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If you've ever enjoyed hearing me play please pre-purchase some goodies to help me release another original album! Thanks, Hans
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Hans Hutchison

121 backers pledged $6,807 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Dave Moyer on May 29, 2012

      Woot! Can't wait for the party!

    2. Creator Roma Lamor on January 14, 2012

      Congratulations Hans! Sooooooo great that you exceeded your goal :)

    3. Creator Evan Hutchison on January 6, 2012

      sweet hansie- love you bro!

    4. Creator John Martinez on January 6, 2012

      Cant wait to have a listen, keep living the dream broheim!

    5. Creator Tana Kelch on January 6, 2012

      YAY HANSIE!!! Congrats! Can't wait for the new album!! Much love...

    6. Creator David Mike on January 5, 2012

      Glad to help Hans! You're the best guitarist I know, for goodness sake!

    7. Creator Em Reichert Torhorst on January 5, 2012

      Congrats on the goal dude! Next time you need pictures, you know who to call! Cheers to dreaming big! Em & Will

    8. Creator Flux Foundation on January 5, 2012

      so sad to have missed my annual winter Hans sighting! hope you're well. this is wonderful! xo catie (pledged as FLUX Foundation)

    9. Creator John Ash on December 29, 2011

      Good luck Hansy, you are truly one of the most talented musicians around, looking forward to the album! Happy Birthday too.

    10. Creator Kimberly Reinhardt on December 28, 2011

      Great show last night. Happy birthday!

    11. Creator Roma Lamor on December 23, 2011

      That sounds great, Hans! Merry Christmas : )


    12. Creator Hans Hutchison on December 19, 2011

      Hi Roma, I talked to my website buddy a few days ago, he's gonna look into that for me. I wish I knew how to do website stuff... 
      Thanks :)

    13. Creator Roma Lamor on December 19, 2011

      Maybe there's an easy way to put a link to your Kickstarter page from your website? Might help you find more supporters...

    14. Creator Jessie on December 12, 2011

      remember when you fished for a day in Costa Rica which fed an entire hostel for two days?! Mike cooked, you played, we drank... happy holidays from Costa to Martha's Vineyard to you.

    15. Creator jeffcandrian on December 12, 2011

      yeah buddy.

    16. Creator Ann Juodakis on December 11, 2011

      You are so talented and amazing, it's just remarkable. I promise when I'm a rich doctor I'll pledge all the money I have and ask for a private concert! xo Ann