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Free Pizza For Life is the true story of two young punks discovering DIY punk, starting plan-it-x records and scamming tons of pizza.
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chris clavin

166 backers pledged $3,828 to help bring this project to life.

2nd Edition is in the works and I could use help again....

Hey, check this out:


After moving the PIX office to a new building and packaging about 300 books, they will finally be shipping out on tuesday (tomorrow is a holiday!??!!!!??/?!!!). Thanks for waiting, I think I have all of the address changes... Let me know if you'd rather just pick it up at PIX fest. 


Hey, the books are done and on their way to the PIX-HQ, they will be shipping out in a week or so to you, so please let me know if your address has changed since your pledge. THANKS for waiting! I'm so excited/nervous!!!!!!!!

EDITING IS DONE!!! and it's at the press!

Editing was hard and I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes still, but, alas, it's been send to the pressing plant and should be done in 4-6 weeks (in time for PIX fest). Thanks for waiting... Sorry it's taking so long.

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EDITING TAKES A WHILE... late release... sorry.

Hey, The book is pretty much done, but editing takes a while. So, the release date is getting bumped back to MAY 1st.. 

I'll post another update when it's really done and give you a chance to tell me about your address... in case it changes.. Sorry for this delay. This is my first book. -=chris