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The album is almost here!!!

Posted by Abby Lyons (Creator)
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Hello everyone,

The album is nearly finished!! This time for real!!

This week I have been getting updates from my lovely graphic designer, Nicole Bussen, (who is also a Kickstarter donor and friend!). She has been sending designs of the pages from the album's inner booklet. She has incorporated colorful watercolor artwork and it looks amazing!!!

This is the last creative step of the album!! After the graphic design is complete, we will be sending the album to CDBaby to get manufactured, which takes about 2-3 weeks. Then I will package up all the CDs and your thank you notes. I'm hoping to have the CD in your hands at some point in May. Hooray!!

Those who donated for the digital downloads will also be receiving them in May, so that everyone receives them at around the same time! :)

So, I will be sending out a survey asking for your addresses hopefully in the next few days! (Note for students: The CD will most likely be out after you're done with school, so please send me your non-school addresses if you know them! If you don't know them yet, send me a personal message on facebook or email, and we'll figure something out.)

Also, you might have noticed that four people donated to receive their very own original song! I am currently working on these songs and will be posting a video recording on my youtube page of the first one, "Michelle," in a few weeks as well. I'll send an update and a link to that when it is up!!

Sneak peak photo!

My sister and I cut out a billion circles
My sister and I cut out a billion circles

Thank you SO MUCH for being so patient with me during this whole process. Obviously I did not know how much work actually went into making an album, which is why my initial timeline was so off. I am excited and also a little sad that this project is almost done.

Keep an eye out for the survey, and thank you for being a part of my journey!! :)

- Abby

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