastering sessions. In addition, we will use the money from our shows to help defray these costs. In the end, we will return to you, our loyal listeners, to aid and join us in finishing this unique document.

Fortunately, and uniquely, the tracking will be the most expensive part of making this record. So the mixing and mastering won't be nearly as costly.

Once that part is done, the good folks at Cuneiform will do the rest: the production, distribution and promotion of physical CD's and digital downloads. We are extremely fortunate in this respect since very few bands in creative music have this luxury today.


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    ATTEND A SPECIAL CONCERT. For a $10 donation, you'll be able to attend one of three special shows. Either one of our pre-recording shows one Aug. 12th and 13th at I-Beam in Brooklyn or the CD-release show in early 2014. As good as the CD's gonna be, our shows are where it's at!

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    A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF "BEATING THE TEENS." Get a copy of our newest opus before anyone else does! All 26 tracks will be available to you in FLAC, MP3 or in just about any other crisp and sparkling audio format. You'll be sent a private link that will allow you to download the album before it hits shelves.

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    THE ALBUM! You'll get an autographed copy of the newest double-disc set from Ideal Bread: "Beating the Teens," a reimagining of 26 of Steve Lacy's iconic compositions. This will come out in beautiful packaging courtesy of Cuneiform Records. And it will be signed by all four members of Ideal Bread!

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    A STEVE LACY MIXTAPE + THE ALBUM. You'll get the new double-disc set and you'll also get a personally curated mix-tape of Ideal Bread's favorite Steve Lacy tracks. We're asked pretty regularly to recommend Lacy albums and given the size of his discography, it's a daunting task. So we'll send to you our favorite stuff in digital format (FLAC, MP3, etc.) drawn from years of geeking out to his records.

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    SHEET MUSIC FOR 3 TUNES + THE ALBUM. You'll get charts for 3 of the tunes we'll be recording in August. These will be specially selected for you from the book of 26 tunes and will be sent to you via e-mail and snail mail. The reward also includes a copy of "Beating the Teens," a ticket to one of our shows plus the mixtape!

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    A WINE TUTORIAL + THE ALBUM. I've spent the past 7 years working in the wine industry and was raised by a bonafide oenophile (wine nerd for you english-speakers). I like talking about wine, thinking about it and reading about it. I'll meet with you in person or via Skype and not only demystify wine, but also make it more fun and interesting! This tutorial also comes with a copy of Beating the Teens mailed to your door plus a ticket to one of our shows!

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    A LESSON WITH ANY MEMBER OF IDEAL BREAD + THE ALBUM. Kirk, Tomas, Adam and I have played and studied with a vast assortment of musicians and other artists. Combined, we've spent a lifetime studying our respective instruments. We've spent years learning how to play Steve Lacy's music. Come and check out the fruits of the labor! Want to learn how to break down complicated rhythms? Talk to Tomas! Want to learn how to play with precision and grace at even the quietist of volumes? Ask Kirk! Want to develop better arco technique? Adam's your guy! Need help adapting tricky Steve Lacy lines to your instrument? I definitely have some thoughts and tips about that. The lessons will be 60 min. long and can be in-person or via any telecommunication device of your choice and can be with any member of the band. Lesson also comes with an autographed copy of "Beating the Teens" mailed straight to your door plus a ticket to one of our shows plus the mixtape!

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    COMPLETE BOOK OF SHEET MUSIC TO "BEATING THE TEENS" + THE ALBUM. You'll get a handsome copy of all the sheet music used to make Beating the Teens. This will include all the computer-generated charts complete with band-members' annotations and notes pasted in. Essentially you're getting the equivalent of a director's notebook here except you're also getting all the actors' notes as well. Each book will be put together by hand and placed in a binder and mailed to your door. Along with this, you'll get the charts minus the annotations in digital format e-mailed to you. These will be Ideal Bread's arrangements of the tunes which are based on my transcriptions of Steve Lacy's work. You'll also get an autographed copy of "Beating the Teens" mailed to your door plus a ticket to one of our shows plus the mixtape!

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    IDEAL BREAD RECORDS YOUR FAVORITE LACY TUNE + THE ALBUM. Steve wrote over 600 compositions and we've only played a few dozen of these songs. We've probably never played your favorite Steve Lacy song and now here's your chance to hear Ideal Bread do it in their own inimitable fashion. When you sign up for this reward, you'll be able to select any Steve Lacy song and we will go ahead and record it for you during the "Beating the Teens" sessions. It will be professionally mixed and mastered and then e-mailed and snail-mailed directly to you! This also comes with an autographed copy of "Beating the Teens" mailed to your door plus the mixtape and a ticket to one of our shows!

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    PRIVATE CONCERT BY IDEAL BREAD. That's right, we'll come to you and put on a concert! Invite friends, family, whomever you'd like. Charge a cover, or give the sounds away for free. It's totally up to you. We'll play in your local venue or your backyard, again, it's your choice. This reward can only be offered to those of you living in New England and the Mid-Atlantic United States (PA, NJ, MD or DE). We'll arrange for the concert within one year from the end of the campaign. We don't need very much as far as equipment and can provide transportation in some cases. With this reward you also get the ticket to a concert, the digital download, the mixtape, the autographed 2-CD album, and the 3-pack of sheet music from the "Beating the Teens" sessions.

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    SPONSOR A MUSICIAN. With this donation, you get the ticket to a concert, the digital download, the mixtape, the physical 2-CD album autographed by the musician, the lesson with the musician PLUS an autographed photo of the musician and your name in the "Thank You" credits of "Beating the Teens!" Each musician can only be sponsored once, but you can pool your resources with your fellow fans and collectively sponsor any one of us!

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    PRODUCER CREDIT. Such a generous donation deserves an equivalently generous reward. With Producer status you get: a ticket to one of our concerts, the digital download, the autographed, 2-CD album, the mixtape, a lesson with any member of the band, the entire book of songs PLUS your name prominently displayed in the album credits and a chance to attend one of the days of recording!

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